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By Brian Wilson


The SWINE cognoscenti share a variety of musical tastes, but, rather than just sit at home listening to our favourite artistes, we do like to regularly check out fresh and upcoming bands   Not for us the treadmill of looking out for  tour dates, booking tickets with a load of add-on fees, and then turning up for a set that you know will last from 9.30 'til 11, on the dot, before the Kings of High Vis lob you out.  Oh no. You would be much more likely to find us in some back street Liverpool venue, checking out a bunch of whey-faced guitar-playing youths from Canny Farm, than paying brewsters to see some arl bastards churning out their hits at, say, the Echo arena.  And our constant look-out for new talent has recently unearthed the strangely-monikered Epydemyk, straight out of the Crosby projects and playing a splendid hybrid of all the music that you ever loved.  None of them yet over 16 - 16! - years of age, we believe, but Frank, Ste, Tom, Joe and another Tom, formed, we think, at Chesterfield High School, and appear to be building up a rather decent local reputation.  We haven't caught them live, yet, but plan to rectify that on 28 August at the Carling Academy 2. For now, we think that you could do a lot worse than check out the several tracks on www.myspace.com/epydemyk.  We love them already, and when the seaside suburban areas rock, they will sound like this.
Other Great (or otherwise) Unsigned Liverpool Bands from the past 25 Years
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Hello Sunset
The Da Vinci's
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Marshmallow Overcoat
Sons of Egypt
Come in Tokio
Three Great Colours






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