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By Bernie Bostik


Debbie Magee - She was staying in the hotel I was working in. Her and Paul were appearing in the Theatre around the corner and it was my job to cart her wardrobe from the room to her theatre dressing room. It took me two journeys and on the last one I stopped off in the staff changies to stick a spliff, which give me amble time to berry the snout in the gusset of one of her sequinned leotard numbers. I also stumbled on a small lacy pair in her vanity bag but these were clean and smelt of Comfort.


Sonia Ruseler - ('Who'? I here you cry - She co-presented the ITV lunchtime news with Nicholas Owen, that's who). Another one who stayed in the hotel that I was working in. Of a morning on her way to work she would inform us at the concierge desk that there was some laundry to be collected in her room. I always volunteered because it gave me the opportunity to admire her matching cream camisole and silky French knickers in the privacy of her room for a while.


Oriole Nebula - Daughter of Donovan and ex-girlfriend of Shaun William Ryder (or was it there Paul?). The Donovan clan were occupying two suites on the 5th floor of the...blah blah blah. She came down one morning looking a bit haggard and informed me there was a problem with her toilet, she then fell into a cab and disappeared in a cloud of diesel fumes. I scurried off to her room and was confronted by a festooned fudge biscuit twirling around the s-bend and a crusty pair of white cotton briefs, that were stuck to the tiled floor.





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