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Big Mistake - By Dickie Davis

Making mistakes and then getting the sack
it wasn't hard to do you fucking twat

Look after the gear while no one was here
and don't go out on the fucking beer

But you got pissed and out on the town
The lads found out your going down

you brought a brass back to lick your sack
You better run coz there's going to be flack.

How could you do it you fucking  tit
Both on the pipe taking a hit

while the cuboard was full you were out on the pull
the story you told was just pure bull

You raided the cuboard with the brass at your side
head for the mountains coz you'd better hide

when they catch you they'll kill you and tear you apart
all because you brought back a tart

Why take her to the cuboard, it's not the done thing
she seen the gear, her eyes on springs

days later the gaff got done, by people brandashing a gun.
look  what happened after your night of fun.



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