Updated: 23 January 2011


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23/01/11 - Wimbledon Results

For those of you not at Wimbledon tonight, live updates of tonight's results can be found on the results page.

22/01/11 - Wimbledon 23/01/11 Drivers list

The following drivers are booked in for the Superstox London Championship on 23/01/11:

4 Liam Lambert 58 Luke Hamilton 161 Billy Smith 376 Steven Jackson
7 Glenn Salmon 59 Stephen Hamilton 167 James Meadows 403 David Smith
17 Ryan Eaton 69 Shaun Brooker 176 Alexander Meadows 426 Richard Raymond
33 Ricky Clements 95 John Saunders 233 Ben Munford 454 David Pike
38 David Polley 99 Christopher Phillips 242 Sam Stacey 490 Matthew Sole
40 Stephen Sutch 123 Dave Miles Jnr 266 Paul Burksfield 707 Ashley Watts
51 Colin Aylward 124 Dave Miles Snr 279 Phil Proctor  

18/01/11 - New Superstox.org.uk website

Superstox.org.uk are pleased to announce that former Superstox driver Paul Freeman has agreed to take over the running of the Superstox.org.uk site.  At some point over the next week the site will transition over to a new website that Paul is currently building and developing.  Hopefully this transition will be a smooth process, but if there is any period of inactivity please bear with us and we will aim to resolve and restore the site ASAP.

That just leaves me to take this final opportunity to thank you, our visitors to the site for your support over the last ten year.  By running the site has enabled me to get to know and make friends with allot of the drivers and their team, along with sponsors and spectators.  You are all a good bunch of people and a credit to the formula, and its no wonder why Superstox are Spedeworth's longest running formula.

Thanks also to those of you that have contributed to the site over the years with Results, News Pictures etc.  I can't list you all but you know who you are.

Finally, I'm not disappearing from the scene completely, so please keep in touch, and I hope to see you around the tracks.

Best Wishes, Lee Fear

05/01/11 - Superstox on Shale

Spedeworth have announced in conjunction with Startrax that they will be holding a meeting at Coventry Stadium on Saturday 26th February for Spedeworth Superstox.

All interested drivers need to book-in at the Aldershot office, on 01252 322920 (Mon-Fri 9-5)

01/01/11 - Brooker's New years day Hattrick

24 Drivers made it to Wimbledon on New years day with Steve Sutch being the only absent driver that was booked it.

Heat 1

James Meadows failed to make it out on track for heat 1 while all the others struggled with the wet and greasy conditions.  403 and 95 both spun on the first bend and 490 and 707 collided going into turn 1 on lap 2.  266 put the bumper on 490 who hit 506 and sending the white grader into a spin.  490 took up the early lead from 266 and 59.  A few laps later 266 took up the lead for several laps but 483 spun in front of him which also caused 266 to spin and handed the lead back to 490 ahead of 7, 4, 58 and 418.  7 put the bumper in on 490 to take the lead and 454 also got past for 2nd with 490 now 3rd and 418 4th.  During the closing stages of the race the star men were starting to catch the leaders with 69 up to 3rd and 482 4th with a broken wheel guard.  the latter then tangled with 176 and was issued the mechanical failure flag and was out of the race.  With 1 lap to go 7 was still leading and 69 was up to 2nd with 454 3rd.  Despite the very tricky conditions 69 stunned the main Grandstand by going for a last bend lunge on 7 from some way back.  He made contact and hit his side iron, and then both cars tried their best to get traction out of the bend to get the win.  69 just got to the line first to take a good win ahead of 7 and 454.

Heat 2

James Meadows made it out for Heat 2 and opted to start from the back.  506 never made the grid so it was once again 23 cars for heat 2.

58 took up the early lead ahead of 266 and 707 while at the back of the grid 161 put 17 in the fence on turn 1.  A few laps later 266 took up the lead as in heat 1 with 58 now 2nd and 707 still 3rd while behind 176, 59 and 418 were all in the fence on turn 4.  176 was left in the fence which brought out the yellow flags.

Once 176 was cleared to safety, they all got going again and brother James (167) also hit the fence in almost the same spot.  266 continued to lead the race while behind it was 7, 69, 482 and 376.  With 5 laps to go 266 was still leading and 69 was up to 2nd ahead of 7, 482 and 376.  69 went on to catch and pass 266 to take his second win of the night ahead of 266 and 482.

Superstox Final (Winternational)

22 cars made the final with 490 missing due to a bent axle and a broken half shaft.  As in heat 2 58 took up the early lead ahead of 266, 707, 176 and 403.  A couple of laps into the race and 58 was starting to pull away with a lead of half a straight over 2nd place.  418 was up to 2nd but then went wide allowing 59 to take up 2nd place.  further back 69 put the bumper in on 482 and put him in the fence on turn 4.  59 caught and passed 58 (his son) for the lead and shortly after 69 also passed him.  The positions were 59, 69 and 58 and these 3 were some way ahead of the rest and it was looking like a Higman 1,2,3.  69 then caught 59 and put in the bumper to take the lead, and 59 came back at him with the bumper on the next bend but 69 held onto the lead.  Behind them 418 was having a good race in only his 3rd meeting and was up to 3rd place, with another rain master 17 in 4th.  69 held onto the lead and took the win.  Not only did Shaun score a hattrick but he has won the Winternational 4 times in the last 6 years.  59 came home in 2nd and 418 a well deserved 3rd.

Race report by: Lee Fear

18/12/10 - Ipswich Meeting 19/12/10 - Cancelled

Tomorrow's Superstox meeting at Ipswich has been cancelled due to the severe weather conditions.  More Information can be found on Spedeworth's Website by clicking here

06/12/10 - Website - Free to a good home

After running and building up the Superstox.org.uk website for the last 9 years, I have decided to hang up my mouse at the end of the year.  I seem to have lost the time that I once was able to devote to the website, and added to that, next year I will be back out racing again, albeit in another Formula, so will not be able to attend as many Superstox meetings as I currently do.

I really hope that this is not the end of the website as in January 2011 the site will be 10 years old, so it would be really nice if this website could reach that milestone.

If anyone is interesting in taking over the running of this website we would very much like to hear from you.  Please drop me an E-mail at Superstox@tiscali.co.uk for more details.  Full support for any transition, and on going can be provided.

Lee Fear

06/11/10 - Yarmouth 07/11/10 drivers list

It is good to see that the Superstox are still encouraging new drivers to the formula.  This meeting will feature 3 new drivers, firstly the long awaited debut of former Ministox driver James Meadows #167.  James who is the younger brother of Alex has been out on track for a practice with the other cars prior to some race meetings, but this will be his first meeting.  James has at his disposal the former John Smith/Nigel Reed Carcraft car.  Also making his debut at this meeting is Liam Lambert #418, son of former Superstox English Champion Gary Lambert #5.  Liam has at his disposal a Pip Williams built car, and it will be interesting to see if Liam's driving style will be the same as his fathers?  Last but not least making his debut Sunday is Matthew Williamson, racing under Darren Innocent's old race number #88.  Matthew is a former Ministox and 1300 Stock car driver and son of former Stock Rod driver Philip Williamson #22.  Matthew has at his disposal the former Mark Almeida/Lee Fear HCD car.

16/10/10 - 2010 Superstox World Champion

The 50th Superstox World Championship

Unfortunately not all the past World Champions, were present at the meeting however before the race all past winners were red out, which was a nice touch.  53 was a non starter with a broken clutch cable, so the first reserve 515 joined the grid for his first World final in only his first season of racing.

The 36 cars were given 2 warming up laps and then the green flag dropped, with lots of pushing and shoving going on into the first bend.  60 and 482 both made it past the first bend and were side by side down the back straight with 416 up to 3rd.  391 got spun around down the back straight and so did 58 who was left facing the traffic, and there were several cars with damage so the red flags came out and all drivers were given 10 minutes to fix their cars before a complete restart.

95 and 540 were both missing from the restart, but all the others drivers managed to rejoin the restart so we were down to 34 cars.  There was just the one rolling lap this time before the green flag dropped once again.

Once again 60 held on well on the outside and both he and 482 got pushed by 161 going into the first bend which caused the current World Champion to spin and was out of the race on the first lap.  Meanwhile 376 got down the inside of 482 to take up the lead on the first lap from 69 and 482.  123 moved up to 2nd place on lap 2, only to get spun sideways down the home straight by 69 and 482.  All 3 got tangled up were also out of the race.  This promoted 161 up to 2nd on lap 3 with 416 3rd.  There appeared to be some oil on turnstile bend which was catching out a few drivers too.  416 was next to take up the lead on lap 7 with 376 now 2nd and 51 up to 3rd. 161 and 51 swapped positions for a lap and then swap back again a lap later.  On lap 19, 416 was still leading, but now he had 51 behind him who had got past 376 for 2nd with 376 dropping down to 3rd.  Further back 732 was making good progress up the field and went flying into the back of 233, who hit the parked car of 176.  This moved 732 up to 7th place and also brought out the waved yellows for 233.

At the time of the stoppage the positions were 416, 376, 51, 161, 151, 17, 732 and 23.  During the stoppage 416 appeared to have a possible over heating problem with his engine as steam could be seen coming from his engine.

When the green flag dropped again any problems with the 416 engine appeared to go away and he set off again at the same pace as before.  376 pushed him wide to take up the lead but 416 regained it on the next bend.  151 collided with 161 and went over his wheels, which launched him into a air and rolled over, which immediately brought out the red flags.

At the time of this stoppage 732 appeared to be up to 4th place however the race went back a lap and 161 was allowed to re join the race.  The positions were 416, 376, 51, 161, 17 and 732.

Once again the green flag dropped and 51 was catching 376 and put the bumper in on scoreboard bend.  He pushed him wide again a lap later, this time a bit harder and pushed him wide to take up 2nd place on lap 19.  161 retired from 4th place promoting 17 to 4th and 732 5th.  51 now had his sight set on taking the lead off 416, and pushed him wide to take the lead on lap 24 with 376 following past to take 2nd.  416 came back at 376 with the bumper to re take 2nd, with 17 now up to 3rd and 416 dropping down to 4th.  While this was happening it allowed 51 to extend his lead and put some distance between him and 376 in 2nd.  416 appeared to be dropping some fluid on the track and also losing his early pace, then his engine let go and he was forced to retire to the infield after leading 15 laps of the race.  This promoted 732 up to 4th place.  There were now just 5 laps to go with 51 still leading 376, 17, 732 and 7.  732 was very slightly catching 17 and saw an opportunity to go for a very late lunge on 17, as they entered the turnstile bend, but he was not close enough and went very wide which just slowed him up and put him further behind.  Back up front Colin Aylward #51 kept control of the lead and went on to win the 50th Superstox World Championship, and was followed home by Steven Jackson #376 and Ryan Eaton #17for a well deserved 3rd place, and making it a HCD one, two, three.  Daz Kitson #732 also done very well 732 to come home 4th from the rear of the grid.

Race report by: Derek Fear

The Eaton Family Trophy - 31 Cars

Allot of cars were late joining the grid with only 1 race between the World Final and this one.  Ryan Eaton was the last to join the grid and had to over take the control car on the rolling lap in order to catch up with his fellow red top drivers.  151 was also back out following his roll over in the World final minus his roof wing.

When the green flag dropped at the back of the grid 732 set his sights on 23, who applied the brakes halfway down the straight to prevent get put in the wall on turn 1 by 732.  Both cars circled around the outside of the track like they were stuck together.  While behind 732, 482 was also circling behind them ready to strike on 732 if required.  In the end 23 pulled off onto the infield and was followed by 482, while 732 raced on.  While this was going 124 took up the lead on Lap 3 ahead of 707, 279 and 602. 95 was going well and was up to 7th place by lap 5. 602 got past 279 to go 3rd and then 2 laps later retired from 3rd place handing it over to 53.  A few places behind the new World Champion #51 had made good progress up the field only to retire to the infield. 7 was also going well and was up to 5th place on lap 18.  Back upfront 124 crossed the line first to win the Eaton Trophy with 707 2nd and 53 3rd.

The Bob Nicolls Motorcycle Trophy - 25 Cars

432 took up the lead ahead of 483 and 58.  483 took over the lead a lap later on lap2 ahead of 432 and 58.  58 then got past 432 to go up to 2nd place with 707 3rd.  707 got past 58 to move up to 2nd place and with 5 laps to go the top 6 were 483, 707, 58, 95, 124 and 69. 95 put the bumper in on 58 to take 3rd place and 69 got past 124 for 5th. On the lap 69 went for a last bend lunge on 58 and spun him out to take 4th place.  Back upfront 483 crosses the line to win the Nicolls Trophy with 707 once again 2nd and 95 3rd.

Dash for cash (6 Laps - 15 Cars)

The pre drawn grid for this race as follows:



















482 got away first and 540 got put in the wall which held up 60.  7 also got put in the wall on the scoreboard bend.  One lap gone and the first £50 went to 482 followed by 161 and 23.  No change on the top 3 for laps 2 and 3 so 482 was now £150 up.  51 went in with the bumper on 532 and 23 spun around handing 3rd place to 69.  Another £50 went to 482 on lap 4 and the jackpot appeared to be in the bag for 482.  The top 3 remained unchanged and 482 crosses the line after 6 laps and baged £250 for leading all 6 laps and also took the £1000 prize fund for the overall winner.

Race report by: Lee Fear

14/10/10 - 2010 World Final Review

50th running of the Superstox World Championship. Saturday 16th October 2010.

The main event on the Superstox calendar takes place this Saturday evening at Ipswich Stadium, 56 years to the day that Stock Car Racing first made its appearance at the stadium. Everyone always look forward to this big race, and it’s another year where it is a race that will be as wide open as ever to predict a winner, especially when there have been 34 race winners this season.



The grid for the 2010 Superstox World Championship is as follows:





































Jason Cooper #482 is probably  very eager  to win a major Championship,  after failing to win a major championship this year, but he did win the Southern and Winternationals. On the other hand, if he wins on Saturday night, will he be a good ambassador to the formula and stay with Superstox? Or will he concentrate on National Hot Rods in the coming year?  He has won 8 races this season, which includes a heat and final win at Foxhall, but this time last year that total was 23! Jason starts on pole which is a good starting position as long as he can survive the first bend. One “unofficial” title Jason has gained this season is the Superstox.org Ipswich point’s champion.

