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By Tommy Cockles

Pete Piss and Vinny Vinegar met at Brean Sands Pontins holiday camp in 1975 where Pete was performing his urine-centric ventriloquism act with his dummy sidekick, Wee Willy McSlash and Vinny Vinegar was working in the arcade as a repairman/resident paedophile. After watching Pete's risque act involving a routine where he urinates into a pint glass and drinks the contents while Wee Willy McSlash sings Amazing Grace, Vinny struck up a friendship with the performer based around an appreciation of Spike Milligan, golden showers and Danish S&M mags.

Himself a one time comedy performer, Vinny suggested trying a new routine with himself acting as a lifesize Wee Willy McSlash although at only 3ft 4", Vinny was actually two inches smaller than the dummy. They tried the act out at the kiddy's talent contest final and won a standing ovation from kids, mums and dads and fellow nonces alike. Naturally with such unusual surnames they decided to rebrand their act as The Pete & Vinny Show only changing to Piss N' Vinegar once an American transexual folk duo also called Pete & Vinny sued for breach of copyright. Henceforth Piss & Vinegar's surreal yet highly amusing and original act became the hottest property on the holiday camp circuit and culiminated in Sir Fred Pontin himself appearing on stage dressed only in a giant see through plastic nappy whilst Vinny pissed into his mouth as he attempted to say his famous 'And remember, book early!" catchphrase.

Yet tensions within the double act were coming to a head as Pete increasingly felt that Vinny was undermining his own unique piss based comedy appeal. One night at the 7th annual Towyn festival of piss, Vinny made the fatal error of interupting Pete as he was delivering his punchline 'and do you do that in litres or gallons love?' with an impromptu riff of his own - 'that's not gravy darling, that's prize winning spring water from the Welsh hills' forcing Pete to abandon the act with almost three hours to go. Angered by his pal's desertion, Vinny carried on regardless and thus began his solo career as Europe's if the not the world's most gifted piss comic/breakdance act, eventually performing before the Queen Mum at the 1982 Royal Variety performance.

Sadly Pete contracted Aids during the 1980s and died in Hartlepool where he received a traditional Monkey hanger's funeral at sea. Riddled with guilt and hepatatis, Vinny went into hiding  and only after almost 12 years of seclusion did he leave his Copenhagen dungeon in 1998.  Vinny Vinegar was back to doing what he did best, quite literally 'taking the piss' and crowds flocked to see his act from all over Scandinavia. 

At one show during the Malmo Mayor's Scat Review, Vinny  met aspiring comedienne and urine fetishist Suzy Salt and the perfect pairing was made; The Suzy n' Vinny Show! Unfortunately there was already a Stockholm conjoined twin country n' western act called Suzy n' Vinny so naturally they went for the obvious alternative; The Vinny n' Suzy Show and went onto win the Helsinki Prize For Piss Based Humour (incorporating The Finnish Annual Festival of Shit) 2004 and now run a specialist guest house/brothel in Bergen.         


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