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What’s Eating Pew Pew Barney McGrew Cuthbert Dibble & Grub?

By Phil Thornton 




The BNP’s success in the north west and Yorkshire got a lot of press with both the right wing press and the so-called ‘liberal’ media elite (the Guardian/Radio 4 etc) blaming this squarely on the shoulders of the ‘poor white underclass’ who’s silly little heads have been turned by vile fascists reaping the rewards of MPs expenses anger and ‘mass immigration.’ And whilst there’s obviously an element of truth in this, what really allowed the BNP in is New Labour’s entire strategy since coming to power in 97. Put simply New Labour needed to win over the mass of upwardly mobile floating voters who in the past have voted Tory out of self-interest and natural bigotry. The traditional old Labour vote in the industrialized heartland were, as usual treated with a mixture of contempt and outright hostility during the early years of the Blairite regime. These people, these voters were expendable in the brave new world of ‘third way’ politics. It wasn’t about ‘left’ and ‘right’ anymore it was ‘occupying the centre ground. Even the Tories knew that their old rump of party activists were expendable as they too shifted towards the centre with family friendly policies rather than xenophobic bile. New Labour under Blair and Brown were desperate to seem business friendly and desperate to keep in with the press barons who could make life difficult for them. They therefore cut their political cloth according to the pattern of maggots like Murdoch and the Mail’s Paul Dacre.


Into this idealistic void, the BNP exploited sometimes legitimate but more often than not distorted and exaggerated complaints about the treatment of poor ‘whites’ compared to immigrants and ethnic minorities. The usual stuff’ ‘they’ get priority treatment for housing, ‘they’re taking all the jobs, ‘they’ got free mobile phones. When you’re bottom of the pile there’s a natural desire to blame others for your predicament but its never the right people who are targeted; never the industrialists, city boys and the political parasites who feed of them. The cunts who impoverish whole communities whole countries, whole continents at the flick of a switch, the push of a button, the stroke of a pen.                         


Ofcourse it’s in the ‘establishments’ interests to shift the blame away from themselves by such diversion tactics which is why the right wing press stoke up all these immigrant scare stories, feeding resentment and hatred. Rather than tackling the big issues of a globalised economy, Labour simply plays to Dacre’s tune, pacifying the Daily Mail set and abandoning their core support to the ravages of this gloriously flexible ‘free’ market they’re so fucking proud of.


Signing ‘Not In My Name’ petitions and lashing eggs at Nick Griffin may well register a token protest but it’s all too easy for the middle class media to make sweeping generalizations about the BNP’s support or the apathy of Labour’s once solid support with glib clichés and misrepresentations. Most people aren’t arsed about politics in the first place and voting for Labour or Tory is now almost the same thing, infact when the LibDems become the left wing choice, you know the system is now arse about face.


New Labour have pissed 13 years of power up the wall. Even when the financial crisis hit and they could’ve got away with a truly socialist programme, they bottled it and handed over trillions to bail out the city. Let then never again say ‘the country can’t afford decent pensions, health care, housing, transport’ and if we get a Tory government for another generation, never let them lay the blame at their traditional supporters who were once again shat on by the very people supposedly looking after their interests.            




Hastily re-shot anti-bacterial spray adverts that now mention Swine Flu. Kills all known germs (Geordie accent) ‘INCLUDING SWINE FLU’ – dead!! First it was HIV/Aids (it’s never just aids now is it?), mad cow disease and bird flu that was going to kill everyone, now swine flu is the latest plague penciled in the wipe us all out. Makes you almost nostalgic for the the good old nuclear holocaust days.


Barney Mcgrew


Speaking of which…..North Korea! Kim Il Mad has taken over from Robert Mugabe as my favourite pint sized tyrant. He’s boss and atleast unlike those half arsed Iranians he’s actually got the capability to wipe out half the planet, which is why the Yanks play it all cagey and don’t dare invade as they did in Iraq, Afghanistan and those other two camels and a pea shooter countries. In the cold war days it was easy, ‘you nuke us, we nuke you’ but when the technology is in the hands of I dunno, crazy Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Stalinist nut jobs then hmmmm….maybe it’s time every fucker came to their senses. Non-proliferation treaties can’t and won’t alter the fact that human greed and idealism will use technology for evil purposes.




Glastonbury!! It’s back!!! Bruce Borestein!! Neil Young!!! The Shattered Dolls!!!! More trad rock karaoke for the ‘hands in the air know all the lyrics crap flag bird on their shoulders brigade’. Can’t fucking wait!!




Flip Flops eh? Soon as it goes over 60 degrees out they come, the meathead in flippies massive. Baldies heads, ale guts, csrgo shorts, AX tee-shirts and designer flip flops sweatily sticking to their fat fucking kebs as they waddle down Bold St, mobile to ear loudly planning some bogus meet or transaction with some nugget sat somewhere in Concert Square with his top off and a pair of jarg Gucci shades glued to the top of his swede.




Spare us from aristocrats with a sense of social purpose. Prince Charles’s interventionist genes have been handed down to his alleged offspring with both Harry and Wills appearing in some ill conceived environmental charity advert dreamt up by their idle dumb daddy. ‘Saving the rainforest….for everyone!’ yah! Then Harry is whisked off to America to visit the site of 911 and is described on news bulletins as ‘a war veteran’ Ho Ho!! Next its Wills and Harry together posing in their pilots uniforms saying they want to fight on the frontline in time! IN TIME yah?  Yah! In time for when the fucking war’s well and truly over. What an insult to those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan to describe Harry as a war veteran, what an insult to our intelligence to pretend they’g go anywhere near a real battle zone, what a disgrace that the BBC continue to plug these two vile morons and their idiotic aul fellar as upstanding champions of charity.





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