Ben Marjoram #60 will be alongside Jason on the front row, one position better than last year, when he won at Wimbledon, but is on the outside, which is not everyone’s favourite place to start. Like Jason, Ben has won 8 races this year, but did not receive the chequered flag at Ipswich.  If Ben was to win, he would be only the 8th driver in 50 years to retain the gold roof. Ben has been busy painting his roof this year, winning the European and British Championships, along with the East Anglian. So if he fails to retain the world, he will need to reorganise the colours on his roof.

Steven Jackson #376 starts on the inside of the second row, which is a great place to start, going in to the first bend. Steven has won the most races this year with 12 wins, compared to just the 1 win last year (which put him in 6th place on the grid).  Out of his 12 wins, only 1 was at Foxhall, the track where he had his big crash, 15 months ago at Spedeweekend 2009.

Billy Smith #161 is 4th on the grid, with 2 race wins (1 heat and 1 final). Lots of good places have put him up to this good grid position, which could help him win the World Championship at just his 2nd attempt. Twelve months ago we said that Billy is sure to be a World Champion of the future, maybe that could be Saturday night?

Colin Aylward #51 is 5th on the grid which is the same position as last year.  Colin has won 1 heat at Foxhall this year and a total of 5 on his travels around the country. Colin starts on the favoured inside of the grid. Having come second in our track championship at Ipswich shows that he knows his way around Foxhall, and he has had a good run of results of late.

Shaun Brooker #69 is 6th on the grid this year, (4 places down from last year).  After winning the World Championship before, I am sure that Shaun would love to win it again.  Shaun has said he will be treating it as just a normal race, but I am sure that Shaun would love to win it again this time a bit nearer to home.

Mark Smith #416 has had quite a good year of racing around the country, winning the English at Aldershot and also going well in the European at Wimbledon until his unfortunate retirement.  Can he pull it all together and win another World Championship for Yarmouth Stadium, just a week after their 1300 Stock car driver Barry Radcliffe won gold.

Dave Miles Jnr #123 could be the first red top to win the big race in a long time if everything comes together for him on Saturday. Dave has won 5 races this season, but has failed to win at Ipswich this season.

Nick Smith #151 is another driver that could win the race. He has won 3 heats this year, all away from Ipswich. Nick is a very experienced driver and would be up for the job, and a top 3 position is not out of the question if he stays out of trouble.

Ryan Eaton #17 starts 10th on the grid and if he was to win come Saturday night, it would be a fitting tribute to have the Eaton name on the trophy for the 50th running of this great race.

Glenn Salmon #7 starts 11th on the grid and with 3 win out of his 4 at Foxhall, one of which was his National Championship win.  I’m sure he would like to win this title again after returning to racing after the big race last year. Glenn last won this title in 1995 at Arena Essex and 1996 at Wimbledon.

Other Drivers to keep an eye on are, of course Garry Sparkes #612, who has already won this, race five times, but only races in East Anglia these days and if he was to travel, would be higher up the grid. Paul Langridge #369 probably the best new comer of the year and has a good season, winning three heats and also done well in the Safari Engineering Series. A top 5 position may not be out of the question?  Luke Hamilton #58 has had a good year at Foxhall having won a heat and final at the track this year and finishing 5th in the Track Championship.  Last but definitely not least is Daz Kitson #732, who has won this title before in Brisca F2s. To win the Superstox World championship this year could be a big challenge from the back of the grid, but he is not afraid to use his bumper and with a few stoppages who knows where he could end up in the result?

So will all eyes will be on the front or the back of the grid at Foxhall Stadium, Ipswich this Saturday?  Start time is 6.45pm, so don’t miss it!

The Superstox are racing in three other races on Saturday including The Dash for Cash Race, where the top fifteen available point’s scores will line up three abreast bumper to bumper, with the newly crowned World Champion at the back. The support races come in the shape of National Hot Rods in a qualifying round for their World Championship, where Jason Cooper #482 will also be racing in the opposite direction around the track.

2010 World Final Review by: Derek Fear

01/10/10 - 50th Anniversary of the Superstox World Championship

Spedeworth have released the following Agenda for the 50th Anniversary of the Superstox World Championship:

A Night With The Champions

All plans are now in place for the ‘Night Of The Champions’ party on Friday 15th October to celebrate the 50th Superstox World Championship. This takes place at the Ufford Park Hotel, Melton. 7.30pm – 12.30am. Address: Yarmouth Road, Melton, Woodbridge, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP12 1QW.
Tickets are now on sale to supporters, ex drivers & enthusiasts at a price of £15 per person.
This unique evening will give a limited number of supporters access to Champions from the past & present.
Leading an all-star cast of faces from Superstox history will be 2 time winners Stan Ingle (1962 &1966) & Dave Pierce (1968 & 1980). Other leading names confirmed so far are Derek Fiske, Dave Turner, Chris Studd, Bill Bridges. Also, the families of Neil Bee and Tony Maidment are representing the success of these two fine drivers. 1994 Champion Luud Lauriejssen is coming over from Holland to celebrate the occasion as will ‘Mr Stock Car’ Les Eaton. Jim Gregory will be the presenter for the evening and will be chatting to a host of star names including current Champion Ben Marjoram and 5 time winner Garry Sparkes. Add to this a whole host of current drivers it is a night not to be missed. Tickets are on a first come, first served basis. To order tickets, contact Foxhall Stadium on 01473 612423 or foxhall@spedeworth.co.uk . Tickets will also be on sale at Foxhall Stadium midweek or from the turnstile office on 2nd October & 9th October race meetings if they haven’t sold out.

2010 Superstox World Championship

Moving on to the main event the next day at Foxhall Stadium, the 50th staging of the World Championship that was 1st held at Foxhall in 1961. This really is going to be a special night celebrating the 50th running of that very first Superstox World Final here at Ipswich back in 1961, won of course by the late Jan Scott. Incidentally this meeting takes place 56 years to the very day after the first ever Stock Car meeting was run at Foxhall back on 16th October 1954. Never before has there been such a prize fund on offer on one night and this meeting acknowledges the enormous part the Superstox have played and continue to play today in the Spedeworth Motorsports success story.

Spedeworth Motorsports have announced big races with prestigious trophies and cash prizes on all 4 Superstox races at the 50th running of the Superstox World Championship at Foxhall Stadium Ipswich on Saturday 16th October 2010.

Race 1 - The 50th Superstox World Final
Trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rd places and a Spedeworth Prize Fund.
Cars to start in Points Chart Order.
Trophies presented by Mr Stan Ingle, Superstox World Champion 1962/1966

Race 2 - The Eaton Family Trophy
A magnificent trophy supplied by “Mr Stock Car” Les Eaton to celebrate the approaching 50th birthday of Spedeworth . Les and the late Mavis Eaton started it all off back in 1961, some told him it would be, “a one day wonder” and as Les often reminds us.... “50 years on, it hasn't been a bad day.” The Eaton Family Trophy will return each year to celebrate not just Les and Mavis and the company which they founded, but the efforts that have been put in over the years by the entire Eaton family. Trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rd and a generous prize fund donated by Les Eaton.
Cars to start in graded order.
Trophies presented by Mr Les Eaton, Mr Ross Eaton & Mr Ryan Eaton.

Race 3 - The Bob Nicholls Motorcycles Trophy
Bob is a Foxhall regular and lifelong follower of Superstox Racing.
Trophies for 1st 2nd and 3rd places plus a generous prize fund donated by Bob Nicholls and his family.
Cars to start in graded order.
Trophies presented by Bob, Rachel and Charlie Nicholls

Race 4 - The HCD Dash for Cash
It’s all about the winner! This 6 lap thriller sponsored by HCD is open to the top 15 drivers in the National Points Chart. The grid positions will be drawn at Aldershot on Sunday 3rd October. The new World Champion will take his place at the very back of the grid and his drawn spot will be taken by the driver who sits in 16th place in the points chart.
£50 cash for the leader at the end of each lap PLUS a massive prize fund for the race winner generously donated by HCD and associated companies. Trophy for the race winner.
Cars to start in pre-drawn grid order, 3 wide on the grid and bumper to bumper, clutch start.
Trophy presented by Trudy Aylward

01/10/10 - Superstox return to Scotland

Spedeworth's latest acquisition is the new Lochgelly, track in Scotland, which will now run Spedeworth formulas which include Superstox.  Full announcement from Spedeworth below:

Spedeworth are pleased to announce that they will be moving into Scotland in association with Lochgelly, like the old days. 
There are a lot of meetings to be held between all the parties involved before we can announce all the details.  We are going to be working very closely with Cowdenbeath, this is now the end of the war between Cowdenbeath & Lochgelly.  Lochgelly will be being run to ORCi standards.  The Lochgelly 1300 Stock Cars will be coming to the World final at Wimbledon on Sun 10 October. 
Superstox will be racing at Lochgelly so we are not in competition with Cowdenbeath with their F2s.

27/09/10 - News snippets

Ashley Watt's Superstox driver #707 who previously received a 12 month full ORCi ban from Spedeworth for racing at an unlicensed track, has had his 12 month ban dropped.  Ashley who has been out of racing for just over 3 months is set to return to racing this Sunday at Aldershot.

Geoff Bridges #258 is due to dust off his overalls and make a long awaited return to Spedeworth Superstox, in the support races at the 50th Superstox World Championship meeting at Ipswich.  Geoff has more recently been racing at RTS, but only the occasional appearance over the last couple of years.  More recently Geoff's son Wilf has been racing Geoff's Elite car at RTS, so we will have to wait and see what car Geoff turns up in?

19/09/10 - Northampton Hillson Cup

#2 Andy Collins made a one off return to the formula, using his old car, which he was able to borrow so he could take part in the Hillson cup.

Heat 1 29 cars

With 1 lap gone 432 took up the lead ahead of 242, 266, 490, 279 and 393. 416 collided with 69 with 416 retiring to the infield along with 151.  432 continued to lead while behind him were 266, 490, 242 and 393 who was racing hard with 279 for 5th place.  116 used the bumper on 53 and 2 went over the latter’s wheels and also holding up 369 in the process.  Back upfront 266 was now right with 432 and challenging for lead.  116 then rejoined right in front of 432 which allowed 266 to use the bumper on 432 and take over the lead.  Further back 161 and 242 both spun out separately and there was a collision involving 7, 123, 393 and 314 plus a few others.  266 continued to lead 490 and 233, with the latter getting past 490 for 2nd only for 490 to get the position back. 233 used the bumper harder on 490 while in front 266 spun which allowed 233 to take up the lead, just as the waved yellows come out.

The top 3 positions at the restart were 233, 490, and 432, with the rest behind all back markers.  Something broke on 515’s car resulting in him hitting the wall and continuing to at full speed around the bend hitting the wall.  176 was using the bumper on 161, and then a few laps later 161 put 176 in the wall.  Meanwhile back upfront 233 held on to take the win ahead of 490 and 51.



Heat 2 28 cars

Just one car was missing from heat which was 242.  When the green flag dropped 266 and 2 collided and were left stuck in middle of track which brought out the red flag.

At the restart 490 was slow getting away and retired on the first lap.  With 1 lap gone 266 took up the lead from 432, 393, 279, 515 and 116. 483 collided with 176 and 393 got past 432 into 2nd.  116 spun 279 and spun himself.  266 was now leading by half a straight from 393 who had the gap to 432 followed by 369 and 123 who was half a lap behind leader.  376 was the leading star man and put the bumper in hard on 123 to go into 5th. 176 spun 124 and a few laps later 124 returned the favour by putting 176 in the wall.  Both cars ended up in the wall with 124 only having 2 wheels on the track at the point of impact.  With just 2 laps to go 266 was still leading 393, 369 and 376, and this is how they stayed with 266 taking the win.

Final 25 cars

Missing from the final were 490, 2 and 7.  After one lap 432 took up the lead ahead of 515, 314, 393 and 279.  376 spun and lost his when he was collected by 482.  The red flags came out straight away and the race was restarted.

When the green flag dropped 60 spun out 416 and the latter was unable to restart his car and was left to roll down the bend, just as the leaders started to come around.  Luckily no one hit him and he was able to get away.  279 spun and got collected by 124, while on the other bend 53 got spun around. 233 hit 266 and 369 and 391 were also out on same bend.  All 4 got going again but then 233 retired to the infield. 69 spun around 176, while back upfront 515 took over the lead from 432. 176 got going again just in front of the leader, which held him up and allowed 123 to get past into lead ahead of 515, 40, 483 and 432. 483 spun coming out of turn 2 and rejoined in front of the leader. 515 then spun and got tangled up with 40 and both ended up in wall.  Back up front 123 was still leading 432, 51, 17, 482, 151, 60 and 69.  51 put the bumper in on 432 to go up to 2nd.  17 put the bumper in on 53 which caused him slow up and drop a place before getting going again.  With 3 laps to go 123 was leading by a length of a straight over 51 who had half a straight over 482, 151, 17, 60 and 69. 123 went on to win the Hillson Cup ahead of 51 and 482, while a few places back 69 went in for a last bend lunge on 60 to snatch 7th place.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

11/09/10 - Arlington Safari Engineering Round 10

Former dirt track banger driver Craig Plumadore #506 made his debut at Arlington on the ex Chris Tullett car.

Heat 1

454 and 171 collided at turn 4 before start so the race was completely restarted and both drivers were allowed to rejoin at back.

There was a sprinkle of rain onto the already wet track at the restart and 123 and 176 tangled going into first bend and 161 also got caught up with them.  511 took up the lead ahead of 602, 233 and 393. 490, 515 and 280 were all out on turn 4, but got going again.  17 got spun out by pack coming out of turn 2.  Back upfront 602 took over the lead ahead of 393, 511, 40, 59 and 233. Next up to take over the lead was 393 as the rain started to come down more.  506 got spun by 59 who then also spun himself coming out of turn 3.  Top 3 were 393, 40, and 511 with 51 going very well and up to 4th place ahead of 602 and 7.  51 was soon up to 2nd and chasing 393 upfront.  51 pushed back marking 58 into 393, and then pushed 58 out wide. On the next bend 51 used bumper on 393 to take the lead.  393 now 2nd 40 3rd and 482 and 7 were racing each other for 4th place.  171 spun on the scoreboard bend in front of 51, which left him no where to go and got blocked.  393 likewise had no where to go and ran into the rear of 51 which made a gap so they could both exit.  51 and 393 got going again and retained their positions.  171 got his car to the infield just as the waved yellows came out.

At the restart the top 8 positions were 51, 393, 40, 482, 7, 233, 60 and 369.

