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by Phil Thornton 


All history is selective. Let’ get that straight from the very start. All history is manipulated, distorted and processed to support individual versions of events. Thus David Irving is only following in a long and ignoble line of ‘historians’ who seek to justify their own ideas and prejudices by interpreting events to fit their personal viewpoint.


Some people still believe that Britain went to war with the Nazis to support the Poles or to save the Jews. That’s the way history is taught to kids in school. That’s how it’s still presented in books, on TV and any other ‘western’ source material; the great and noble fight by democratic nations against the dark forces of genocide and tyranny. Ofcourse I chose not to believe this line and prefer to think that World War 2 was a desperate rearguard action by terrified businessmen to protect their economic interests at all costs. So, jail me!


David Irving’s imprisonment in Austria for charges of ‘holocaust denial’ has made a free speech martyr of the neo-nazi icon. The man is a pest, that’s true and he’s dangerous too, providing quasi-intellectual succour to the hardcore rump of ‘Aryan’ supremacists still denying the mass extermination of millions of Jews in places like Belsen and Auschwitz. They’re, quite rightly, still a tad touchy about things like that in the Fuhrer’s fatherland and you can understand why. Those who seek to deny the despicable parts of their nation’s history only serve to excuse the actions of their people; this is true in Austria as it is in Israel, America and England. The vast majority of people want a sanitised version of history, one that presents its own version of events as ‘the truth’.


Irving has a long track record of holocaust denial, which is why he’s finally being paid back for decades of provocation but should we jail people simply for stating what they believe to be the truth, or even for saying things that they know NOT to be true but say them anyway. I don’t believe in plenty of things. I don’t believe in God or Jesus, and in a previous age, that too was punishable with imprisonment and even death. From Socrates to the Inquisition, people have been sacrificed at the alter of blasphemy. Mind control and revisionist readings of facts don’t have to be brutal and dictatorial, they can be used in a subtle way; by simply repeating orthodoxies until they become the accepted truth.


Is David Starkey any less dogmatic, less selective with the facts than David Irving? Should we jail him for his monarchist bias? (Yes! Ed). Starkey has a platform on national television, as do countless other neo-imperialist apologists, royalty cranks, warfare fanatics and assorted death glorifiers because they repeat the ‘British’ version of events; that history is a succession of regal dynasties and political and military leaders who shaped the world around us. In other words, Carlyle’s maxim that “history is the essence of innumerable biographies” is all we need to know.


That’s just one part of it, an important part but nevertheless a simplistic microcosm of complex issues and events. Anyone who bucks the establishment line, who speaks out against THEIR truth is regarded as a traitor, a militant, a dissident, a threat to the ‘national interest.’ Ofcourse who decides what is and what isn’t in the national interest is not open for discussion. Let David Irving deny the holocaust if he wants, that’s his right as a human being. People will believe what they want to believe, that’s human nature. Hitler knew this better than anyone. “The broad mass of a nation…will more easily fall victim to a big lie than a small one,” he said and this one’s even better; “Only constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea on the memory of a crowd.”


He was mad old Adolf but he wasn’t daft.





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