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By Dave Wiggins

Or, SWINE's un-ceasing quest to check out the best new music around.

There's just something about the wistful lady-singer-songwriter that
particularly soothes the savage breast. That relaxes you when you're wound
up. That gives you some thinking time when you've been dumped by your girl
/ boy.  I'm thinking The Vega.  I'm thinking The Amos.  I'm thinking The
Mitchell.  Bit of Carole King, maybe.  But definitely not Polly Styrene
out of X-Ray-Spex.

I chanced upon the fabulous voice of Rachael Wright almost by accident
(it's a long story, involving a search for an old friend on Facebook),
but, hey, am I glad that I did. The band's title is something of a
misnomer, 'cos - as I understand it - Wright is very much a solo artiste,
with 'The Good Sons' being her backing-group.  In saying that, there is a
'line-up' listed (Rachael Wright, Bob Burton, Greg Schofield, Tim
Anderson, Liz Winnard and Tim Wright), so maybe it is  a 'band', by
definition, after all.  Whatever, let's talk about the music instead.
Pull up a chair, old friend, and make yourself comfy  . . . .

This is gorgeous, man (or maaaan), believe me. Voice of an angel, to coin
a cliche (but who has ever heard an angel sing, apart from maybe Jesus,
like), lilting melodies, gentle guitar and an understated 'back-line' (as
we say in the biz). Wonderful stuff, and there are loads of ways that you
can hear it for yourself (this being the modern world and all that). So,
deep breath, check out any of the following:

The album; 'Just Like He Said' (on Jump Rope Records).



Even as I type this, I am enveloped by the quite-stunning 'Little Light'.
Beautiful stuff.  So hey, music-lover, listen up, listen in, and find some
feelings that you'd left behind  . . . .


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