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Those Dailylea Lunchables NME Nominees In Full

By Phil Thornton 


It's that time of year again as those corporate whores from a once proud musical institution retreat ever further into mainstream banality with their annual 'less controversial than the Brits' DAIRYLEA LUNCHABLES NME AWARDs. This year's not-at-all predictable- our-sponsors-can-bank-on-these-fellars-to-shift-a-few-lunchbox-treat nominees are :

Best British Band

Polar Foxes
Baby Monkeys
The Crabs
The Crux
The Ku Klux Klax
The Klix
The Kaiserz
The Angelic Upstarts
The Beatles
The Battles
The Bottles
Dick n Dom
Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick n Twat

Best International Band

Arcade Fighters

The Foo Fire
The Fiery Fire Fighters
The Kissers
The Kippers
The Collars
The Kings Of Swing
Leon & The Pig Farmers
The Pigs
The Piss
My Comical Relapse

Best New Band

The Enema
The Dailylea Lunchables Enemy
Public Anemone
Joe Tex & The Jim Jam Jums
Disco Tex & The Sex-o-Lets
The Wombat Detectives
Lt. Pigeon
Lt Columbo
The Inspector Linley Mystery
Get Paid! Get Laid! Die!

Best Live Band

Arctic Chiefs
My Cordial Monkey
The Cobs
The Sobs
The Steinbecks
Posh n Becks
Disco Tex & The Texan Rangers

Best Solo Artist

Kate Penate
Jack Nash
Jack Flash
Patrick Cox
Edward Fox
Edward Scissorhands
Amy T
Jamie P
KT Bee
QT Pye
Lily Langtree
Bonnie Langford
Bobbie Gentry
Gentleman Jim Corbett
Harry Corbett
Su Pollard




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