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Che Guerilla- One of my latest pieces, abit mental, was up till 2am-ish sketching this out. The wordage of the piece really brings the message across, showing how drugs effect the mind (i personally dont do drugs) but with all the smuggling over the years from foreign countriesIjust wanted to mention it, the character of course symbolizes 'che guevara' andIaim to use him in future work.

ROB-B's- Was out on the lash one sunday afternoon in summer, having a few bevvies with the lads and we were kicking a ball around a field, chilling out... and my mate put the football balancing on top of a pint glass, making it look like an ice cream,Itook a photo and said id make a piece about it, adding my mate 'Rob Butler' as a character, the story behind him is:- he is one gangly b*stard, which is whyIover indulged on his legs, also his clobber deserves a mention, the guitar t-shirt and shades comes from a shopping trip to leeds, where he delved into the bargain basement and picked out that t-shirt and bought it,Icouldnt help but laugh...end of!

Keith Curse- A little comic strip for whichIhave many ideas, putting the main character 'Keith' in situations where whatever he says or does causes grief for everyone else, here we have him complimenting a friends new bike...only for his friend to crash and break all his limbs.Iam wanting to do more with this as there is alot of mischief this character can get upto. He is based on a friend of mine's father, who is always so enthusiastic about life, and has an answer for everything, but he always comes a cropper!

Lava Lamp Scally- A favourite piece of mine, and of many others from feedback!Igot the idea for this from my on-going fascination with all things retro,Iused to have a lava lamp in my room, andIdont know what happened to it, soIwanted to create a piece with ALOT of colour to bring it to life, it kinda reminds me of 'fear and loathing in las vegas' but on a scooter, asIwanted it to be MOD!

Terrorists are gaaaay- A massive up yours to terrorism and war, paying homage to our home grown troopsIsuppose, who are out battling away,Idont know if anyone remembers the tv show 'Nathan Barley' but in one episode, a song is featured where the lyrics say 'terrorists are gay' andIneeded to incorporate this into a piece, using my regular character in a pose almost like 'uncle sam'! the colours provide the messageIfeel, with the yellow and rainbow showing, not everything is doom and gloom! and to be happy.

VINCENZO- HereIgot all moody and wanted to step away from colour for a while, and show that all my work isnt always cute and cheery, the main character is an Italian called Vincenzo Coco, based on a guyImet while holidaying in Chicago, which is the backdrop of this picture, the character is meant to look cool and suave, and the aim was to make this like a movie poster. One of my favourite pieces.

I.H.S.- A mate of mine from Leeds wants me to paint him a canvas, and here is the ideaIcame up with soIcould show him whatIhave in mind, he is a massive leeds fan, and wanted the IHS featured in this, with each character clobbered up, smart jackets, adidas trainers, cords...you get the drift!Iam yet to finish the canvas as we have come up with a few changes to the characters and background.

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