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What’s Eating Some of the 1962 Uruguayan World Cup Squad?


Roberto Sosa  

All these fucking scouse band reunion gigs are getting proper on my tits lid! First it was Deaf School, then the Paleys which is fair dos but next it’s the Wild fuckin Swans, fuckin Pele and the fuckin Lotus Eaters. Fuck’s sake lad, where will it end? The fuckin Cherry Boys? Eddie fuckin Shit? Big In fuckin Japan? Same fuckin’ 200 heads at every show, reliving their fuckin youth and singing along to the fuckin Chuddy Nuddys the shower of cunts! Grow up, it’s over, and it was shite first time fucking round!



Horacio Troche 

Those new Countryfile presenters. Fuck’s sake what was wrong with John Craven kidda? They’ve turned the ‘C-File’ into fucking Blue Peter lid! Put the cunts into countryfile there lad! Julia Bradbury? I’d never get sick of wellying her! That whopper off the moving yer missus to rural Devon show, the Geordie prick off Blue Peter? Bring back the Craven Cottager and fifteen minute interviews with the Managing Director of the Turnip Marketing Board and leave bunjee jumping into the Menai Straits for fuckin Bear Grylls eh?



Emilio Alvarez 

The Street – makes Shameless look like the fuckin’ Wire! How come the yanks can do social realism and we end up with Jimmy fuckin’ McGovern and Betty’s fuckin Hotpot!


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