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Liverpool - Soundsaroundtown

By Curtis Warren


May 5th - Zanzibar  

Jarg Rastafari - Formby’s hottest dub-metal five piece join Tenor Bag, Black Bin Liner and transgender toaster, Me-Roy/She-Roy for an evening of heavy roots n’ pan pipe moods action.


May 16th - Nation  

Chihuahua Meets Creak - Two of Merseyside’s hottest dance brands fight it out like gay Spartan warriors in a cage surrounded by dick sucking meatheads and cokehead hairdressers in Karen Millen frocks. With DJs of the calibre of DJ Spunk, The Floortwatters, Rod, Jane n’ Freddie and local heroes, The Plazzy Prix, you’re sure of a knee-knocking, cheek-biting whuppaduppa evening.


May 20th - Barfly  

The Hoops, The Harps, The Hops, The Hats, The Huts, The Hits, The Hates, The Hugs, The Hips and The Hogan-Howes play the Big H-All Dayer sponsored by Accurist and Terry’s Smack n’ Carry, Netherley.


May 27th - The Magnet  

Bubblejunk - the acid-jazz folk-funk five piece play a special intimate gig with guests The Orkney Cinematic Orkestra, DJ Doubledick and MC Pot Needle.


May 1st - May 31st - The BossTunes Big Month of Music Month  

To celebrate the Capitol Of Culture, leading promoters and industry professionals have agreed to patronise local artists and music fans with special panel events and hothouse thinkshops aimed at budding cunts of all descriptions. If you really wanna be a Massive Cunt then this is your chance to speak to some of the biggest cunts in the country.








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