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Music - Chicken Rhythms Re-mastered

By Phil Thornton 

Yes, finally, after 18 long years, Northside’s ‘baggy’ masterpiece, ‘Chicken Rhythms’ has finally been re-mastered and re-packaged to celebrate one of Factory Records and indeed pop music’s most enduring debut LPs. For millions of young Madchester disciples ‘Chicken Rhythms’ became the soundtrack to their lives, a stunning, innovative and totally modern fusion of indie guitars and dance beats that defined a generation. With legendary, epochal tracks such as Funky Munky, Yeah Man, Practise Makes Perfect and the ever anthemic Shall We Take A Trip, Northside became perhaps the biggest band on the planet with Warren ‘Dermo’ Dermody, Tim, Paul and Cliff becoming the John, Paul, George and Ringo of the 90s. For a while they even overshadowed the Paris Angels, becoming arguably the greatest band ever to come from Moston. Bowing to overwhelming public demand, ‘Chicken Rhythms’ has been given the digital treatment such an iconic LP deserves (since the last one three years ago), so put on your 28 inch flares, your Co-Op t-shirt and your Norwich City beany hat and pretend it’s 1991 all over again. Shall we take a trip down Madchester nostalgia Lane? You betcha!!        



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