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Café del Lar – Primavera


No time for doubt, self-hate or gloom because the lark’s on the wing and the gorse is in bloom – here’s a couple of spring onions for ya!


Lindstrom & Prins Thomas II (Eskimo)

Quite apart from including one of the best freebie promotional gimmicks ever; an Eskimo Recordings/L&PT fir tree air freshener, this stunning long player firmly establishes Norway’s cosmic kings as masters of their art. Although there are eight ‘tracks’ listed in a typically surreal manner 01, 25, 42, 58, 68, 78, 85 and 92. Unlike L&PT’s rightly acclaimed eponymous debut, L&PT II follows Lindstrom’s solo outing with little in the way of traditional song structures. This is more of a ‘cosmic symphony’ in eight parts, an often beautiful fusion of modern electronica and 70s ‘Kraut’, that repeats motifs and regurgitates chords in endless loops becoming both hypnotic and therapeutic in the process. The chugging basslines and percussion provide the momentum for the melodic synth lines yet this is not ‘dance’ music as such, more a meditative experiment in sound. Fjordtastic!

Milky Disco 2 – Let’s Go Freak Out (Lo)

I’m sure ‘cosmic disco/nu disco/no disco/nu balearic/neo discolearic’ has about another three seconds of life left before the backlash begins (infact the backlash began as soon as any of the above terms were coined) and with the likes of Mixmag getting Aeroplane to compile a ‘Disco Balearica’ mix, it’s no surprise that there’s a reaction against this ‘scene’ within a scene, if indeed a ‘scene’ it is. Yet two years after the fantastic Milky Disco 1 compilation, Lo Recording’s John Tye has brought together some of the world’s best nu-discosmiclearic musicians in another Milky Disco voyage of disco-very. Trippy and hoppy, poppy and jazzy, Let’s Go Freak Out assembles this truly global music’s premier league and channels their restless energy into two teams of eleven.

So on side 1 (the reds) we’ve got Hatchback, Pollyester, Secret Circuit. Ghost Note, Chilled By Nature, Gatto Fritto, Lukas Nystrand, Soft Circle, Black Devil Disco Club, Glass Candy and CFCF.

On Side 2 (the blues) Black Mustang/Kerrier Disrict, Soft Rocks, Pink Stallone, Canyons, Nite Jewel, Expanding Head Band, Black Devil Disco Club (on loan), Georges Vert, Chilled By Nature (recent signing), Subway and Milky Globe/Sorcerer team up.

As compilations of nu cosmodelica go, this one’s the champion’s league lid!



20 From The Cafe Del iPod

In Sight - Dead Kennedys

Nana - Wilson Simomal

Toads of the Short Forest - Zappa

Nothing - Love

Fortune Teller - Tony Jackson

When You Fly - Moondogs

Rub Up Push Up - Termites

Holidays In The Sun - Sex Pistols

Mais Feliz - Bebel Gilberto

The Girl I Love - Led Zep

Necessary Evil - Edgar Jones

That's Not Really Funny - The Eels

Grandma Dynamite - 247 Spz

African Decendants - Alton Ellis

Whole Point of No Return - Style Council

Live Wire - ACDC

Cinnamon Girl - Neil Young

Eek a Mouse - Wa Do Dem

Forty Thousand Headmen - Traffic

Undostresquatro - The Goats









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