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Spin Spin Spun Spun

By Phil Thornton

Zac Freeman is a 19 year old from Stockport who produces what he terms 'ambient satire.' Combining fractured electronica with cut n' paste interviews of politicians and other jokers (Cliff Richard doing death metal, the Chuckle Brothers breaking and entering) and placing them into a disorientating, queezy context, Freeman's films make their point without being simple polemics. The editing techniques he uses especially on the fantastic video for Earl Grey's 'No Sleep Till Piccadilly' and the closing shots of Spun Spun Spun showcase his talent as someone who can use film and music to create humorous yet disturbing imagery. The final overlaid shots of David Milliband on Spun Spun Spun for example takes on a demonic dimension - as if one of Bacon's screaming Pope's has come to life as the face of New New Labour. There are elements of Chris Morris, Cassette Boy and other subversive artists at work yet Zac's work is startling because of his age and ability to produce these small masterpieces from his bedroom not in some fancy university editing suite. Zac Freeman is a name I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more of in the next few years.   

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