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Night Of The Hawks

By Larry Lloyd Langton

It's a scorcher. Everton have just lost the FA Cup final and one of the blues from the Leg has just stumbled obliviously past me, hammered, with his Fellaini Afro askew. Shall I take this opportunity to put the boot in ? Shall I shite, we're off to the quite splendid South Liverpool Parkway for the 6.00pm to Central for Hawkwind, Live at the Academy. Alighting in town, we are confronted with the sight of hundreds of Evertonians shuffling home. We ignore them, dodge the Matrix vans looking for easy pickings, and head for the Swan for a few pre-gig snifters. Evertonians are everywhere, including 3 we are meeting up with for the show later, so the incorrigible Redmen agree to a take-the-piss ban for the rest of the evening. They've suffered enough, and we're alll Hawk Friends here. From the Swan, a trog across to Ma Edgies is the opportunity to blitz the cheese. A few more swift ones outside Edgie's allows us to clock the arrival of the first train back from Wembley and judging by the blistered kites and bleary eyes pouring oout of Limey, it looks like a good time was had by all.

Apparently the support band was Girlschool, but we never saw them. One of the chaps who'd already gone in summed them up - "That tasty one ? You still would". A quick scan of the crowd revealed lots of aging hippies, some sporting lab coats, a few match lads, loads of crusty types - no Hawk Minge though. The scene was set for the Hawks to strut their stuff. Apart from Dave Brock, I've no idea if any of the other 4 thousand other former band members were in the line-up, but they came on stage with 2 guitarists, bass, keyboard and drums. No Stacia. Bastard. To be honest, the first 4 tunes were a bit of a letdown and I was starting to contemplate scooting back to Edgie's to catch the arrival of the ten past nine from Euston, but a blistering version of "Angels Of Death" quelled all exit thoughts right there. By the time it was over, orbital status was maintained and I was properly cabbaged. From then on we were given a stonking 80 minutes of Hawk-classics - "Orgone Accumulator", "Magnu", "Assault and Battery"...err...some other ones. At some point in the proceedings, four Pagan Witches appeared on-stage, on stilts. It seemed quite normal at the time. They did a tidy encore, including "Mirror Of Illusion" off their first album and Dave Brock actually spoke to the crowd - "I used to busk this in Ladbroke Grove in 1969". Whatever. They finished off with an extended "Hassan I Kaba", including the 10 minute junglist "Hawk Rave" section, which had all the arl timers loon-dancing and putting their backs out. Lights came on and we were back outside Edgies in no time, talking jibberish, bonging cheese and getting all emotional when one of the blues told us how he'd actuallly been present at Hawkwind's mythical 1984 Stonehenge gig (available NOW on DVD). Now that's impressive.


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