The UK Teckel Stud Book Society

Shropshire Game Fair 2006

Judge: Bernd Kugow


Firstly I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and the sporting way in which they accepted my decisions, and my verbal critiques. 

It has been 5 years since I last judged the Teckels and I found that, even though there was less in quantity, the quality was much better.  Overall exhibits had good dentition and correct bites.  The biggest improvement was that the length of upper arms in youngsters has improved, making their reach and stride much more effortless.  Coats were mainly of a good, harsh texture, although there are still a few woolly, soft coated exhibits, which did not really detract from the quality of the dog underneath, however, did mean that they were not really in contention for the higher awards as coat is so important to the well being of a hunting hound.  In my native Germany, soft coated dogs would suffer in the freezing winter temperatures when out hunting all day.

A couple of classes were difficult to decide as the dogs were different, but each had their own merits, and my decisions were purely down to the movement on the day.  A few dogs are still carrying too much weight, which isn't good in a working hound, or in fact, in any hound.  What was particularly pleasing was that most were in hard  condition and almost all had good length of leg that enabled them to move truly over the ground.  A few had nails that were far too long, making their feet splay and not being able to stand comfortably on their pads.

It was really good to see so many young people handling exhibits and appear to be enjoying it, which is so important for the future.  They too, listened to the critique in the ring and took my decisions in good part.  The Best Puppy was an outstanding exhibit, with a lot to like.  The Supreme Champion was a close decision.  The final decision was on movement, attitude and overall balance.

Bernd Kugow

Waldmeister Dual Purpose Miniature Wire Haired Dachshunds

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