When the green flag dropped 482 got past 40 to take 3rd place and then 40 spun and come off onto speedway track and lost his position. 482 used the bumper on 393 who hit the wall and 482 took up 2nd. 369 spun in front of 59 and 483 also got caught up, which brought out the waved yellows again.

393 retired to the infield before the restart so the top 7 were 51, 482, 161, 7, 60, 233 and 17

When the green flag dropped again 161 put the bumper in on back marking 58 who hits wall.  490 had something dragging underneath his car causing sparks. There were now just 3 laps to go and the positions were 51, 482, 161, 7, 60, 233 and 17 and this is how they finished.

Heat 2

511 spun at the start by the pit bend. With 1 lap gone 515 was leading 53, 454, 233, 602 and 58.  58 and 59 both spun around and kept on going.  7 and 59 were both out on the top bend and 59 got collected by 58.  After 5 laps 515 was still leading 369, 53, 233 and 17.  515 hit the wall while leading which allowed 369 to take up the lead. 515 then spun out onto the in field but held it together and rejoined the track in 4th place behind 369, 53 and 233.  515 then tangled with 17 and his engine cut out leaving him rolling down the home straight and coming to a stop at turn 1 (just off the racing line).  After several laps 233 clipped the back of the parked 515 car and got himself stuck in wall on turn 1 for several laps and then he also got hit which brought out the waved yellows.

Top 4 at the restart were 369, 161, 51 and 482.

When the green flag dropped, 161 put the bumper in on 369 who held onto the lead, while behind 51 put the bumper in on 161 who hit 369 again.  161 retired to the in field with lots of sparks coming from his car. 51 now up to 2nd put the bumper in on 369 who held onto the lead. 51 used the bumper again on the Hailsham bend still 369 held onto the lead. 482 was now up to 3rd a couple of car length s back, 17 was 4th. Again 51 put the bumper in on 369 on the scoreboard bend but 369 still held on.  Now with just 1 lap to go 51 again put the bumper in on 369 but still held on to the lead.  As they went down the back straight the red flags came out as there was a piece of metal on track.  With just half a lap to go the result was declared and 369 was awarded the win.

Final – Clutch Start

176 got spun around on the first lap coming out of turn 2.  511 took up the early lead ahead of 515, 454, 53, 483 and 40. 515 got spun by 53 and were then collected by 483. 51 were again using the bumper this time on 7 who hit the wall.  454 took up the lead ahead of 40 and 511.  369 then put 511 in wall for 3rd place 51 was now up to 4th place. 280 spun out on the scoreboard bend.  At the halfway point 454 was still leading by half a straight from 40, 369 and 51.  369 had smoke coming off back tyre rubbing on wheel guard. 454 hit the wall hard whilst trying to get past some back markers and then gets tangled up with 280 and hits the wall again.  This allowed 40 past to take up the lead while behind the tyre on the 369 car popped and he retired.  The top 3 were now 40, 51 and 454.  51 was now right with 40 for leads with 3 laps to go.  As in the previous races 51 used the bumper on going into each bend but 40 held on.  On the last lap 51 put the bumper in on 40 one last time on the Hailsham bend and both went into the wall but 40 they both limped to the line, with 40 reaching it first ahead of 51 with a rough sounding engine.   482 finished 3rd.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

29/08/10 - Wimbledon European Championship

European Championship over 30 laps Clutch start

The track was dry for the main race, after a torrential down pour about 2 hours earlier. 29 cars took to the grid, with 22 Mark Kelman missing with engine trouble in practice.

































When the green flag dropped it was 266 who were fastest away, being followed by 7 and 60 pushing his way up the inside to 3rd. 176 clips a marker tyre and rolls going into the 1st bend which brings out the red flags for a complete re-start.

Glenn Salmon number 7 is also missing at the re-start with a puncture. The flag drops and 53 gets a better start this time, but 266 still leads from 60 coming up the inside again to take 2nd. Lots of cars are pushing wide on the 1st bend and so coming down the back straight 60, leads from 266 and 58 in 3rd. A train of cars going into the pit bend are all pushing with 58 being pushed into the fence. With a recovering 58 coming out of the bend the cars are 4 or 5 abreast and there was always going to be a problem. 23 clips the fence and is spun around by the pack, 17 goes over 376, bonnet and rolls in front of him, cars are going in all directions, a bit like a crash in NASCAR. Not surprising the red flags comes out. With only 16 cars left on the track for the re-start, it was decided to abandon the race and run it later in the evening, so drivers could fix their cars. 

About an hour later the cars started emerging from the pits for the big race again. This time the grid was spaced out in groups of 6, with 2 notable cars missing of 376 and 69. As the flag dropped 266 leads away from 7 being pushed by 60. 266 goes wide on the top bend and hits the fence. 7 takes the lead from 60 going down the back straight. At the start of lap 2, 7 leads from60, 151 and 416 in 4th. 60 pushes 7 wide to go by to take up the lead on the top bend and 416 and 482 both get pass 151. 58 hits the fence coming out of the pit bend and is collected by 171, 233, 532 and 426. This brings out the yellow flags and on the re-start 60 leads from, 7, 416, 482, 151, 393, 454, 23, 161, 391, 17, 176, 53, 40, 483, 124, 116, 369, 266, 59, 540 and 233. The green flag drops, 416 pushes 7 and 60 wide on the top bend and takes over the lead, with 60 dropping to 3rd place and then on the following lap getting back in front of 7. !61 is now 4th from 482, 151 and 393. This is how they stay for about 4 laps with 416 pulling away. 393 spins on the top bend after pushing 151. 124 also spins on the top bend and is collected by 59 and 483. 416 starts to drop back towards the chasing pack and is passed by 60 going in to the top bend, then 416 drops to 3rd as 7 takes him on the same bend. 60 and 7 start to pull clear of the pack and 416 now retires on lap 13. 60 is now starting to pull a gap on 7. At half way 60 leads from 7, 161, 482, 151, 391, 369, 540, 454, 176, 124, 233, and 40. 2 laps later 7 retires with a puncture on the front. This give 60 the length of a straight lead from 161. On lap 21, 151 blows his engine on the back straight and several cars go in to the fence sliding on the oil. The main loser is 161 who drops from 2nd to 4th. With 5 laps to go, 60 leads from a catching 482, 391 (3rd) and a recovering 161 (4th). As the remaining laps count down this is how they finish.

Heat 1 over 20 laps Rolling Start

28 cars make it back out for heat 1. Notable drivers missing are 376, (loaded with damage), 266, 151 (blown engine), 58 and 23. We were joined by repaired 69 and the following were out for their 1st race of the night, 242,511, 602, and 490. The race is lead away by 242. 483 goes up and over the bonnet of 233 and are collected by 57. On lap 3, 454 leads from, 53, 602, 242, 171 and 532. 426 pushes 532 and 242 into the pit bend fence and are collected 59 and 40. Lap 4, 482 is up to 5th. The track is starting to get greasy on the pit bend again where it claims 511.Lap 6, 391 and 393 retires with 60 joining them 3 laps later. 482 works his way into the lead and starts to pull away from 602 and 369. 454 retires with flames coming out of his exhaust. 482 takes the win from 602 whilst 369 spins out of 3rd coming off the last bend and recovering to get 8th.

Heat2 over 20 laps Rolling Start

his was run after the banger final, and some people miss it as they start to leave the stadium. 6 further cars are missing (532, 511, 60, 391, 483, and 393. 242 leads them away again from the whites. 53 pushes 233 round on the pit bend and 490, 454, and 369 clip the fence trying to get around them both. 242 still leads on lap 3, from 53, 171 and 116, who goes over the bonnet of 171, but carries on racing. Lap 5, 242 leads from, 53, 7, 116, 369, 40, 416, 69, 482, and 57. A lap later 53 takes up the lead and 116 gets pass 7 for 3rd place, and then 7 retires with another puncture. 116 starts to real in 53 with only 5 laps to go. With only 3 laps left, 116 takes 53 on the pit bend, and then on the last bend 482 is pushing 53 wide to take 2nd place, behind 116 winning.

A good nights racing from the Superstox again. Can not wait for the World Championship.

2010 Superstox European Championship pictures

Meeting Report by: Derek Fear

19/08/10 - Yarmouth 19/08/10 Meeting report

Clive Marchant returned to Yarmouth again this week, and has not only took some great pictures once again, but has also kindly done a meeting report too:

Superstox Richardson Media & Communications Silver Cup

A healthy 20 Superstox greeted the summer crowd for the evenings all in racing around the tight Caister raceway. A fine showing of some superb machinery, one notable change of car was Glenn Salmon out in his recently acquired ex-Daz Kitson car. Practice was held in fine weather.

Heat 1

What a satisfying result for Glenn Salmon, proving his new car was worth the purchase. Alex Meadows got tangled up on the Yarmouth wires pit end which gave the recovery boys a early evening challenge to remove the stricken car. The star men coming through from the back of the grid to take the runners up places.

Heat 2

The weather turned to a light drizzle making the track slippery for all. A crash between 57 & 483 brought out the yellows. A few other drivers suffered gremlins and didn't continue. There was plenty of work being done by torch and generator floodlight after the race. In particular Alex Meadows and team were very busy repairing the earlier heat one damage. Race Winner 376.


This race was run in full on drizzle, but not declared a wet race. All credit to the drivers for sorting their mechanical/electrical problems. A fairly airborne crash between car 7 & 376 brought out the yellows which bunched everyone up again for the final laps. An electrifying wheel to wheel race between Shaun Brooker and Jason Cooper provided one of the closest ever finishes to a Superstox final I have ever personally witnessed. Neither driver knowing who had won until the trophy presentations. Driver 69 Shaun Brooker taking the win from Jason who was still beaming and commenting on what a fantastic race it had been. 416 Mark Smith taking the 3rd place trophy.

Well done gentlemen a awesome display of small oval stock car racing.

Meeting report by: Clive Marchant

Many thanks to Clive Marchant for the report and pictures, more can be found on the picture gallery page.

14/08/10 - Arlington Southern Championship

On the way to Arlington there was lots of heavy rain storms and it looked set to be a wet meeting, however once we got to the end of the A23 at Brighton all of a sudden there were blue sky and the roads were dry?  On arrival at the stadium the track was dry and during practice it was very dusty.  Only news headline to report was that #17 Ryan Eaton was using his older Randall car for this meeting.

Heat 1 - 25 cars

34 got spun out onto the infield at the start by 482 and suffered a broken wheel guard, and 393 also got spun around on lap 1.  After 2 laps were gone 454 was leading from 53, 314, 58 and 532.  40 was going well and put the bumper in on 602 who hit the wall.  161 was also going well and up to 8th place. 314 hit the wall hard on the Hailsham bend and 511 also spun and stopped in middle of track and got hit by a few cars, which brought out the first waved yellows of the night.

At the restart the top 10 positions were 454, 53, 58, 532, 95, 40, 602, 161, 369, and 59, no sooner had they got going again the yellows came out again, this time for 242 who was stopped down the end of the back straight.

454 held back at the re start and then buried the throttle, but then the control car was slow leaving the track so they all bunched up with the bumpers going in before they crossed the line, with the top 5 now 454, 532, 53, 376 and 161. 161 collided with 53 and both hit the wall, and 602 came to a stop down the home straight, which once again brought out the waved yellows.

60 retired from the re start with a broken wheel guard, and the pack all got going again with 482 putting the bumper in on 376 for 3rd place, and then used it again on 532 to take over lead.  The top 6 now were 482, 532, 376, 454, 161 and 123.  123 then went over the wheel of 454 on the scoreboard bend and 59 got past 17 for 7th place.  532 then spun on the back straight which brought out the red flags and the result was declared with 482 taking the win ahead of 376 and 161.

Heat 2 - 22 cars

Missing from heat 2 were 151, 314 and 124.

At the start of the race the Control car was again slow leaving the track, and every one was bunched up so it was a false start. At the second start the Blue tops were all gosling for position, and as they came out of turn 4, 280 and 95 tangled with the latter getting spun and hitting the wall side ways on and was left facing the oncoming traffic, and was then hit head on by 161.  There was also another incident on the scoreboard bend involving 511, 58 and 532.  The red flags came out again.

511, 34 and 95 all failed to make the re start.  This time they all got clean away apart from 393 and 483 who were both in the wall by pit gate.  After 1 lap 454 took up the early lead again ahead of 53, 40, 369 and 58. 376 put the bumper in on 602 for 6th place and 602 slowed up a lap later.  The top 4 of 454, 53, 40 and 369 had about half a length straight lead over 376 58, 482 and 59. 161 put the bumper in on 59 for 8th place. 376 was now up with 369 and got past for 4th place and then put the bumper in 53 and again on next bend and up to 3rd.  With 3 laps left to go 40 was gradually catching 454 and 376 a similar distance behind 40. 482 put the bumper in on 53 for 4th place, and 40 got past 454 for the lead on last lap and took the win ahead of 454 and 376.

Final (Southern Championship) - 19 cars

376 put the bumper in on 161 from the off who hit 17 who then hit the wall on first lap.  After one lap 602 was leading ahead of 454 and 58. 369 hit the wall on the back straight and with a wheel off the red flags immediately came out.  511 and 454 were both disqualified from re start for not stopping immediately on a red flag, and 376 and 60 were both out of the race with damage.

Only 11 cars were left in the race for the second re start with 393 taking up the lead from 58, 53 and 532. 58 got past 393 to take over the lead, and 53 and 532 also got past with 393 dropping down to 4th place.  The positions were 58, 53, 532, 40, 393, 482, 161, 280, 123, 17 and 176. 58 was now starting to pull out a lead ahead of 53 and 532. 532 then spun around 53 and both were left tangled up on the back straight which brought out the waved yellows.  53 and 532 were out of the race and 176 was also disqualified for a broken wheel guard.

Only 8 cars were left in the race for the re start which were 58, 40, 482, 393, 123, 17, 161 and 280. 40 went straight in with the bumper on 58 to take lead, then 482 went in with the bumper on 40 to take the lead. 58 hit the wall and retired, making it now just 7 cars left in the race. 123 put the bumper in on 40 for 2nd place with the latter hitting the wall coming out of turn 3, then 161 also went in with the bumper on 40 at the same point, and both went in the wall but 161 kept going but 40 was out of the race.  The red flags came out again for 40 and the result was declared, with 482 taking his first ever Southern Championship win ahead of 123 and 161.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

12/08/10 - Dash 4 Cash

HCD (with Spedeworth's agreement) are organising a Dash 4 Cash race at the Superstox World Final in October.

