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According to The Clash there was �No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones in 1977."

Maybe not - but there was a Silver Jubilee, The Sex Pistols, Rock against Racism, Buzzcocks, Pigeon Wars, Space Invaders, Eric�s and Wigan Athletic�s final season as a non-league football club.
As a clothes and music-obsessed Wigan Athletic fan 18-year old Andrew Vaughan cut a lonely figure on the terraces of Springfield Park. However in the Bier Keller- a small bar under the King Street pavement - a new world of punk rock, reggae and beautiful girls was emerging whilst at Springfield Park and a variety of outposts of northern non-league football an excellent season unfolded for his beloved football team.
Punk Football recounts an historic fifteen months for both Wigan Athletic and the music scene in Britain. From Jubilee parties to Division Four via power cuts, Sir Alf Ramsey, The Stranglers, the famous non-league hooligans and Green Goddesses.
Featuring contributions from players, punk rockers and supporters the book encapsulates the period 30 years ago when, if anybody had suggested Wigan Athletic would be competing in the very top division of English football they would have been incarcerated in Winwick Hospital.
Brimming with humour and touched with pathos Punk Football evokes an altogether different Wigan and for that matter Wigan Athletic Football Club to that we know today.


Andrew Vaughan is the co-author of 'Pies and Prejudice' (Mudhuts Media 2005) and founder of 'Cockney Latic', the original Wigan Athletic fanzine started in 1987 as a newsletter for London-based fans to keep in touch. With Martin Tarbuck (the co-author of 'Pies and Prejudice') he formed Mudhuts Media a collective of writers, musicians, designers and DJs. Mudhuts Media produce the Wigan Athletic fanzine 'Mudhutter Football Express' (MFE), a monthly podcast, general football magazine 'Goal.net' and 'The Mudhutter'; an online monthly magazine. A freelance writer, he is currently working on his third book 'Out on the Floor - From the Emp to Nirvana' a history of Wigan nightlife (to be published June 2008).
Press & Media please contact vaughanie@mudhutsmedia.co.uk





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