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Searching For Fletcher

By Matthew Simmons


Ken is a depressed middle aged film director in search of inspiration. One day in his bedroom as he stares at a poster of Man United legend, Darren Fletcher, the utility journeyman suddenly comes to life and provides Ken with advise on how to become a better director who doesn’t make exactly the same kind of shallow, patronising, supposedly left wing kitchen sink dramas all the fucking time. “I am not a man, I am Darren Fletcher!” the much improved philosophic midfielder says at one point before playing a trumpet in the style of Miles Davies’s ma.


Coming soon – ‘Hibbert - a 21st century portrait’ : Everton’s very own ‘galactico’ is filmed from hundreds of angles during the course of a season in an inspirational homage to the sheer beauty and artistry of the beautiful game.


Escape To Freedom 2 – Sly Stallone, Michael Caine, Pele and Emile Heskey escape from an Afghani prisoner camp by organizing a game of camel polo with local Taliban tribesmen and Ross Kemp. An inspirational tale of triumph, polo and cheap smack.

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