The race will be run over 6 laps, 3 abreast start. All registered drivers are invited to take part and winner takes all.

We are looking for people/companies to donate to the prize money. Any amount gratefully received and Spedeworth have said that all names will be in the programme.

If you are interested please call on 01733 211441 or see Colin Aylward at most Superstox meetings.

More details to follow.


07/08/10 - Aldershot 08/08/10 meeting report

With 31 cars booked for the tight Aldershot track Spedeworth decided to split the cars over 3 heats with 2/3rd cars in each heat.

Race 1 21 cars

15 took up the early lead ahead of 242, 57, 279, 403, 58 and 393.    57 took over the lead on lap 3 and 403 took up 2nd on lap 4 with 242 3rd.  15 spun by the pit gate and 403 started to use the bumper on 57. 60 put the bumper in hard on 376 going into turn 1, with the latter coming back and using the 176 car (that was between them) to get him back.  60 appeared to brake late going into the bend and collided with 490 resulting in all 4 cars spun out on the pit bend.  483 then spun out 242 coming out of turn 2 on lap 11 and then used the bumper on 58 who hit 393.  back upfront 57 had pulled away from 403 by half a length of straight, with a length of a straight separating 403 and 483 in 3rd followed by 124 602 393.  34 spun out on the pit bend during the closing stages of the race and got going again, but then collided with the leader (57) taking him out of the race with just 2 laps to go.  403 took over the lead and took the win ahead of 483 and 124.

Race 2 20 cars

15 spun out at the start and 57 retired to in field.  515 took up the early lead ahead of 266, 602, 171, 483, 393 and 454. 393 clipped the back bumper of 483 coming out of turn 2, which nearly sent the 483 car into a spin.  The top 5 were unchanged for several laps and by lap 12, 123 was 6th and 482 was coming up field fast into 7th place.  123 got past 483 and was up to 5th place on lap 13.  123 continued to make progress and got past 171, 602 and 266 and with just 2 laps to go was now in 2nd place with 266 3rd.  123 could not quite catch 515 who crossed the line to take his 2nd win since joining the formula ahead of 123 and 266.

Race 3 19 cars

266 put the bumper in on 58 from the off who hits 490, with the latter hitting 58 back on next bend.  116 then spun around 490 who got collected by 58, 171 spun as he tried to avoid them and got hit by 123.  Upfront 242 was leading 515 who spun out and 242 who dropped down some places.  511 took up the lead on lap 5 ahead of 314 and 403. further down the field 376, 51 and 482 were all having a good battle with each other. 242 and 171 both spun out by pit gate ,and 482 used the bumper on 51 to take position. Back upfront at the halfway point  511 was still leading 314, 403, 266 and 95.  314 took over the lead on lap 13 ahead of 403, 266, 95 and 511 who dropped down to 5th place by lap 15.  With 3 laps to go 95 was up to 3rd place and challenging 403.  95 used the bumper on 403 to get past into 2nd on the last lap, but 403 was not finished and came back at 95 on the last bend but 95 held onto the position.  314 crossed the line to take the win ahead of 95 and 403.

Clutch start Final 28 cars

515 was slow getting away on the clutch start and 15 hit the tyres and then got hit by 515 and 57.  116 and 58 both got tangled up together with 116 left stranded on the exit of turn 4 which brought out the red flags and 95 slowed up to a stop on the top bend.

116 had to sit out the re-start being the cause of the stoppage.  171 spun around 393 on top bend and 15 retired. With 1 lap gone 242 was leading 515, who took over the lead on lap 2 ahead of 242, 58 and 602. 602 used the bumper on 58 to go up to 3rd place and then there was a big pile up on the pit bend with 57 in the wall as well as 511, 266, 483, 176 and 40 all  involved, which brought out the red flags again.

For reasons unknown 51 was not allowed to take part in the re start, but 116 (cause of first stoppage) was but had to start from the back of the grid.  Once they all got going again after a few laps the was oil on the track and this caused 376 to spin on the pit bend followed by 176 and 17.  They were then joined by 515, 58, 393, 369 and 59.  They all got going again apart from 376 and 176 who were left in the wall as racing continued.  While all this was going on 483 was leading upfront since lap 2 ahead of 314 and 171.  By lap 10 40 was up to 2nd and 123 3rd.  123 moved up to 2nd place and past 40 on lap 17, with 60 up to 4th place and 602 was using the bumper to get past 403 for 5th.  The top 3 had pulled out some distance between them and 60 in 4th.  483 held onto the lead until lap 21 when 123 used the bumper to get past to take up the lead, and 40 following to take 2nd with 483 now 3rd.  123 held onto the lead to take the win ahead of 40 and 483.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

31/07/10 - Yarmouth 29/07/10 News

Whilst on holiday with his Family Clive Marchant was lucky to fit in a visit to a Thursday nights Yarmouth meeting.

The track proved a major challenge for Clive to set his camera up and select the right lens. But I think when you see his pictures you will find it hard to understand why as they are as good as normal. 

The heats went to 69 and 376 and the top 3 in the final were 69, 161 and 60 (376 was second over the line but received a penalty).

Some other headlines:

  • James Meadows was out in practice with his brother Alex.

  • 612 didn't race in The Felsham Garage Cup final.

  • The weather was showery which made track conditions slippery.

  • Plenty of bumper action which entertained the holiday crowd.

  • 69 coming from the back of the grid to win the final.

Many thanks to Clive Marchant for the news and pictures that can be found on the picture gallery page.

25/07/10 - Northampton meeting report

31 cars were in attendance at Northampton, but only 30 made the grid as Sam Stacey #242 suffered problems in practice.  Local driver Jack Hughes #57, made his debut in the former Sean Smith/Colin Aylward orange HCD.

Heat 1 - 30 cars

515 took up the early lead ahead of 279 and 369.  57 ended up in the wall on turn 3 facing the oncoming traffic, with 266 and 454 also involved but coming to a stop on the infield.  This brought out the waved yellows. 

The Top 10 positions were, 515, 369, 279, 403, 53, 511,  393, 602 and 176.  When the green flag dropped 176 spun out 393, who got collected by 124 and 511.  602 spun in front of 51 and got collected by 403.  Next  515 spun and went into the wall backwards.  A few laps later 732 put 7 into the parked car of 515, and when 7 got going again tangled with 369 down the back straight and collided and was left facing the oncoming traffic.  Once again the waved yellows came out.

The top 10 positions were, 279, 391, 51, 53, 40, 483, 60, 482, 17 and 176.  At the restart 391 got up the inside of 279 to take over the lead and 51 went in with the bumper on 279 to send him wide for 2nd.  391 and 51 then started to pull away from 40 in 3rd while behind it was 482, 53, 60, 279 and 483.  391 crossed the line for the win ahead of 51, and 482 went in with the bumper on 40 on the last bend to take 3rd place.

Heat 2 - 28 cars

Missing from heat 2 were 125 & 95.

515 once again took up the early lead from 511, 279 and 369.  7 spun around 602 who was lucky not to get collected.  57 spun on the exit of turn 1 which held up 116 & 124.  Back upfront 515 was still leading 369, 511, 123, 266 and 279.  483 spun and got hit by 391, and once again the waved yellows came out.

The Top 10 positions were 515, 369, 511, 123, 732, 266, 40, 279, 403 and 391.   At the restart 369 put the bumper in on 515 to take the lead, while further back 602 and 124 both hit the wall.  Back upfront 369 was holding onto the lead from 123, 515, 732 and 511.  732 got up the inside and past 515 for 3rd. 123 and 369 both hesitated going into turn 1, which allowed 732 to close in. 123 took over the lead but then  hesitated again going into turn 3 and allowed 732 past into the lead with 4 laps to go.  732 was now leading 123, 369, 40 and 515.  123 managed to stick with 732 and a last bend lunge looked on the cards but it never happed.  732 crossed the line to win his first Superstox race, ahead of 123 and 40.

Final - 26 Cars

57 was a bit too eager to get off the line and rolled back into position.  When the green flag did drop 57 was unable to find a gear and was left on the line.  Luckily no one hit him but the red flags came out for a false start.  57 was allowed to restart from the back of the yellows and on the second attempt everyone got away okay. One lap in 279 and 369 both collided and 454 was also involved.  602 went in hard with the bumper on 176 who clipped 57 and 511 also got caught up.  Upfront once again 515 took up the early lead ahead of 53, 266, 123, 124, and 176.  53 got down the inside of 515 to take over the lead and was still leading several laps later from 123, 124, 391, 176 and 732. 482 put the bumper in hard on 732 going into turn 3, with 732 keeps it out of the wall and the power down to come back at 482 hard going into turn 1, which put 482 hard into the wall and out of the race.  515 then came to a stop at the end of the back straight with smoke coming out of bonnets which brought out the Red flags.

The Top 10 positions were 123, 53, 279, 391, 124, 57, 176, 17, 732 and 60

When the green flag dropped 51 put the bumper in on 60 to take 7th position and 391 put the bumper in on 53 for 2nd.  176 was going well and clearly felt 732 was holding him up and put the bumper in on 732.  732 got back down the inside on next bend to re take the position.  176 next used the bumper on 51 to re take the position.  Back upfront 123 and 391 were fighting for the lead with the latter taking over.  391 went on to take his second win of the day and a DK/Lyndale hattrick.  123 finished 2nd and 53 3rd.  51 hit 60 hard on last bend for 8th place, but 60 held on to the position and 51 just made it over the line for 10th.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

24/07/10 - Cars for sale

If you are looking for a Superstox, check out the For Sale page where you will find several cars have been added over the last few days.

18/07/10 - News from Ipswich

Unfortunately the webmaster of Superstox.org.uk was not in attendance last night at Ipswich, however Webmaster Snr. was.  The main news was 35 cars were in attendance including the return of John Smith #116.  Congratulations to Jordan Aylward #515 who scored his first Superstox win since joining the Formula.  Also congratulations to the other winners Paul Langridge #369 and the final winner Jason Cooper #482.

Full results and pictures (from Clive Marchant) can be found on the various pages.

16/07/10 - Spedeweekend Pictures

Many thanks to Brian Lammey from www.nif2.com  for sending in pictures from the Ipswich Spedeweekend.  All pictures from Spedeweekend can be found in the Picture Gallery, or you can click the link below to go straight to Brian's pictures:

Brian Lammey's Spedeweekend Pictures

04/07/10 - Spedeweekend report

Race 1 35 Cars

376 went over the bonnet of 23 on first lap with 376 retiring.  171 and 686 both were in the wall on turnstile bend on lap 2 which brought out the waved yellows.  58 was leading before the yellow flags came out, but as the lap sheet went back a lap, the top 8 positions on the restart were 454, 58, 314, 266, 532, 279, 176 and 483.

At the restart 58 took back the lead from 454 who had a puncture. Further back 7 spun and got hit by 36.  540 hit the wall hard on scoreboard bend, while back upfront the positions on lap 5 were 58, 266, 314, 279 and 176.  612 spun out 403 and also spun himself out and 7 retired with a puncture.  393 and 51 collided on the turnstile bend with the latter going over the bonnet of 393.  482 was going well and up to 4th place on lap 13.  On lap 14 the positions were 58, 266, 314, 482, 233, 602, 69 and 60. With 3 laps to go 58 had a lead of 2/3rds of a straight over 266. With 2 laps to go 314 let 482 past up to 3rd.  58 held on to take the win ahead of 266 and 482.

Race 2 34 Cars

The only car missing from race 2 was 36.  403 spun out on lap 1 on the scoreboard bend and was lucky not to get collected by anyone and was able to get going again.  266 took up the early lead from 532, 454, 314 and 279. 60 put the bumper in on 161 who hit and spun 376 around.  612 hit 393 with the latter spinning around and losing his back wheel and part of his rear bumper and side irons.  With the wheel on the track out came the Red flags on lap 2.

At the restart the top 6 were 266, 532, 454, 314, 58 and 53.  No sooner had they got going again there was another big pile up on scoreboard bend involving 686, 233, 40, 171 and 23.  60 and 482 were both having a good race together, while back upfront 266 slowed up on lap 6, with 532 now taking up the lead from 314 and 454.  23 retired from the race and 53 spun around on scoreboard bend.  69 put the bumper in hard on 376 on the scoreboard bend, with 376 coming back at him on the turnstile only to hit 7, with the latter then coming back at 376 on the following bend. 58 retired from the race with a broken wheel guard.  Back upfront 482 was once again going well and up to 3rd on lap 14 and now catching 314.  403 got in the way of 482 with the latter pushing403 wide only for 403 to come back at 482 with the bumper.  483 got past 314 on lap 17 and was now in second place, while behind the race was on for third between 60, 69 and 51 who were all having a good race with just one lap to go.  532 took the win ahead of 482 and 60.

Final 31 Cars (25 Laps)

Missing from the grid on Sunday was 36, 393, 602 and 686.  With one lap gone 53 took up the lead ahead of 57, 279 and 369.  161 made a lightning start from the superstar grade and was up to 8th place on lap 2. 60 spun as he tried to avoid 171, and 483, 69 and 376 were all in wall on the scoreboard bend.  7 was also going well and was up to 6th place.  On lap 8 53 was still leading 369, with a gap to 7, 161, 532, 403, 612 and 17.  612 put the bumper in on 403 on lap 10 who hit 532. 17 then put the bumper in on 612 followed by 482.  57 and 279 collided with the latter hitting the wall square on.  Back upfront 7 was closing down the gap between himself and 53. 95 got past 612, but 612 regained the position by putting 95 into the parked car of 279 on the scoreboard bend.  Next to have a go with Sparkie was 51 on lap 17 who put the bumper in on 612 car.  612 returned the hit on 51 sending him into 176.  51 brushed the wall and just managed to keep his car out of the wall.  Next up was 57 who decided to have a nibble on the rear bumper of 612, but 57 went over the wheels of the 612 car and got collected by 40.  Back up front 7 took over the lead around lap 18 with 53 now second and 161 third.  With two laps to go the top 3 were unchanged but 17 was closing in for 3rd place, and went for a last bend lunge on 161 who hit 53. 7 took the win ahead of 53 holding on to second and 161 third.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

27/06/10 - Ashley Watts banned

Ashley Watt's Superstox driver #707 has received a 12 month full ORCi ban from Spedeworth for racing at an unlicensed track.  Ashley raced at his former track Standlake on 13/06/10 when he was also booked in to race at Yarmouth for the British Championship.  It is believed that during the meeting at Standlake Ashley followed in another driver, who required Hospital treatment and for this Ashley also a received a 12 month ban from Standlake.

