History of 619

A meeting of present and former members of the Boys' Brigade was held on Monday 28th May 1986 to discuss the possible formation of a new Masonic Lodge. There were 17 brethren present and 7 apologies were received.

Our number "619" is a special one as it refers to Hebrews Chapter 6, verse 19.             "Which hope we have an anchor of the soul both Sure and Stedfast"

The then Provincial Grand Secretary of Antrim, knowing the significance of the number to the Boys' Brigade, became aware that the warrant was available, as it had been returned to Dublin following the closure of a Lodge in Rhodesia.

The lodge was constituted on Saturday 19th March 1988 by the Provincial Grand Master of Antrim, R. W. Bro. R. L. Orr, in the presence of the M. W. the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, the R. W. Asst. Grand Master and the R. W. the Grand Secretary, and representatives from a total of 106 lodges.