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Fashion Tips

chosen by Ste Connor and John Connolly

A few bits for May, nothing really ground braking but nice none the less. I know it’s meant to be summer and all that but who wears shorts in the country? Exactly…


Stansfield Mix Up Crew Sweatshirt

This is the Mix Up Crew Neck Sweatshirt from Stansfield, shown here in a navy, yellow and grey colourway. The sweat is of a cut and sew nature and the shape is slightly oversized and square to give a slouchy and casual aesthetic. This piece looks fantastic on and is a perfect addition to a relaxed summer wardrobe.


Call Of The wild have modified Reeboks classic Nightsky sneaker into a hiking boot. Uppers are made of Leather with corduroy underlays and ankle to allow flex when wearing. The boot is fully GoreTex keeping your feet dry and allowing inner moisture to breathe through. The boot features a printed Kryptonite design by Kai And Sunny.

  • GoreTex Lined
  • Reinforced double stitching on areas of stress
  • Heavy duty lace hoops and pulls
  • Call of the Wild embroidered logo tab
  • 100 pairs worldwide

Páramo Fuera smock
Ideally combined with a Páramo Cambia base layer or Reversible Shirt for temperate days when breathability and flexibility are more important than total waterproofing. It cuts wind and deflects rain while providing excellent moisture vapour transfer. Offering maintainable water-repellency when treated with Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In. Available in Black/Grey/Blue and Green


With Awaydays due to be released, adidas are about to re-issue a few select trabs from the era. Here are a few tasters plus some that are already available that have nowt to do with Awaydays but I like them so there…


Adidas Stockholm, Dublin, London and Bamba

Re-issued around 2002, the silhouette on the London was very poor. A far cry from the sleek original. Berlin suffered the same problems and Dublin, although slightly better, were not match for the original. There was some luck with Athen and Malmo but they still let you down. Now adidas have gone back to the drawing board again and this time they look to have nailed it. Sorry I don’t have a good picture of the London, use you imagination. Also on the Awaydays release are Bamba – Samba were the ones but the Bamba used is more or less the same. No doubt the Bamba you all remember are the toffee soled numbers which were bought by people who couldn’t afford Samba










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