19/06/10 - Arlington meeting report

A nice day turned slightly chilly when the sun went down over Arlington Stadium for the first Saturday evenings racing at the venue for many years.  25 cars were in attendance but Sam Stacey suffered problems in practice and never made heat 1.  Making his Superstox debut was John Prince #34, in a car that Hot Rod driver Scott Bourne #199 had planned to race.

Heat 1 24 Cars
369 took up the early lead ahead of 454, 532, 123, 124, 59 and 176.  51 and 7 both got tangled up on the Halsham bend and 123 spun going into pit bend and got collected by 393. As everyone tried to take avoiding action 280 also spun and got collected by 125.  With the bend fairly blocked the waved yellow flags came out.

At the restart the top 3 were 369, 59 and 124. 60 was issued with black cross for jumping the start and then put the bumper in on 124 for 3rd place with 151 getting down the inside for 4th.  (124 now 5th).  Back upfront 369 was still leading 59 and 60, but the latter was soon past 59 and up to 2nd.  With 5 laps to go 60 took over the lead only for 369 to strike back with the bumper at the next bend.  60 crossed the line to take the line however was latter dropped 2 places for the jump start, so 369 took the win ahead of 151 and 60.

Heat 2 20 Cars
454 took up the early lead, while behind 532 put the bumper in on 511 on the pit bend sending him wide.  With 1 lap gone the top 5 positions were 454, 532, 176, 403 and 369.  376 went air born in a big pile up on the Halsham bend involving 22, 376, 125, 161, 21 and 7, which brought out the yellow flags.

At the restart the positions were 454, 532, 176, 403, 369, 123, 59, 511, 40, 161, 60, 51, 151, 53, 393. 60 retired to infield before restart.  When the green flag dropped 40 put the bumper in 59 and 369 put the bumper in on 40.  back upfront 454 was still leading 532, 176 and 123.  123 was now right with 176 and pushing him down the straight. 40 retired to the infield and 369 got it very sideways going into the pit bend and got spun out by 59.  161 was then using the bumper on 59 to get up to 4th place, and 123 got past 532 to go up to 2nd.  454 took the win ahead of 123 and 532.

Final 19 Cars
The clutch start final only lasted a lap or 2 with 176 taking up the early lead ahead of 532, 369, 123, 59 and 393.  60 caught the wheel of 125 and rolled over onto his roof which brought out the red flags.

The final was completely restarted  and with 1 lap gone 176 once again took up the lead ahead of 532 and 369. 376 put the  bumper in on 393 who hit 176.  51 then put the bumper in on 176 who hit 393.  123 got down the inside of 369 to take up lead, with 369 now 2nd ahead of 454, 532, 376 and 51.  With 5 laps to go 376 put the bumper in on 532 to go up to 3rd.  With 2 laps to go 123 was still leading 369 and 454, but 376 was closing fast on 454. 123 went on to take the win ahead of 369 and 454 who held on to 3rd place.

Pictures from this meeting can be found on the Picture Gallery.

Meeting report by: Lee Fear

13/06/10 - Marjoram New British Champion

Congratulations to Ben Marjoram #60, who has won the British Championship tonight at Yarmouth.  Nick Smith #151 was Second and Billy Smith #161 third.

Many thanks to Duncan Adams for the follow meeting report:

As someone who no longer goes to many meetings,  I was left wondering if this was just a one off meeting or whether there is a severe shortage of superstox at the moment! Only 16 cars made the start of the British with 540 pulling off before the start with a broken coil, 7 doing an engine in practice and 114 loading up with ignition problems before the start too.

I wonder if it had anything to do with Spedeworth`s decision to limit the race to 22 cars? There were some very notable absentees, Mark Kelman, Garry Sparkes, Daz Kitson, Ben Munford, Steve Sutch, Ryan Eaton and Jonathon Field all missing. No white graders 2 blues and only 1 red grade also made it look a bit unbalanced in the heats.

Nevertheless the racing overall was still very good. Billy Smith drew pole position alongside Jack Hughes with Nick smith on row 2 and Mark Smith on row 3. Row 4 had Colin Aylward and Sean Brooker, With Steven Jackson on row 6 and Jason Cooper and Ben Marjoram towards the rear on row 8. So plenty of class!

British Championship - Starting Grid

161, 57, 53, 151, 416, 686, 51, 69, 511, 176, 376, 7*, 279, 21, 482, 60, 114*, 540*, 23

*=Non starter

After 2 rolling laps the race started but 53 got fenced and brought out the reds for a 15 car restart. This time they got away cleanly with 161 leading 151 and 416 at the end of the 1st lap.  416 pushed 151 wide and took 2nd on lap 3 with 376 making good progress to take 4th, followed by 60, 69 and 482. On lap 6 176 took a trip over the bonnet of  21 on the pit bend and 21 retired. 60 got past 376 on lap 8 and 482 and 69 were having a good tussle in midfield. 161 had opened up a useful lead to 416 but  on lap 12 416 closed in and pushed him wide to take the lead. The following lap 151 and 60 also got past 161. 151 decided to move wide rather than take the hit from 60 as the World Champion moved up to 2nd on lap 18, however there was still a good chase needed to catch 416 who was half the length of the straight ahead.  By now the field was well spread. With 5 lap to go the gap from 416 to 60 had reduced to 3 car lengths as 416 negotiated the back markers. A last bend lunge looked on the cards and I think 416 knew this as he surprisingly slowed halfway down the back straight. This just meant that 60 hit him much harder, and he kept the bumper in pushing 416 right out towards the fence. 60 took the win with 416 losing out to 151 and 161. A very well deserved win by 60 who won it from almost the back of the grid!

Heat 1 (16 cars)

176 led the 4 yellow graders away with 57 and 279 behind, but 57 pushed 176 wide on lap 2 to take up the running. 279 lost out when he got pushed wide and lost lots of places. By lap 6 151 had taken the lead from 57 with 161 and 376 behind. 376 soon passes 161 for 3rd and 57 drops down the field after a good start. Going into the 2nd half of the race the order is 151, 376, 60, 161, 416, 69, 57 & 482. 151 had a very nice lead which he wasn’t to lose. 60 pushes 376 and 161 also pushes 376 very wide losing the former World Champion several positions. 60 had too much to do to catch 151, but 69 made some good progress towards the end to take 3rd after spinning 376 on the last lap.

Top 3 - 151, 60, 69

Heat 2 (15 cars)

416 was missing with a broken bell housing. 511 led the way after the first lap from 176 and 279. 376 retired with a puncture after a skirmish on the pit bend. 60 did most of the hard work before the flag had dropped passing  69, 376, 482 and 23 before the flag had dropped. By lap 3 151 had got passed 686 and 540 to take 3rd whilst 176 and 57 were doing a good job at the front. 151 and 161 got past 57 on lap 5 and 540 got pushed very wide and lost lots of places.  51 and 57 both retired with flat tyres. 151 took the lead on lap 8 and 161 also got past 176 on lap 11. With 5 to go the positions were 151 clear from 161, 60, 69, 482, 176, 23 & 540 with only 10 cars running. On Lap 18 60 moves 161 wide and takes 2nd with 69 also going through. 151 took the win with 60 2nd and 161, 69 & 482 coming out of the last corner almost 3 wide for 3rd place.

Top 3 - 151,60,161

If this meeting had been a Thursday night in July I might have expected a low turnout, but this was for the British Championships! I expected to see a decent sized grid of cars for my £12 and to be brutally honest although the racing was good, It really wasn’t the spectacle it could have been.

Race Report by: Duncan Adams

05/06/10 - Congratulations


Congratulations to Superstox driver Luke Hamilton #58, who got married today to Emma Cox in Reading.  Superstox.org.uk would like to wish them both our Best wishes and hope that they enjoy many happy years of Marriage together.


30/05/10 - Aldershot Meeting report

With 36 cars booked in to race the races were run as 2/3rds heats.  Despite the heavy rain on Saturday, Sunday was dry and later in the day it warmed up.  A new Driver making his debut today was Simon Wright #15 from Eversley, racing Dave Miles Jnr's Elite.

Heat 1 - 24 Cars

515 took up the early lead ahead of 15, 242, 58 and 540. 393 got pushed from pack behind, into 7, and both hit the wall on the top bend. 58 put the bumper in on 15 on lap 7 to go 2nd.  58 passed 515 to take up the lead on lap 9 but 515 was not giving up the lead that easily an came back at 58 with the bumper at the top bend. 15 took up the lead on lap 10 ahead of 369 and 58.  58 used the bumper on 369 which spun him sideways, and allowed 59 past in 2nd place.  After 12 laps the top 5 positions were 15, 59, 369, 58 and 540.  59 used the bumper on 15 and took over the lead on lap 14 while behind 369 spun out 15 as they crossed the line.  With 5 laps to go 59 was leading 369, 58, 51 and 376.  51 got past 58 to take up 3rd place on lap 16, then on lap 18 got past 369 to go up to 2nd place.  59 crossed the line to take his 3rd win of the year ahead of 51 and 369.

Heat 2 - 20 cars

15 took up the early lead, and was then passed by 403, with 515 getting passed down inside but spun off onto infield.  176 used the bumper on 403 and took up the lead on lap 5.  403 came back at 176 and retook the lead on lap 6, with both drivers having a good race for lead.  58 and 707 were watching from behind and joined in, with all 4 coming out of turn 2, 4 abreast for the lead. As they went into turn 3 176 used the bumper on 58 and 707 came out of turn 4 in the lead on lap 7, ahead of 176,  58, 383, 403 and 151. 151 passed 403 on lap 8 to take  5th, while 15 spun coming out of turn 3 but managed to keep going.   176 stuck with 707 and retook over the lead again on lap 12 with 151 now 3rd, followed by 58, 403 and 59.  59 used the bumper on 403 on lap 13, but sent himself wide which allowed 602 past up to 6th.  Back upfront 176 was still leading and was managing to hold off 151 for the lead.  On lap 17 151 lined up 176 and used the bumper to take over the lead.  151 went on to take his first win of the year ahead of 176 and 707.

Heat 3 - 21 Cars

403 took up the lead on lap 1 ahead of 383 and 242. 383 took over the lead on lap 2 but 403 came back at him with the bumper on the top bend on lap 4 to re take the lead.  383 got it sideways coming out of turn 3 and down the back straight and spun out onto the infield.  this promoted 242 up to 2nd and 176 3rd ahead of 53, 369 and 124.  151 spun 393 on lap 5 on the top bend and 490 and 707 were in locked horns down the back straight.  both got going again but 707 was not finished and launched his car at 490 going into pit bend and spun himself out.  511 rejoined the track right in front of the leader 403 and then took him out on lap 11.  This allowed 176 to take up the lead on lap 12 ahead of 403, 242, 124 and 482.  124 spun out on lap 16 on the top bend and got hit by 51, which brought out the waved yellows.  With just 3 laps to go at the restart 176 was leading 403, 482, 151 and 60.  482 used the bumper on 403 to take up 2nd on lap 17 with 151 now 3rd and 60 now 4th.  It was looking like 482 was going to make his move on the final lap, but 176 done well to hold off the challenge of 482 and went on to take his 2nd win at Aldershot this year with 60 coming home in 3rd.

Final (Clutch start) - 29 Cars

515 was slow getting away on the clutch start, and 403 took up the lead ahead of 242 and 515.  511, 58 and 57 all ended up in the wall on the top bend and 511 was hit hard by 40.  With 511 and 40 tangled up on the top bend this brought out the red flags for a complete restart.

At the restart 515 got away better this time, and took up the early lead ahead of 403 and 242.  707 went over the wheels of 242 and nearly rolled over, and then got past 403 on lap 3 to go into 2nd place when the waved yellows came out.

The top ten positions at the restart were 515, 707, 403, 124, 123, 17, 53, 59 and 58.  707 used the bumper on 515 to take over the lead on lap 4, only for 403 to coming flying into the bend with the bumper on 707 with the latter spinning out wide. 124 then done the same to 403 on the top bend.  124 was now leading on lap 5 ahead of 123, 17, 403 and 707. 123 was next to take over the lead on lap 7.  It was now the father and son locked in battle for the lead with both using hard but fair hits on each other, at each end of the track.  124 regained the lead again on lap 10 for 1 lap only for 123 to once gain take it back on lap 11 from his father who dropped down to 5th place.  17 was now up to 3rd ahead of 60 and 482. 490 spun 176 and 60 put the bumper in on 123 and sent him into the wall on the pit bend.  60 was now leading on lap 13 ahead of 51, 124 (now back up to 3rd) 59 and 123.  59 was next to put 123 wide on the pit bend as they battled for 4th place.  482 went over 95's  wheel and nearly rolled over on lap 15.  176 spun and was left facing the oncoming traffic on the back straight and was very lucky not to get hit before the yellow flags came out on lap 18.  The top ten at this point were 60, 51, 124, 59, 21, 403,  376, 17, 123 and 482.

When the green flag dropped again there were just 5 laps to go.  51 put the bumper in on 60 on lap 20 which also allowed 124 and 59 past.  60 got back past 59 on the same lap and so did 376.  482 was next to use the bumper on 59 to take 5th place but 59 came back at him on the pit bend and sent him wide, with 59 slowing up and dropping down to 9th place.  The battle for 4th place was now on between 376 and 482.  While all this was going on, back upfront 51 took his first win of 2010 in his smart new HCD Superstox ahead of 60 and 124.

Race Report by: Lee Fear

29/05/10 - 2010 Drivers List

Spedeworth have kindly provided an to date drivers list for 2010.  One point of interest is that former Superstox driver Steve Collison #410 has taken out a Superstox License.

20/05/10 - News and Pictures from Ipswich

Superstox.org.uk were not present at last Saturday's meeting at Ipswich, which is unfortunate as it seems we missed a good meeting?  If you were not present or you want to read some of the review or see some pictures. please click on the various links below:

Lee Mahor's blog on Superstox.co.uk

Kevin Wegg's Meeting Report on Spedeworth.co.uk

Lee Mahor's Pictures 15/05/10 on Superstox.co.uk

Clive marchant's Gridart Pictures 15/05/10

26/04/10 - Picture Gallery update

Pictures have now been uploaded to the 2010 Picture Gallery from Arlington (05/04), Aldershot (11/04) and 2 lots from Ipswich (24/04).

