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Bon Voyage!

by John Connolly

The end of May and June saw an unexpected bounty in TK's of the highest
order. You often dream about these days, stumbling in on a wet Sunday
because you missus wants some cheap bra's, you mosey upstairs to kill time
and discover umpteen Boneville jackets, three diffrenct styles, all early
90's schumtter lying there amongst the Marlborough, Strellson and other such
tat you've come to hate for no other reason that it's getting in the way of
the odd Barbour or decent CP Blouson.

First I found two kagouls, a zip up then a pull over effort. Then I found a
cotton jacket, then more kagouls. Whoopee! I ended up with nine coats, three
different styles, each style in different colours and all for 16.99! Fugg
selling them, I'm keeping the lot! Whist in the queue for the till, I had an
epiphany. Maybe they had more coats with the golf crap or even in the ladies
dept. Maybe they had sweatshirts and tee-shirts! My heart raced as I sorted
double time through awful Kangaroo Poo hooded tops and tee-shirts with Sid
James on the front riding a chopper. BINGO! A proper 80's Navy Arctic tee,
followed by another and another!

I found one more kagoul amongst some basketball team or other tracksuit tops
and headed for the cash register. 16 truly vintage classic items for less
than 200, come to papa! Of course, it struck me, if one TK had this, the
others would too. I rushed home and scanned TK Maxx's current inventory,
ebay. The drip turned into a flood, some sellers proclaiming I FOUND THESE
IN A DESERTED WAREHOUSE IN ITALY and so on. If one person or one shop would
have got hold of this stock, I predict they would have made AT LEAST 100
per coat and around 60 per tee-shirt.

Such is life, I'm pleased as punch with my haul. It's regained by believe in
TK's - Like the TV kids of 60's America who woke up one day to see Lee
Harvey Oswald shot live on telly. It affected them so much that they refused
to take their eyes off the screen just incase they missed something. Once
again, I'll find myself hunting high and low through the 'fit for jumble
sale' madness that is TK Maxx.




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