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EYH! Everything You Hate!

By Karen Matthews


I used to love fanzines, back in the late 70's and early 80's.  Not the footy ones, with wacky names robbed from Half Man Half Biscuit records, but the proper DIY ones.  'Sniffin Glue' - which was probably a bit shit, in fairness, started it all off, of course, with its seminal strapline of "here's a chord, here's another, now form a band", and Liverpool was quite quick to pick up on the whole written aesthete (especially if, like me, you didn't have a cat in hell's chance of learning to play an instrument or getting up on stage to declare your band to be a really good band).  There were a load around, at one stage, all sitting on the counter at 'Probe'; 'The Garden Party', 'The End' (natch), 'Merseysound' and my own humble offerings of 'Alice' and 'Faith in Pleasure'.  The one common denominator - The End perhaps excepted - was the fact that they all came out pretty irregularly, and all lost money (to say that sales were low would be a pretty good understatement) - as a raft of bespectacled lads trudged around say, Talulah Gosh gigs, trying in vain to flog their literary labours.  Yeah, I've been told to fuck-off, by Ian Mcabb, even though the Icicle Works shite album, 'The Small Price of a Bicycle' was reviewed (and highly-rated) in the very issue I was trying to flog.  One-by-one, then, they all bit the dust, and were soon forgotten as the 'market' was eventually deluged by footy 'zines post Euro '88.  In 2005, though, two ageing Scouse punx (ha - see what I just did there!?) Ste and Glen, decided to resurrect the A4 home-made music mag format, and brought out the first issue of EYH!.  Focusing primarily on Liverpool's live music scene, EYH! has now reached it's fourth year, and the latest offering is - waith for it - issue 10!  Clearly the Half Man Half Biscuit of the literary world, in terms of output, its sporadic appearances have never detracted from its quality (other than the fact that some of the gigs reviewed, in this issue, actually happened nearly 12 months ago!), and the latest mag is quite fantastic.  It is surely a labour-of-love, as, retailing at a humble English pound, there's no way that the lads can be making any dough out of it (quite the opposite, I would imagine).  Anyway, here's what's on offer in the self-titled 'Capital of NO Culture Issue':
  • Roger Hill Interview
  • Half Man Half Biscuit
  • Black Strobe
  • Sex Pistols
  • Riot Grrrl
  • Rotterdam Rumble
  • Slacker Sounds
  • Live Reviews : Action Beat, Balloons, Shit the Bed, Jailhouse Fuck, Heads of State, Fraktures, Puzzle, and loads more  . . . . .
  • 45 Revolutions 76-79
  • The Blackwood Articles
  • South Liverpool Music Festival
  • Eric's
  • Rock 'n Roll at the Caledonia
Available from News from Nowhere, in Bold Street or, for non-scousers, drop them a line at eyhfanzine@yahoo.co.uk
EYH! - turning rebellion into a rather spunky twice-yearly magazine.  Hey, you in your Burton suit, you'll think it funny, and it's actually fucking brilliant.  Go and get it now.






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