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I Sleep Alone

by The Night Owl

Anyone coming for a ride on the night train?, come on,  jump on board it's dead easy. It's all in the preparation. If you're with me on this one, this is what you need for the journey ahead. One laptop, check. One bag of skunk, check. One cup of tea, check. That's all you need , now come on hurry up,  the guard's just blew his whistle, the night train is about to leave.

First thing to do once on board , is to find your pit and get yourself comfy by 1) rolling a big fat hunky dorie doobie. 2) smoking doobie 3) sip simmering brew.

Right that's the first part of the journey over, as we now pull in to Armitage Shanks Station. You should now make use of the toilet facilities on offer at the station. This means brushing ones teeth and relieving ones bladder, because next up is the longest part of the trip and there will be no toilets stops on this lengthy and difficult part.

Right, Fix headphones to ears and put pillow behind head (helps with the neck pain). Laptop on lap. The next part involves the use of all the jumbled up mad mumbo jumbo floating around in your brain and somehow, try and make use of it through the medium of the laptop. These visions should finally end up as words on the computer screen. Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes hard . Easy or hard? it doesn't matter, as it's nailed on you won't  get off the train till you've reached it's final destination. Which is the station called 'The suns coming up, so it's top up bronzy time on the balcony and sleep till noon........again!'







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