24/04/10 - Biggest field of the year at Ipswich

The biggest field of 39 Superstox drivers in 2010 turned up to do battle at Ipswich Stadium tonight.  The main focus in the pits before the meeting, was the very smart new car of former Double F2 World Champion Daz Kitson #732.  Slightly overshadowed by Daz's car was Dave Miles Snr's new home built car.  Dave going for a similar look to his last home built car but this time with a new colour scheme.

When the meeting was opened a bit of a show was made for Daz Kitson's entrance onto the track, and then he done a lap of the track waving to the crowd.  For those that did not know, the commentator introduced Daz as the former Brisca F2 Double World Champion, that could be the first to make history,  by becoming the only person to win both World Championships and also in the 50th year of the World Championship.

Heat 1 - 39 cars

242 was the only white top and the early leader, while at the back of the grid 36 and 161 both spun out on the back straight.  59 and 454 collided on the home straight, with 59 left stranded lengthways across the track which led to a big pile up and the track blocked.  This brought out the red flags and a complete restart.

Out of the restart were 36, 59, 369, 23, 233, 161, 515.  242 was once again the early leader, with 393 soon getting past for the lead, then 53 put the bumper in on 393 to take lead.  57 hit fence hard on the turnstile bend and 482 and 707 both went in the wall on the scoreboard bend. 393 spun 53 out over the start line and re took the lead, with 53 rejoining the track and spun out again on the turnstile bend.  21 passed 532 to go up to 2nd place with 532 3rd.  21 then caught and put the bumper in on 393 to take up lead, but behind him 532 and 393 both tangled with each up other and ended up hitting the wall on turn 2.  The top 5 at this point were 21, 391, 51, 376 and 176.  125 pulled off with engines problems and steam coming out from under the bonnet, and 151 put 95 in the wall on turn 2.  Back upfront 391 had now taken over the lead ahead of 51, 376, 21 and 416.  391 went on to take the win ahead of 51 and 376.

Heat 2

(Picture Courtesy of  Clive Marchant @ Gridart)
151 and 5 both pulled up on the centre green and did not start heat 2.  When the green flag dropped 732, 7, 161, 69 and 23 all tangled with each other on the first lap.  279 spun on turn 4 and got collected by 59.  59 got going again and a lap or so later got put into 612 by 707, with both 612 and 59 both tangled up together and in the wall on the scoreboard bend.  391 retired to the infield and 393 once again took up the lead ahead of 53 and 532.  Further down the field 22 put the bumper in hard on 482 going into the scoreboard bend and 732 also put the bumper in hard on 7.  53 and 279 both spun out on the scoreboard bend, 532 hit the parked car 57 on turn 2, and 23 slowed up on the scoreboard bend with no steering.  Back upfront with 3 laps to go 393 was still leading 21 and 376.  732 decided to have a play with 451 as the leaders came passed, which held up 393 in the lead.  393 put the bumper in on 732 going into turn 4, but 732 appeared to be on the brakes which allowed 21 to close right in on 393 and take the lead with 1 lap to go. 21 crossed the line to continue his winning streak ahead of 376 in 2nd and 393 3rd.

Final - clutch start

With no white tops, 58 took up the early lead from 393 and 53.  279 almost rolled over 532 and came back onto the racing line and was collected by 369.  With the front bumper on the track this brought out the yellow flags.

The top 5 at the restart were 58, 393, 124, 22 and 21.  124 put the bumper in on 393 and got past for 2nd but 393 got better traction down the inside and re took 2nd with 22 now 3rd and 124 4th.  732 spun out 59 and 21 put the bumper in on 124 to take 4th place.  Upfront 22 pushed 58 wide to take up the lead and 58 slotted back in neatly behind 22 in 2nd.  376 hit 5 and spun him around and this allowed 60 to close in behind him.  Back upfront 22 was leading 58 with 51 getting past 21 followed by 391, 376 and 60.  391 was on a charge and fired 59 into wall, while 51 had to use the bumper twice on 58 to take 2nd place with 5 laps to go.  22 was still leading by half a straight to 51, while behind the race was on, with 58 in 3rd and behind him 391 put the bumper in on 21 to go 4th.  60 the used the bumper to move 391 offline, but 391 was not giving up and both 60 and 391 raced side by side for a lap or 2.  60 eventually got in front but 391 put the bumper in on 60, who then hit and spun 58 out of the race.  60 gained 3rd place and 391 was now 4th.  While the race was going on for 3rd 22 crossed the line to win his first final since his return to racing ahead of 51 and 60 in 3rd.

Race Report by: Lee Fear

19/04/10 - Superstox English Championship Race report

English Championship 25 laps

The grid was draw before the race and Gary Hewish drew pole position #383, with Matt Sole #490 alongside:

490 233 376 69 58 60 540 416 21 279 17 161
383 51 176 22 393 266 7 482 454 59 95 23

When the green flag dropped 393 was slow getting away and got onto the infield and 176 pushed 383 going into the pit bend.  Everyone made it around the first bend and after 1 lap 51 took up the early lead ahead of 22, 490, 69, 60 and 416.  482 nearly rolls over 17 on turn 4 and 376 was up to 5th  place on lap 3 but then lost the place to 60 again on the following lap.  After 5 laps the top 6 positions were 51, 22, 69, 416, 60,  376.  22 got past 51 down the back straight to take up the lead on lap 7, and 51 dropped 4 places, 69 was now 2nd and 416 3rd.  22 only led the race for 1 lap and then retired on lap 7 and handed the lead to a very fast 416 ahead of 51 (now back up to 2nd) 60, 376, 69, 21, 59 and 17.  21 got past 69 on lap 9 and 69 came back hard on 21 with bumper on turn 1.  Back upfront on lap 10, 416 was on a mission and starting to pull away by half straight to 60 (now 2nd) and 51, then another gap was developing to 376 in 4th.  59 and 17 pass 69 on lap 13. 7 clipped the marker tyres on the pit bend and nearly rolled over and 279 also had a blow up.  17 got past 21 on lap 19 for 5th place. With 5 laps to go the top 5 were still 416, 60, 51, 376 and 17.  60 was very slightly catching 416, but with only 5 laps to go was there enough time?  69 retired from 8th place.  416 held onto the lead and crossed the line to win the English Championship back to back.  60 was 2nd and 51 3rd.

Heat 1

(Picture Courtesy of  Clive Marchant @ Gridart)
161 spun out by pit bend on the opening lap and after 1 lap 490 took up the lead ahead of 532, 58, 21 and 393.  393 put the bumper in on 369 who hit 58 with the latter hitting the wall on pit bend.  532 took up the lead on lap 5 with 490 coming back at 532 with the bumper on the turnstile bend.  This allowed 21 past and into the lead on lap 6, 393 2nd and 396 3rd while 490 and 532 continued their battle in 4th and 5th. 532 then got tangled up with 540 on the following lap with put them both out of the running, but did manage to get un tangled.  532 then managed to find 490 once again on track and spun him out only to be collected by 23 and 17.  Back up front 21 was still leading while behind the back marking 176 was catching 393 and put the bumper in to un lap himself.  This allowed 416 and 376 to close the gap on 393.  On lap 17 416 got past 393 but 376 made a cleaver move and put the bumper in on 393 who also hit 416 offline.  This promoted 376 up to 2nd with 2 laps to go with 416 3rd.  515 came to a stop in the middle of the back straight in the closing stages which brought out the  red flags and the result was declared with 21 taking the win ahead of 376 and 416.

Heat 2

59 spun out on the first lap on the pit bend and was collected by 454 and 369.  After 2 laps were gone 490 took up the lead ahead of 393, 532, 176 and 266. 376 had a rear wheel guard rubbing on his wheel which was smoking. 393 put the bumper in on 490 on the turnstile bend to take up lead on lap 6.  176 put the bumper in on 532 to take 3rd place on lap 9, and then was soon up to 2nd as he past 490 a lap later.  532 and 490 continued their battle from the previous race with 490 putting 532 into the #7 car on the top bend.  Back upfront 393 was still leading 176 with a gap to 540 in 3rd then 21, 490 and 60.  By lap 17  176 was now right with 393 and put the bumper in going into the turnstile bend to take up the lead. 59 possibly hit the tyres as he went air born and then wall on turn 2.  176 went on to take his first win in Superstox followed by 393 in 2nd and 21 3rd.

Race Report by: Lee Fear

14/04/10 - New Superstox Technical Website and Forum

Lee Maher has recently launched a combined (and complimentary!) Superstox website and forum that sets out to cover the technical aspects of the sport.  This is really good news as it’s something we had planned to cover on this site, but just not had the time to get around to doing.  It’s still early days yet, but the more support it gains, the better it will become.  The site can be found at http://www.superstox.co.uk (or the picture above)..

Since my initial contact with Lee, we’ve exchanged emails, talked on the phone, and met up frequently at meetings.  Lee has shared his views with me, so I thought why not share some of them with our visitors (with his kind permission).  Lee’s love for Superstox goes back to the late 60’s and here are his past reflections and present views on our formula:

“My entire family used to meet every Saturday night on the terraces at Wimbledon Stadium to watch the racing during what has now been described as ‘The Golden Years’.  Back then, with the lesser numbers of formulas involved, you’d get to see your favorite drivers quite regularly, usually twice a month.  For me there were only ever two formulas that sustained my regular interest, Superstox for contact and Hot Rods for non-contact.  When I first attended, I initially supported Tony May (364) during the tussles he had with the likes of the Sweeney brothers, Derek Fiske, Derek Warwick and Dave Pierce to name but a few.  I watched Superstox racing throughout the late Sixties right up to the late Eighties when an increase in emerging ‘less interesting’ formulas curbed my overall attention.  I began to choose my meetings far more carefully and ultimately this resulted in me giving-up entirely!

My return to oval racing came about during 2008, whilst I was taking my son around the various Motorsport venues available to us in the South East of England. After a brief observation of circuit racing and rally-crossing, I decided the next venture I would take him to was the all-new Aldershot Stadium to watch the Superstox English Championship.  The main reason was to educate him about the key differences between circuit and oval racing.  Once the racing began, I soon realised I was captivated by the sights and sounds all over again (but hadn’t this trip been primarily for the entertainment and education of my son?).  So this single meeting kick-started the passion all over again! Even the theme tune (Formula II March) was still being played before proceedings!

On reflection, I think possibly the greatest change I’ve witnessed on the track since returning to the sport is the increase in the number of professionally constructed cars. There were people doing it way back then (Jim Davey springs to mind), but by far the vast majority of cars were home-built.  The racing is just as competitive as ever and a tad more aggressive!  It’s funny that as a non-participating spectator in bygone days, I would long for those crashes that put a car through the safety fence, but since buying one for myself with the view to racing this year, I now see it from the completely different viewpoint!  I’ve become very aware of the cost implications brought about by such misfortunes and cringe when you see heavily damaged cars leaving the track!  It’s certainly not a cheap sport nowadays!  The other major change I’ve noticed is how Health & Safety has really impacted the sport. Track officials suspend racing far more frequently today when an event happens. This is clearly good news for the drivers and ensures that urgent attention is bestowed upon them when it’s needed – not like the good olde days when drivers were left in limbo in all but the really bad crashes and had to either make their own way to safety or had to sit it out until the end of the race.  Some of the situations I saw back then just wouldn’t be tolerated today.  But having said that, you often saw individual drivers take the initiative and halt racing to park-up behind another driver’s car to offer him some level of protection when a car became stuck in a vulnerable track position.

On visiting my old stomping ground Wimbledon, I have to say it is a crying shame to see the demise of the large crowds (has this occurred because the racing moved to Sunday nights)?  I suppose they still seem to show up for the big events.  However, from a spectator’s point of view, the high fencing on the bends eliminates the once superb views across the dog track, and the scoreboard is only really visible from the main Grandstand. Indoor/outdoor seating has also disappeared (where have all the booths gone from the terraces?).  Generally, I am saddened to see the Stadium in such a poor state of repair compared to years ago, although I believe there are efforts underway to vamp-up the Grandstand.

On a positive note, the atmosphere both on and around the track hasn’t changed and there are still some great characters out there racing and entertaining us, and a few drivers I can remember from my previous dalliance!  With Superstox racing celebrating a new high in its fiftieth year, you can guarantee I’ll be there supporting it for years to come!  There have been some really marvelous people involved in this sport during its long history.

However, there are still three things I’d love to see make a welcome return to complete my regular oval racing experience.  Bring back the Grand Parade and all its showmanship.  I don’t care how long it takes to organise, it allowed the paying public to meet the drivers; bring back the glorious sounds of the air horn, and finally lets have the smell of Castrol R40 filling our nostrils again – mineral oils just don’t rub it! – nuff said, happy racing and please support the website!”

Many thanks to Lee for sharing his view and Best of luck with the new site at we look forward to working together.

14/04/10 - An insight into the Superstox hire car

Former Superstox driver Ray Worley was recently the first person to take up the off of driver the Matt Roach Racing Superstox Hire car.  Superstox.org.uk recently caught up with Ray after the event and asked, why he decided to have another go in the Superstox. Why he went for #999 rather than his former #20 race number.  What he thought of the hire car and any other observations on the racing from when he last raced. Finally the key question, was this a one off, or will he race the hire car again, or buy his own?  The following is all in Ray's words:

Alan Mickel once told me that racing drivers never give up……. they just stop for a while, well Alan was definitely correct. I have continued to race, mostly karts and some track days, since my last Superstox outing. I still have both of my Tiger kit cars, although the red one no longer has a Kawasaki Z9R engine....... I blew that up and so upgraded it to a Suzuki GSX1300R Hyabusa lump. Even more seriously quick!!!!

The reason that I was racing at Eastbourne was that Shaun Brooker kept sending me texts and phoning saying about the renta-superstox on the www.superstox.org.uk website. I didn’t know Matt Roach at the time but after Shaun `winding me up’ about it I decided to give Matt a call. He seemed to be a nice enough fella and we discussed the various options available. I decided to go for the £500 package where I would not have to pay for any damage should there be any as opposed to the £250 package where you are responsible for paying for any damage to be repaired. (This is a bit of a `no brainer’ to me as the cost of putting it back together after a shunt could very well cost more than the additional £250.)

