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best/worst of 2006

by Shaun Smith


better ones:
Italia winning the World Cup

England deservedly not getting past the World Cup Quarter Finals

Pinochet croaking

Spending more time on a train drunk than the cast of Von Ryan’s Express for Aberdeen away pre-season

That Argentina goal

Emily Blunt

hearing Robert Armani’s Circus Bells played at a certain 40th birthday celebration in Glasgow

The Ashes 5-0 whitewash – sporting excellence from a team of “has-beens” expertly written off by the British media

the continual carnage being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of Bush and Blairs egos

the deaths of Brian Labone, Joseph Barbera, Ferenc Puskas, Desert Orchid, Giacinto Facchetti, Floyd Patterson, Desmond Dekker and James Brown

Shane Warne and Duncan Ferguson’s retirements

the continuous media-driven rise of the spoilt bastard WAGs

Bravo fucking off their Serie A coverage

Nikki fucking Big Brother Grahame

best reads:

Vietnam: The Definitive Oral History Told From All Sides - Christian G. Appy

An Undividable Glow - Robert Brady

Calcio: a History of Italian Football - John Foot
Stars Are Stars - Kevin Sampson

The Way We Wore - Robert Elms

Behind the Curtain: Travels in Eastern European Football - Jonathan Wilson

best music download:
Carl Taylor - Sheffield v Detroit


album of the year:

Jeff Mills – Blue Potential

best film of the decade let alone 2006:

Romanzo Criminale

in a nutshell: 1970s/1980s Roma … gangsters … Aldo Moro kidnapping … coke … brasses … stabbings … shootings … assassins in Belstaff … drink … early CP Company … Bologna train station bombing … classic Burberry macs … Red Brigades terrorists … KC and the Sunshine Band’s Shake Your Booty … bent coppers … … the beautiful Anna Mouglalis


best film for torture scenes that made people leave the cinema:

The Wind That Shakes the Barley


best gratuitous film scene of 2006:

The overhead shot of Penelope Cruz washing-up in a low-cut top in Volver – fucking get in there Pedro  

best tv:
Brotherhood, The Sopranos, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, The Who at the Electric Proms, Peep Show, Everybody Hates Chris, Have I Got News For You, Dragon’s Den, BBC2 Paul Weller documentary

best trainer reissue:

adidas Waterproof









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