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The name is synonymous to people of a certain vintage with going abroad on the cheap either to watch your team in Europe, go on your first holiday abroad with your mates or a ticket to black market nirvana. Like the original Wade Smith, Transalpino is a boutique shop for a niche market that's gone full circle, sucking in the youth as well as the auld brigade who have refused to change their wardrobe for close to 30 years. Good jeans, nice polo or crew neck jumper/sweatshirt, army styled coat or kagoul, topped off with trefoil beauties.

Adidas will always be relevant in Liverpool and a shop like Transalpino should always be in this city. Casting their net world wide to source as rare and desirable stock as is possible in this day and age, they do it the hardway - i.e. not from the distributor telling them what they can have. The lads at Ran have done a good job in keeping this philosophy alive but Transalpino have got the airmiles to go one better. As well as rare trabs, Transalpino are branching out to clobber, hopefully getting hold of Paramo stock soon. Visit their website at www.transalpino.co.uk






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