I have always liked racing at Eastbourne on the Easter Monday and decided that was where I’d get the most fun. Once Matt and I had discussed the package he sorted everything out with Spedeworth so that I would be able to just turn up and fill out a temporary license form. Spedeworth would allow me to have a temporary race license if I raced under #999 but I would have to start right at the back, but to have my old racing number (#20) I would have to obtain a yearly license. My plan was for this to be a one off and so I was happy to start at the back with #999. I wanted to see if I still had `it’.

Matt and I arranged a visit to his workshop so that I could have the seat fitted in the correct position. He even made me a cup of tea when I was there. I looked over the car and it seemed good which pleased me. I did expect it to be a bit of an old dog for a renta-car. Letting a total stranger loose in a decent race car is a very brave thing to do, but I guess if the car isn’t competitive then you’ll likely sustain more damage by being a mobile chicane.

The day of the meeting arrived, and so my wife Nina, my daughter Jude and I, drove to the track, stopping on the way for a Little Chef breakfast. Delicious. We got to the track at about 11:00 and spent some time with Matt and his crew chatting, drinking tea and generally kicking tyres and reminiscing about the old days. They all kept asking me if I was scared but to be honest I didn’t feel that I had anything to worry about. It was only for a bit of fun. When practise got under way I went out to an extremely dusty track. I could feel, though, that the car was every bit as good as I’d thought and more. It is a fantastic car, well set up and handles like a dream. I went out for a second practice and decided that I didn’t need to do a thing to the car. Of course Matt filled up the petrol and checked the wheel nuts, but that was it, ready to race.

I had two very good heats. There was so much carnage going on all around me but I managed to keep it clean and stay out of danger, bringing the car home unscathed both times. As I wasn’t racing for points, I had decided beforehand to try to get the most out of the experience and not get in anyone’s way and spoil their race. In reality, I didn’t really need to get out of many people’s way as I was quite fast.

The 8th placing that I achieved in the final was the icing on the cake to what was a very enjoyable racing experience. Matt Roach, his family and friends (Gary Hewish #383 and family), made it a fantastic day that was worth every penny. I would thoroughly recommend having a go to anyone who has a notion to have a go in a Superstox. It means that you can race without having to buy a car, trailer and tow car. So you can do it without making the full commitment.

Now the question about whether I’ll be doing it all again....... Well originally I had planned for it to be a one off and as I have said to Matt, “The car won’t always come back whole”, but........ Well we’ll see. I won’t say never (unless Nina is in ear shot haha). I think that maybe two or three meetings a year, along with my karting fun, might be enough of a racing fix. Of course if someone sponsored me.......

Many thanks to Ray for proving this insight into the Matt Roach Racing Superstox Hire car and proving the picture.  We are glad that you enjoyed the experience.

13/04/10 - Former F2 World champion converts to Superstox

Former double Brisca F2 World Champion Daz Kitson #732, has decided its time to try something different and has taken out a Spedeworth Superstox Licence.  Daz is the man behind the DK Technology cars (as raced by Jonathan Field #391) and has built himself a new car to SX Spec complete with a Lyndale engine.  Daz told Superstox.org.uk, "My Superstox Debut will be at Ipswich on 24th April.  The car is ready to go, and is just waiting to be sign written by Dan Klynn, then its off to Northampton next week for Testing".

When asked why the Switch, do you want to try and be the first driver to have won both Superstox and F2 World Championships? Daz replied, "No, this never occurred to me, I just want to try something different.  I did consider Stock Cars but have so much gear it did not make sense.  So I thought I would try Superstox, and race on some new tracks that I have never raced on before.  I must admit I'm really looking forward to the change".  To top all this he told us that former Superstox and F2 driver Neal Smith will be mechanic for him at Ipswich on the 24th.

One Spedeworth track Daz has raced on before is Ipswich in October 2006 (see picture on the left).  The winner of the 2006 World championship (Steven Jackson #376) was invited to a match race with an F2, which was driven by Daz Kitson.  It was aimed at promoting the Spedeworth Superstox v Brisca F2 Match race that was taking place later in that year at Northampton.

Despite Daz living in Wisbech, and it being a former Spedeworth track, Daz has never raced a  Spedeworth Superstox before.  Daz told us, "I started out in Outlaw Superstox before moving onto F2's, so I have never raced a Spedeworth Superstox before".  Once in F2's Daz went on to win the Brisca F2 World Championship back to back in 2000 and 2001.

Superstox.org.uk would like to welcome Daz to Spedeworth Superstox and would like to wish him the best of luck.

11/04/10 - English Championship

Congratulations to Mark Smith #416 on winning the English Championship back to back (2009 - Yarmouth and 2010 - Aldershot).

09/04/10 - English Championship New cars

The Superstox return to Aldershot for the first time in 2010, and will be racing for the English Championship.  Mark Smith #416 is the defending Champion, and is booked in to defend his title.

Three new cars are also expected to make their debut at Aldershot on Sunday:

 #51 Colin Aylward (HCD)
 #58 Luke Hamilton (Homebuilt with Higman Roll cage)
#124 Dave Miles Jnr (Homebuilt)

09/04/10 - Aylward Jr. Debut

Back in January we reported on new drivers coming into Superstox.  One we failed to mention was Jordan Aylward, son of Colin.  Jordan only started racing in Ministox in 2008 at the age of 15, and won his first race on his first meeting at Yarmouth.  Jordan went on to win races at nearly every track he visited apart from Wimbledon and Eastbourne.  He made a big impact in Ministox in a short time and jumped up the grades very quickly before he was 16, and was forced to retire from the formula due to his age.

Jordan is now going to add Superstox to his racing CV and join his Dad Colin along with several other Father and Son racers in the formula such as the Hamilton's, Hughes, Miles and Smith's.  As you would imagine, Jordan has acquired a HCD Superstox, that of former racer Tony Plummer #181(on left).  Jordan was able to buy his car with sponsorship from Ex Superstox driver Jason Fitch #91, and Corin Burr of Bamboo Revenue.

Jordan will be testing the car tomorrow and as long as the car stays in one piece he will be racing at the English Championship on Sunday at Aldershot.  What is interesting is Colin also made his debut at the English Championship in 1998 at Rye House in Tim Coles Superstox.  Family friend Tim Cole is actually Jordan's God father, so Jordan was hoping to race under Tim's old race number of 511 but unfortunately it was not to be, as Keith Miller took out a Superstox licence before Jordan and claimed the number.  Instead Jordan settled with #515, but if you look closely at the picture or on Sunday you will notice that he has got it on the car as 51.5 (51 and a half).

Jordan has also received help from the following sponsors, and would like to take the opportunity to thank the following:

Graeme Cooper
Jason Cooper
Dan Klyn Signs
Ferry Joris
Ronald Claes
Geoff Bridges
Mark Smith
Paul Freeman
Crowland Auto Bodies
SP supsension
Nigel Harrold
& his Nanny!!

Superstox.org.uk would like to wish Jordan the best of luck, and hope that he enjoys his Superstox Debut (I'm sure he will).

3/04/10 - Easter Monday at Arlington

My last visit to Arlington was nearly 3 years ago but I was pleased to see the stadium still looking good.  The only downside was the very boggy car park but that was due to all the recent rain.  When the superstox went out for practice I was reminded of just how quick they are around this fast tight track and how little room there is for error.  When the Superstox return in June for Saturday night racing, providing the drivers turn up, I think we should be in for some good racing.  Back to Monday’s meeting and there was a name from the past booked in to race, Ray Worley racing under the #999 rather than his old number of #20.  Ray hired the Matt Roach racing car for the day.  Also making his debut was another former lightning Rod driver, #280 Alfie Smith.

Heat 1 - 22 Cars - Dry Track

With no white tops, 393 was first away from 532 and 57.  17 put the bumper in on 376 resulting in 17 hitting the wall on the Halsham bend and got collected by 22.  22 got going again but then spun on turn 1 and was stuck half on the track. 151 and 7 retired to the infield.  Back upfront 393 and 532 had now pulled out a gap ahead of 57 in 3rd. 376 retired on lap 4 with a broken rear wheel guard, and 59 was now up to 4th place.  393 now started to catch the back markers and this allowed 532 to close in and put the bumper in and take the lead on lap 12 with 393 now 2nd.  532 then got caught up with the back marking 280, but still managed to hold onto the lead.  On lap 16 60 got past 59 and was now up to 4th place with 59 5th.  On lap 17 whilst leading, 532 spun out on back straight with a flat tyre, which brought out the yellow flags.  The positions on the restart were 393, 57, 60, 123, 59, 21 and 176.  When the green flag dropped there was just 2 laps to go.  57 let 60 past for 2nd place.  With just 1 lap to go 393 retired from the lead with a broken throttle cable, which handed the win to 60 ahead of 123 in 2nd and 57 3rd.

Heat 2 - 21 Cars - Dry track

Missing from heat 2 was 125.  57 took up the lead ahead of 532 and 393.  At the back 376 put the bumper in on 60 going into scoreboard bend.  On lap 2 393 past 532 to take up 2nd with 21 now in 4th place.  On lap 3 540, 17, 376 and 7 all collided and spun out onto the speedway track on back straight, with 540 left with a broken rear axle.  280 and 454 were also out on scoreboard bend.  376 Once again retired to the infield.  393 took up the lead on Lap 6 ahead of 57, 21 59 and 532.   59 got past 532 on lap 7.  By lap 12 the top 4 were more than length of straight over 123 in 5th place.  On lap 16, 21 started to use the bumper on 57 who hit 280, but 57 still held onto 2nd place.  This then allowed 59 to put the bumper in on 21 on the pit bend, and 57 and 21 both spun out onto speedway track, promoting 59 up to 2nd place, with 21 recovering in 3rd and 123 up to 4th (and closing in on 21).  Back upfront 393 took the win ahead of 59 and 21.

Final - 19 Cars - Dry track

(Picture Courtesy of  Clive Marchant @ Gridart)
22 pulled off the track before the start of the race and 17 was missing from the starting grid.  The clutch start final was lead away by 57 ahead of 532, 393 and 21. 540 and 176 both got tangled up together and 59 put the bumper in on 454 for 5th place.  376 was coming up the field very fast and using the bumper to good effect.  393 took over the lead on lap 5 and 21 and 59 both got past 57 and 532, and 376 was already up to 6th place.  454 and 7 both ended up in the wall on the scoreboard bend.  21 was going well and closing in on 393 while 532, 376 and 123 in 5th 6th and 7th, were racing around nose to tail.  393 went wide going into the Halsham bend on lap 11, got onto the marbles and spun, which handed the lead to 21 ahead of 376 and 59.  The yellow flags came out for 393 and the top 8 were 21, 376, 59, 123, 60, 57, 532 and 707.  When the green flag dropped 60 put the bumper in on 59, who then slowed up and retired.  60 clearly wanted to catch 376 and was on a mission, as he pushed 123 all the way down the home straight on lap 20.  Now with just 5 laps to go the top 4 were 21, 376, 60 and 123.  There was also a battle going on for 5th place on lap 23 with 707 using the bumper on 57, and then 369 sent 707 into the wall, which promoted 532 from 8th to 5th. Back with the top 3 60 was gradually catching 376 and second place was looking possible?  707 continued to race with his rear wheel guard rubbing on tyre and smoking, following his visit into the wall.  On the last lap 60 tried a last bend lunge on 376 but was not close enough.  21 held it all together well following the restart and took the win with 376 coming home in 2nd and 60 3rd.

Race Report by: Lee Fear

29/03/10 - Hamilton win London Championship

Heat 1 27 cars (Dry Race)

#242 Sam Stacey was back racing with his car now painted white and smartly sign written.  #396 Paul Langridge, who last year raced at RTS was making his Wimbledon debut and opted to start from the back.

242 The sole white top was first away ahead of 57 while behind 490 pushed 532 into 393, only for 532 to come back at 490 for 3rd. 57 took up the lead on lap 4 ahead of 242 and 532.  59 was looking quick and was up to 3rd place on lap 5.  21 put the bumper in on 490 on lap 8 to take 3rd place and sent 490 wide and into 242.  416 was the top superstar driver and was up to 7th place at the halfway point of the race.  59 took up the lead on 12 ahead of 57 and 21.  21 was now close behind 59 with 5 laps to go while behind these it was 57, 490, 393, 532, 416 and 60. 416 slowed up and lost his 6th place on lap 16.  Back upfront 59 was now starting to pull away from 21 by half a straight.  490 clipped the marker tyres on lap 17 and nearly rolled over and then came back onto the track and got collected by 376, resulting in 490 rolling over and the red flags coming out.  With just 2 laps to go, the result was declared with 59 taking the win ahead of 21 in 2nd and 57 3rd.

Heat 2 26 cars (Dry Race)

#490 was the only car missing from heat 2 following his roll over in heat 1.

242 once again took up the lead; while behind 57 put the bumper in hard on 393.  532 got past them both to go 2nd on lap 2. 59 then put the bumper in on 393 on lap 5, who collided with 57 with the latter, clipping the fence by the pit gate. Back upfront, 532 was leading 59, 242, 22, 21, 393, 376 and 69.  59 took up the lead for a brief moment on lap 8, but a moment later 22 who was looking quick took over the lead.  The top 5 now were 22, 59, 532, 21 and 376.  376 put the bumper in on 21 on lap 10 and 21 returned it on the next bend, resulting in 376 clipping the marker tyres and ending up in the fence on the scoreboard bend. 59 also spun out on lap 12 losing 5th place.  Now with just 5 laps to go 22 was leading 60, 532, 393 and 482. In the closing stages 176 spun in front of 60 and 57 spun in front of 482.  22 took the win ahead of 60 in 2nd and 532 3rd.

Final 23 cars (Wet Race)

#274, #454 and #151 were also missing from the final.  With the track now very wet, the race was declared a wet race, and this resulted in drivers being allowed to use new tyres as per the new tyre rule.  Whilst most cars were waiting on the grid several of the top drivers were putting on new tyres in the pits.

