Link-up between Burscough F.C. and Dynamo Burscough F.C.

On an historic day for local football the management committee of Dynamo Burscough Football Club last Monday (8th April) voted by sixteen votes to nil to join together with Burscough Football Club to effectively form one of the Football Association's new breed of community 'superclubs' intended to bring about massive investment in high quality football facilities in West Lancashire.

Burscough F.C. Secretary Stan Strickland:
"This is not about Burscough taking over Dynamo Burscough F.C. - we have enough on our plate running a senior club.  However, I believe this closer co-operation between the two clubs can only be beneficial.  There are so many areas of common interest - playing and coaching facilities within Burscough; sponsorship and advertising; grants and funding - both locally and nationally; community involvement; fund raising and attracting and developing talented young players - are some that spring to mind.  I believe by showing a more united front it will give us both a much higher profile locally and strengthen our bargaining position in all those areas.
"We already run an annual junior seven-a-side tournament with Dynamo on Victoria Park that has proved a very worthwhile fund-raiser for both clubs as well as providing an extremely enjoyable day for the youngsters and their families.
"Both clubs will continue to be self-funding and have their own management committees and will continue to be independent in many areas.  There will be major changes however.  A joint liaison committee is to be formed to include members of both clubs and possibly a council representative to, amongst many other things, progress any joint funding initiatives and eventually administer any new jointly owned facilities.
"One of the most revolutionary changes is that Dynamo teams will now be entered in competition under the Burscough F.C. name and play in the Burscough kit and badge.  It will mean that there will be teams from under 6 right through to the senior side in the Unibond League Premier Division carrying the Burscough name.
"There will also be a gradual change of emphasis on the playing side, the intention now being to attract the best young players to the new extended club.  It is intended that our youth development officer Dave Hughes will work closely with the Dynamo coaching staff to use our scouting network to bring younger players to the club who will hopefully progress to our under-18 FA Youth Cup squad.  Both clubs are also determined to provide much-needed opportunities for girls in the area to take up the sport and play competitively.
"Speaking personally, I was a good friend of the late Tom Galvin and I am very aware of the proud traditions of Dynamo Burscough F.C. which was formed in 1976.  There will be many sad to see the name disappear to some extent.  All I can say to those people is that they can be certain that it is the intention of myself and others to work passionately to ensure that BOTH of the present clubs benefit from this merger.
"It is absolutely imperative that we now move quickly to progress funding applications for better facilities.  The high level of funding currently available from the Football Foundation might not be sustainable for ever as the bubble threatens to burst on income from TV companies.
"West Lancashire District Council have been involved in discussions between the two clubs and have indicated that they will give us their full support provided any new facilities will also be available for the benefit of the West Lancashire community as a whole.
"We are a semi-professional football club whose aims include maintaining our position in one of the country's top football leagues and developing a top class football stadium with room for future expansion.  We are also looking to extend our playing and training facilities as the current facilities are vastly overused.  We also desperately need to increase our revenue-earning capacity if we are to sustain a club at this level.  All this might only be achieved by re-location.
"Dynamo are equally desperate to provide top class football pitches and facilities in Burscough for youngsters to safely enjoy a game of football and develop their skills.
Our challenge now is to identify our shared objectives and move forward in achieving them."

Dynamo Chairman Gary Wright:
"I am delighted that my committee has voted unanimously for these changes and given such a clear message of support.  While there will be a change of emphasis on the playing side we will still be about giving local youngsters a game of football and where the demand exists we might well have two or three sides within certain age-groups entered in a local competition."

Burscough Chairman Frank Parr:
"This is very much in line with the Football Association's wishes to see senior clubs join together with their junior counterparts and develop top class football facilities in communities throughout the country.  This link-up between Dynamo and ourselves provides a greater opportunity to do just that and I am certain we will get the full backing of the local authorities."