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by Andrew Vaughan 


Monsta is a music project held together with love, kisses, electronics tinklings and good old rock and roll excess by the good folk at Gaato. They have also been adopted as the iDIOt house band. And it is this holy trinity that are now releasing the first MONSTA MOVIES video single. With Monsta pitted up against Japanese director Shinya Tsukamoto's the outcome is a metal hallucinogenic mad mash-up exploring the realms of business, love, humanity, power, bodies metamorphosing, trauma and nasty, dirty sex.


Then again what would you expect when you take a gorgeously gobby girl from St Helens with the vocals of Janis Joplin, a refined music student who is anything but, the Guitar God Gentleman Jim Wilson and the cult director Tsukamoto. Tsukamoto brings the same electric energy, David Lynch-type strangeness and gripping intensity to the screen that Monsta bring to the stage, room or recording studio.


It could only have been a matter of time before they'd meet up and the resultant collision is now available for the world. Ready or Not - as iDIOt have released mini-versions of the two Tetsuo films by Tsukamoto.


The first is a three-minute telephonic re-edit of his classic horror film 'Tetsuo: The Iron Man'. The film 'Mattall Goddess' soundtracks Monsta's 'I Wanna Have Sex With You' against the violent footage of a Japanese businessman being raped by a metal Goddess. The Goddess ravaging his body as it too turns to metal.


The second film re-crafts 'Tetsuo II: Body Hammer' as the six-minute 'Metal Werewolf'. Again it explores the same themes and in this film Tsukamoto delves deeper into the mind of a person through the human body. The metal soundtrack takes you even deeper. Not only into the crazy mind of the Tokyo-based film director but also the strange and beautiful sight and sound that is Monsta. The movies are mad, bad and beautiful. As far away from the rotational 3-minute MTV videos as you could ever wish to see and so much better for that. They are bizarre, bewildering and will disturb you, provoke you and exhilarate you so much that you will go back for more discovering twists and turns at every corner. 


Both movies are released by iDIOt on Ltd Edition Signed DVD through the iDIOt ebay shop and digitally through the DigitaliDIOt shop while the Monsta tracks written to go with the movies are available on iTunes.

Check it all out at http://www.i-diot.co.uk/monsta.html while the tracks that go with the movies can be found on iTunes at: 
Or by searching for "idiot/indian" under 'iMixes' on iTunes UK.









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