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Music Review

By Phil Thornton


Hell – Tuefelswerk (Gigolo)


In Teutonic technocrat DJ Hell’s world, day follows night which is presumably the reason why he’s divided his latest long player into separate ‘Night’ and ‘Day’ sides. Always acting the part of the dapper debaucher, Hell (not sure why he’s dropped the DJ bit) succeeds here in creating two distinct moods for each ‘piece.’


Night begins with ‘U Can Dance’ a Moroder-esque metronomic journey into international nightclubbing myths with vocals from Bryan Ferry that recall Roxy at their debonair yet unsettling ‘Dream Home’ heights. Unfortunately he then goes onto collaborate with potty mouthed P Diddy on ‘The DJ’ with Puff declaiming a minimalist manifesto off the back of a snake charmer slice of deep tech-house. ‘The Disaster’ continues the unsettling tone of this foray into the deadzone, each track bubbling under with malignant intent.


Day breaks with ‘Germania’; a chiming, ambient ode to Der Fatherland that conjures not only Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream but also Oster-reich maestros, Schubert and Mozart. ‘The Angst’ and ‘The Angst pt 2’ follow in a low-key cosmic style with Carte Blanche’s eerily orchestral noodlings and the other tracks providing a suitably lighter, more soothing antidote to the evening’s entertainment.  


All in all, this is a remarkably listenable double side of delights. Hell’s technoscapes are reigned in somewhat, providing, especially on the Day side, a more understated and elegant journey into Teutonic Teufelswerk.


Brash & Vulgar  – In Flagranti (Codek)

In Flagranti make neo-punkfunk the way it should be made; with no regards to structure or formality not as a rehash of tried and tested Mutant Disco templates. Not as fabulously fractured as their debut 2006’s ‘Wronger Than Everyone Else’ nevertheless there are more ideas and experiments in here than a million Bloc Party Lps. And with song titles such as…


She Bend Each Leg Alternately (sic)

I Can Thrill And Delight

A Piece of False Morality

Svelte Blonde

I Hadn’t Screwed  Around Before


And the fantastic ’ooh I’ll have to lose weight luv’


There’s an inkling for what you’re about to hear, good knock about funky filthy fun produced with European style with a New York attitude. Marvellous!  





Café del Lar - Jukebox


Ein Haus Ist Kein Zuhaus – Katja (Liberty)

Ever wondered what ‘A House Is Not A Home’ sounds like in German? Well let the utterly gorgeous Katja Ebstein fill you in…..

Brown Baby/Save The Children – Diana Ross (Motown)

From the Berry Gordy produced ‘Touch Me In The Morning’ LP, Diana does a medley that matches Marv’s orchestration and emotion…quite marvellous!

Wind of Change – Hawkwind (UA)

Who’s for some original shroomadelica? Like Morricone meets Mantovani on Mars, the Hawks take you to the Hall Of The Mountain Mixed Grill kidda!

Clear As The Driven Snow – Doobie Brothers (Warner Bros)

Finger picking good – killer track from The Captain & Me LP.

Outside The Rain – Stevie Nicks (Modern)

‘It’s only ay dream?’ I used to dream about Stevie Nicks a lot and I’ll tell ya what – she couldn’t half play the banjo!

Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond) – Ringo Starr (Apple)

A George Harrison song with the likes of Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, Klaus Voorman and George himself helping out, this is a slice of country toe tappin’ cheese that saves Ringo’s self-titled appalling second solo outing.

The Joy Circuit – Gary Numan (Baggars Banquet)

Jaunty lickle fiddletronica tune from Gal’s overlooked Telekon LP.

Chilipoum - Manitas De Plata Et Los Plateros (CBS)

If this don’t get you clapping and flamenco stompin like a gypsy king kong then there’s fuck all down for ya.

Get Back – Rod Stewart (Riva)

Rod gives Macca’s anti-immigrant anthem a fierce, raw throated workout. Get back JoJo!

Going Down Slowly – The Pointer Sisters (abc)

As the sistas themselves sing ‘holy moly slowly going down’ – blimey! Pure raunch-disco-soul feminist call to arms don’t get funkier than this.

The Way I want To Touch You – Shirley Bassey (UA)

Lovely string laden disco-lite production with engineering from none other than Martin Rushent. Slinky baby!

Lilac Wine – Eartha Kitt (Ace Of Hearts)

Wibbly wobbly rendition of the wino’s national anthem from the original vamp. Eartha – RIP!

Couldn’t Love You More – John Martyn (Atlantic)

The big man is no more! A beautiful way to go out. RIP!







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