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Whiny Dancer Elt Goes Political All Too Late For Sun City


by Kirsty Walker

Mention the words Sun City to any adult over the age of 30 and watch them shrink away in revulsion as they remember the injustice, the pain and the stigma attached to owning that record, written by Silvio Dante from The Sopranos. But Sun City was also a resort, built in Bophuthatswana , a made up country which was named as an independent state in order to strip black tribespeople of their South African citizenship, and force them to work in the lucrative platinum mines, and the new Sun City casino.


Sun City was a nauseating example of white cultural and economical supremacy in South Africa . Apartheid was at its most healthy and the ban on gambling under the National Party drew thousands upon thousands of rich, white South Africans from Joburg and Pretoria to Sun City , where gambling was legal and blacks were banned. In a country where virtually every business and institution stank of corruption and apartheid, Sun City excelled itself. And what better way to draw the rich, racist and ignorant than to stage huge concerts, with some of the worlds headline acts. Acts like Queen, Rod Stewart and Elton John. Ah yes….Elton John.


Eltons been back in the news lately. Hes turned 60, hes caused controversy in Tobago as local church leaders have warned he may unduly influence the youngsters (presumably they mean dressing like Benny Hill after a date with Trinny and Susannah), and hes taken on a new role as a crusader for equal rights.


Oozing sanctimony like a giant lefty slug, Elton tells the New Statesman that he is very concerned over bigotry and tells is We should all stand up for basic human rights. Right on Elton, except youve changed your tune since 1983 when the basic human rights of black people to be treated better than dogs in South Africa were the subject of much consternation to many. Elton crossed the picket line of all cultural picket lines when he agreed to take the Sun City dollar and stick two fingers up to the UN boycott. Of course, when questioned about this sanction break he simply replied that he did not see Sun City as being the real South Africa . Roberta Flack turned down $2 million to perform at Sun City . You can bet she thought it was the real South Africa .







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