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Shoot To Kill - An apology from Sir Ian Blair


Look, I wish you bleeding heart liberals would get off my back. I didn�t know fuck all about this Brazilian cunt till the next day OK? Just knock it on the head will yer? Let�s draw a line under the sand, in the sand, or wherever these Al Queda loons wanna draw the line OK? Look first we had 911 and then we had 7/7 so of course my officers were under pressure and nervous. We�re not dealing with ordinary terrorists here, we�re dealing with absolute fanatics whose sole purpose is to wipe out the very fabric of our civilisation so they can cut off their daughter�s heads if they turn the telly over and stuff like that.

These monsters will stop at nothing to destroy every liberty that we in the west hold dear; freedom, truth and respect for the law, which is why we must detain them without trial, use every propaganda tool at our disposal and bend the rules when it suits us, in order to protect YOU from these vile merchants of horror. Put it this way, would you get on a plane with a load of Pakis? So imagine how my officers felt when faced with a swarthy bastard who they suspected on heading on a suicide bombing mission.

OK, so they got the wrong cunt but come on, one wop looks pretty much like another and this fellar WAS wearing suspicious clothing; jeans, trainers, a coat, pretty much the terrorists uniform these days. Long gone are the days when honest terrorists would wear uniforms they�d robbed from the Army & Navy and telephone us with secret code words to let us know they�d planted a big un in a second hand Jag somewhere in the West End. You could reason with the Micks and let�s face it, the provos couldn�t afford to lose good bombers by blowing themselves up, but these weirdos, they actually wanna throw a seven.

Put yourself in my position for a minute eh? Everyone�s shitting it, saying there�s gonna be another tube bombing and I�ve got Tony Blair in one ear telling me to get a grip because he�s copping all the flak for invading Iraq and I�ve got MI5 in one ear telling me they�ve got these Pakis or Somalis or fuckin� Arabs, whatever the fuck they are, under surveillance and give me an address.

So I put my top lads on it and OK, they follow this John Menzies fellar because he�s the absolute spit of this Abdullah fucking Tariq Mohammad fuckin� Ali tit and they see him with a bag. A BAG!!! And he�s heading for the tube. THE TUBE!!!! It�s all very well in hindsight to point out that he looked fuck all like the cunt we were watching and that he had all his sparky tools in his bag cos he was a spark. How we were supposed to know that eh? A bag�s a bag! Could�ve had his butties in, could�ve had a nail bomb in. Who�s to know? When you�re faced with a snap decision my lads took the cunt out and y�know what if they had to do the same thing today, they�d do it all over again and I�d still say �well done lads, have an OBE.�

These fucking Brazilians get right on my tits, saying we�ve got a shoot to kill policy. What a fuckin� cheek! WE�VE got a shoot to kill policy, what about their fuckin bizzies? I�ve seen City Of God and it makes Peckham look like Trumpton mate. They�re always shooting kids, drug dealers, politicians, anyone they don�t like basically. If only I could get away with half of what those fuckers get away with it, it�d make my life a whole lot easier. No, what I get is the fucking left-wing commy press giving me and my boys grief just because we made one silly little mistake.

Look, my lads gave him a chance to stop, just as he was getting on the tube, OK, so all these fuckers have crawled out from under their rocks to say that no warning was given but, look, he could�ve detonated that bomb he didn�t have at any moment so our top shot - Trigger we call him - did what he was trained to do and put seven slugs into the cunt�s swede. Some of these do-gooders reckon that was excessive but what they don�t understand is that these fuckin suicide squad nutjobs can take more punishment than the average terrorist. They�ve been trained to explode their butty boxes even with four or even five bullets in em so in light of this I don�t reckon seven head shots was over the top.

Anyway, so this Jean Paul George and Ringo bastard was innocent, he shouldn�t have been here in the first place. No wonder my neighbour�s never got any work on with all these foreign workers over here, undercutting the white man. He should count himself lucky that he was murdered in such a tolerant country as ours, one that welcomed him and his filthy slum pals with open arms and a free mobile phone and driving lessons to go with his asylum seekers� benefits and hosuing allowance. Cheeky fuckin� dago twats, calling us murderers! Anyway I didn�t even know about it till the next morning did I? No-one tells me owt round here. I had a lot on my plate OK? Not only did I have a load of bombers running around London trying to wipe out the entire universe with their home made weapons of mass destruction but I also had my missus on my case asking me what I wanted for tea. Sausage casserole or lamb chops? You try and deal with that and ask yourself one question; is Britain a safer place now this cunt is out of the way? Ofcourse it is. So get off my backs you bunch of petty, self-righteous loony lefty cowards. If it was up to you lot we�d have Ken fucking Livingston and his shower back in charge of London and let�s see where that�d get us eh?�






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