242 once again took up the early lead until 532 took over on lap 2.  59 was looking very comfortable in the wet conditions and took over the lead on lap 5, followed by 532, 393, 21 and 176.  On lap 8, 69 was making the best progress of the top drivers and was up to 6th place and 21 got past both 532 and 393 to take 2nd  ahead of 532 now in 3rd.  On lap 10, 393 got past 532 for 3rd place and 69 was up to 5th but then 279 spun in front of him, which forced him wide and just missed the fence, and resulted in him dropping back down to 9th place.  416 took up 5th place on lap 11 and now had 482 close behind.  416 was up to 4th on lap 14.  On lap 17 the positions were 59, 21, 416, 482 and 393.  By lap 20 59 was leading by a length of a straight, but all eyes were on 2nd place with 416 and 482 now closing in on 21 for 2nd place.  On lap 23 482 got past both 416 and 21 on the pit bend to take 2nd place, but 416 was not giving up the place that easy.  416 put the bumper in on 21 on the scoreboard bend, who then hit 482 and put then both in the fence, however 416 also spun and ended up in the fence as well.  This took 2nd, 3rd and 4th out of the race, and promoted 69 from 5th place back up to 2nd  and 393 from 6th to 3rd with just 2 laps to go.  Back upfront 59 had the race under control with almost half a lap lead, but then a pile up occurred right in front of him as he exited turn 4 on his last lap.  59 kept the power down and weaved around the cars to cross the line to take the win ahead of 69 in 2nd and 393 in 3rd.  An interesting point here is that the top 3 drivers have all had their most successful wins to date at Wimbledon. #59 Best in Britain in 2007, #69 World Championship in 2007 and #393 Best in Britain in 1998.

Race Report by: Lee Fear

21/03/10 - Marjoram wins East Anglian Championship

Congratulations to Ben Marjoram who scored a hattrick and won the East Anglian Championship tonight at Yarmouth.

07/03/10 - Yarmouth Opener

Many thanks to Duncan Adams for kindly sending in the following report from the opening meeting of 2010 at Yarmouth.

There were 22 cars in the pits but 114 stayed there all night with a sick engine and 167 James Meadows was just practicing as he isn’t quite old enough to race yet. The new 376 car stayed on the trailer, with Jacko preferring the tried and very well tested older car for the Yarmouth track. All cars were weighed prior to racing to meet the new 52% rule.

Heat 1

707 started at the back as it was his first visit to Yarmouth, the ex Standlake driver showing off a very tidy new car. 490 & 426 were removed from the grid for having no neck brace! Health and Safety were visiting the track, presumably because of the tragic accident during the earlier practice session to Dave Kemp the marshal who was hit by a ministox. I have no other information on this. After a while they were returned to their starting positions.

No white graders meant 490 Matt Soul, was first into the Caister bend. At the back 60 pushed 69 wide to take the position and 414 hit the pit bend fence hard.  17 spun 511 Keith Miller, to the infield very tidily. Lap 5 saw 161 pass 176, and 376 then passed  161 with 60 following. On lap 6, 426 pushed 490 wide to take the lead, 490 then hit the fence hard going into the pit bend. 21 was second with 376 already 3rd. 23 hit the back fence causing a yellow and on the restart the order was 426, 21, 376, 60, 383, 482, 69, 7. 376 soon took the lead with 60 & 482 following, but 482 found out why 3 wide at Yarmouth is a bad idea as he hit the fence hard in front of the grandstand! Another restart saw 376 keep the lead all the way to the flag. Only 12 finished! With lots of repairs needed for several cars before heat 2. Result: 376, 60, 69, 161, 7,  17, 233, 383, 21, 176

376 did the fastest lap with 14.209

Heat 2

490 had extensive rear axle damage and after his visit to the fence at Wimbledon last time, will be developing a healthy fear of post and wire ;) 414 was also missing from heat 2 with a broken front hub and no replacement.  279 led the way being the only yellow grader left from 426. 376 was really carving through the blues and on lap 5 the order was 279, 21, 426, 376 with 17 in the caister bend fence. 21 briefly took the lead on lap 7 before 376 came through like a train. 426 retook 2nd followed by 21, 161, 60, 482 & 69. 60 passed 161 cleanly with 5 laps to go. 426 tangled with 279 on the pit bend, running over his bonnet, and  snapping the distributor from 279. 60 passed 21 & 426 to finish 2nd. Result: 376, 60, 426, 482, 21, 161, 69, 7, 23, 176,

376 did the fastest lap with 14.213


707 failed to make the final leaving 17 to start.  A fairly non eventful start to the race saw all cars get away cleanly, but with only a few laps gone it became very apparent that Jacko was again the quickest and after Lap 8 the order was 21, 426, 376, 7, 161, 60. 376 passed 426 on lap 10 but was half the length of a straight behind 21. 511 and 7 both retired. 60 passed 426 to take 3rd and a few laps after 376 took 21 to take a lead he would be unlikely to lose. 69 and 482 were having a good battle  in around 6th and 7th positions. With 5 to go 376 was well clear of 21 with 60 gaining on 2nd, followed by 426, 161,  69 & 482. 60 took 2nd and that is how they finished, with Jacko winning a hattrick by the length of a straight! Result: 376, 60, 21, 426, 161, 69, 482, 23, 17, 176

376 did the fastest lap again with 14.147

Race Report by: Duncan Adams

21/02/10 - Ipswich Practice Evening

Clive Marchant was on the infield with his camera last night at the Ipswich practice evening last night and kindly brings us the following news:

15 Drivers were in attendance which meant they were split into two groups. There were some very smart new cars, in particular 707 Ashley Watts & 376 Steve Jackson.
Driver to note: 167 James Meadows was out in his new car & ministox. James will move up to the formula full time in November when he becomes to old for the mini formula. This was his first time in a superstox, and brother Alex Meadows (176) was on hand to show him the way.
The stadium was very cold but thankfully dry. Extensive earth works in the pits and major changes to the speedway track made for some very muddy conditions under foot.

Clive's Pictures can be found in the picture Gallery or by clicking here

Many thanks to Clive Marchant for the news and pictures.

21/02/10 - Barraclough Banned

Jason Barraclough #314 has been issued with a 3 month ban from racing.  Jason was issued the ban as a result of a follow in on Bobby Davies Jnr #532 at Wimbledon on 24/01/10. 

17/02/10 - Winners

Following a recent request for results over the last 10 years, It prompted us to do something we had planned to do for some time.  That is to provide a list of winners over the last 10 years.  Unfortunately we only have (we believe) complete records at hand for the last 8 years as Superstox.org.uk was only created in 2001.  As a result of this we will soon be able to provide a winners list, for every year back to 2001 as well as an overall winners list for the last completed 8 seasons.

For a bit of fun during the "off season" why not guess who the top 10 Superstox winners are over the last 8 seasons.  To clarify that is last season 2008/2009 (up to the Superstox World Final 2009) back to the 2001/2002 Season.  Once you have your top 10 Drivers, try ranking them in order with rank 1 being the driver that has won the most races over the last 8 seasons.

I have also posted this topic on the Oval Racing Forum so you can share your lists with others for a bit of added fun.  To access the Forum click here.

The winners lists will be uploaded in a week or so, or sooner if someone get the top 10 in the right order.

Have fun :-)

25/01/10 - Wimbledon 24/01/10

Three new drivers turned up for tonight's meeting.  First is 490 Matt Sole (son of John Sole), superstox driver from the past.  He was racing his own car adapted to Spedeworth spec.  The other two have both been racing lightning rods.  274 Tony Gordon in the ex Darren Cornwell car.  Tony is from Hastings, so closest track will be Eastbourne.  Tony had not even turned a wheel of his car before turning up to Wimbledon.  The other lightning rod driver was 511 Keith Miller from Norwich in the ex Nick Smith car.

The other change tonight was that Glen Salmon had returned to his old racing number of 7 from 566.

Heat 1, 30 cars, 20 laps. Dry track

No white tops. Most of the red tops tangle on the bend as the race starts. The race is lead away by 532 Bobby Davis Jnr from 426 Richard Raymond, 314 Jason Baraclough and 279 Phil Proctor. 540 Brett Westbroom is the first retirement. Lap 6, 22 Mark Kelman is up to 5th place. On Lap 8, 22 makes his way up to 4th place, 376 Steven Jackson pushes 490 Matt Sole wide to take him on the inside. 69 Shaun Brooker blows his engine going into the pit bend dropping oil. 22 is the first to spin out on the oil. The yellow flags come out. 22 retires and does not restart.

On the restart we have 532 from 426, 314, 376, 40, Steve Sutch, 482, Jason Cooper, 279, 95 John Saunders, 176, Alex Meadows, 454 Dave Pike and 124 Dave Miles. 376 is up to 3rd going into pit bend. 151 Nick Smith, 490 and 17 Ryan Eaton have a coming together. A lap later 426 takes the lead from 532, 376 is still 3rd. 532 pushes 426 wide on the pit bend to take the lead back, 376 follows through to second. On the following bend 376 goes up the inside of 532 to take up the lead. 482 makes his way up to 2nd just before the yellows come out again. 7 Glen Salmon retires.

On this restart we have two backmarkers behind the control car followed by 376, 482, 426, 532, 401, 314, 95, 279, 60 Ben Marjoram, 176, 123. The two backmarkers move wide on the top bend to let the leaders through. 60 goes straight into the fence on pit bend, looked like the throttle stuck open. 40 gets caught up with 532 on the top bend. 376 and 482 are now well in the lead, 95 is up to 3rd followed by 426. With 4 laps to go 376 gets a black cross and leads from 482, a length of a straight ahead of 95, 426, 123 Dave Miles Jnr, 314, 151, 161 Billy Smith and 454. This is how it finishes 376 wins from 482 and 95.

Heat 2, 27 cars, 20 laps, Dry track

Reds tangle on start again. 490 leads after the first lap from 426, 279, 532. 426 takes up the lead at the end of lap 2. At the start of lap 3 279 takes up the lead followed by 532, 426, 490. These four are all pushing each other and swapping places, lets 22 get up to 3rd. On lap 5 532 now leads from 22, 279, 40, 490 and 454. 22 starts to pull clear of 2nd place 40, and now 3rd place 490. On lap 10, 22 still leads from 40, 490, 376 is up to 4th. 490 holds on for a lap with 376 trying to push him wide. Eventually 376 passes for 3rd place. 123 goes up to 4th. 279 gets pushed into the pit bend fence by 161, 454 and 532 get involved, 279 loses a wheel. The wheel rolls down the back straight, 376 hits it and then rolls on to the centre green. With 5 laps to go 22 still leads from 40, 376, 123, 482, 490. 482 is pushed wide by 490 but Jason holds on to 5th. As they cross the line 22 wins from 40 and 376.

Grand Final 24 cars, 25 laps, light rain, damp track

Clutch start. 176 leads away, 490 stalls on the start then pulls away before the blue come. At the end of lap 1, 176 leads from 426 and 490. 490 makes it up to 2nd as 376 pushes 161 around on the pit bend. He spins as well and is collected by 482, 60, 123 and 116. Lap 4. 490 takes up the lead from 426 and 176. 22 spins on the pit bend from 8th place. 490 still leads from 7, 426, 454, 17 and 176. 7 pushes 490 wide to take up the lead on lap 7 followed by 17, 454, 376 and 426. 116 John Smith and 511 go into pit bend fence. 7 gradually pulls away a good lead from 490. 17 makes his way passed 490 to go up to 2nd. On lap 11. 376 takes 490 for 3rd as he goes wide. 7 still leads from 376, 17, 454 and 482. On lap 18 482 takes 454 wide for 4th place. On lap 21 7 lets backmarker 161 Billy Smith through and 376 follows him through. 7 gets lead back from 376 as he goes wide with 3 laps to go. With 2 laps to go 376 gets back passed 7 on the top bend. As they cross the line 376 wins, from 7 and 17.

Race Report by: Derek Fear

22/01/10 - What does 2010 have in store?

2009 was arguably one of the best seasons for cars on track since the days of National Superstox.  When was the last time you saw 43 Superstox on track together at Wimbledon?  With 2009 being such a successful year how on earth can it get any better?

Well lets start by looking at some new drivers we know who are coming into the formula:

Matt Roach #451 is a Former RTS Superstox and F2 driver from Essex who is hoping to make his debut in March.  Matt is having a new DK car built for the job and also has a few other cars available for hire (more details coming soon).

Matt Sole #490 is another former RTS Superstox driver who's Surname name you may recognise from the past?  Matt's father John used to be a Regular Superstox driver in the South up until the early 90's racing under #267.  After racing he was then the Spedeworth Clerk of the Course for many years in the South.  Matt has converted his HCD RTS Superstox to SX spec and is hoping to make his debut this Sunday at Wimbledon.

Ashley Watts #707 joins Spedeworth from the independent Superstox at Standlake Arena where he finished 4th in the points last season.  Ashley has a new HCD that was featured at the NEC last week, and is planning to make his debut this Sunday at Wimbledon.

Several Lightning Rod drivers seem to be tempted to make the switch to Superstox in 2010.  Spedeworth Lightning Rod Driver Keith Miller #511 and former PRI driver Tony Gordon #274 will make their Superstox debuts this Sunday at Wimbledon.   There are also a further 2 Lightning Rod drivers who have recently bought Superstox.

If there are anymore drivers joining the Formula that we have missed, please let us know?

Whilst the Superstox have gained new drivers we have unfortunately also lost a few drivers at the end of the season such as Andy Collins #2, Daniel Rutterford #4 and Lisa Kerry #41.

Lets hope that 2010 is once again a very successful year and best of  luck to all the Drivers.

16/01/10 - 2010 NEC News

News from the NEC in Birmingham is there are 2 new Superstox on display this year in Birmingham.  The first is a new car for former World and points Champion Steven Jackson #376.  Steven has switched to a HCD Superstox for the 2010 season.  The other new car also a HCD belongs to Ashley Watts #707 who is new to Spedeworth in 2010, and makes the switch from the independent Superstox formula at Standlake Arena.

Pictures by Derek Fear

For more pictures of these new HCD cars please click here or visit the picture gallery page.

01/01/10 - 2010 Rules

Spedeworth have announced the following changes to Superstox rules, which will apply from 1st March 2010:

Inside Weight Rule
The left hand side maximum side weight must be 52.5% at any time - this will be weighed without the driver in the car.

Exhaust Rule
The price limit will be kept the same as 2009. Exhaust manifolds are free, but they must be positioned outside the main chassis rails on the offside of the car where the complete exhaust system must be positioned. The silencer must be of the following type: A Simpson MS500.

Chassis ironwork & rollcage
The seat must be securely fitted to the centre of the chassis and not leaning side to side & attached to the roll cage at shoulder height. And it would be recommended that any part of the rollcage around the drivers head should be padded.

4 Old tyres and 1 new tyre per meeting, except on wet meetings where it maybe the stewards decision, just because the tyre is marked it will not be classed as a second hand tyre this will be a scrutineers decision.

This is just to keep all drivers and teams informed should they already be making preparations for next year.

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