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Reading - John Robb 'The North Will Rise Again' Thucydides 'History of the Pelopenessian War' for the 5th time,
Watching - South Pacific, Old Grey Whistle Test 70s compilation again, 7 hour Hungarian films where fuck all happens, united win the league again at the tup in arabic!
Wearing - grey bamba reissues, old skool peter storm and drainees whilst listening to Prag Vec for that Noctorum 79 look
Listening to - Roy's spotify playlists, moonboot's spotify playlists, ken barlow's spotify playlists
Eating - cafe porto smoked salmon butties, top chef 'foul mudammas' egyptian brekkys, italian fish club calamari, sayer's chicken and mushroom pasties
Playing - close the box - take 9 cards, two dice and watch that dough disappear, wii fit sky slalom game, kenny monopoly


Reading: The Berlin Wall: A World Divided,
1961-1989 by Frederick Taylor; Bundesliga table
on williamhill.com in preparation for this weekend's European coupon
Watching: same as Phil by the sounds of it - the
Best of The Old Grey Whistle Test box set.
Highlights of too many to mention include The
Specials, Aztec Camera, Talking Heads, Orange
Juice, Gary Moore and Friends, Siouxsie, PIL,
Montrose "Bad Motor Scooter", Half Man doing
"Dukla Prague Away Kit" and the amazing
axe-frenzy last six minutes of Skynyrd's
"Freebird" if you've still awake after the plodding first five .....
Wearing: battered navy Barbour Beaufort, £10 grey
Hugo Boss t-shirt, M&S Autograph jeans, white
leather with emerald green swoosh Nike Tennis Classic
Listening to: Polish beauty sat behind me talking
to her mate about going on the ale tonight
Eating: Bacon and egg with tomato ketchup buttie from Maughans
Playing: roulette machine in Corals



Reading – The decline and fall of the roman empire by Edward Gibbon
The Road to Serfdom by Freidrich Hayek
Watchmen by Alan Moore
Watching – 30 Rock series 1, Futurama boxset, Family Guy, first series of Porridge on a moody DVD
Listening – The harder they come the harder they fall by Jimmy Cliff, Apocalypso by The Presets, various northern soul compilations and the Specials live at the Carling Academy in Glasgow.
Wearing -  Adidas Berlins, navy M&S cords, neon blue markies polo top, red izod lacoste windcheater and a deerstalker (no seriously, somehow ended up wearing one in the pub last week)
Eating – toasties down the old kingshighway, salt and vinegar quavers, Katmandu chicken from the Nepalese place down from my flat and bananas.


Reading; not Camus' Myths of Sisyphus, despite having the read the first 11 pages on what must be at least 6 occasions. Just started David Katz's Lee Perry Biog "People Funny Boy" though, he crazy man!!!!
Listening; Forever Changing, The Golden Age of Elektra (1963 - 73) boxset.Camera Obscura's "French Navy", Bill Callahan's "Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle", Scott Walker "The Old Man's Back Again (Dedicated to the Neo-Stalinist Regime)"  Tony Christie "Louise" (yeah The owl Eweman League one) Moonboots from last year's Eleccy Elephant, Creedence Clearwater Revival "Graveyard Shift"
Watching; New series' of Flight Of The Conchords & Sarah Silverman, the first episode of Fx' s Testees was a fair old chortle fest of the highest order, but it's been pretty much last since. FC Barcelona - simply breathtaking.
Wearing; Wrangler Tom dry, quilted Olive nylon Clark's Wallabees, Old 80's Woolrich cagoule ($9.99 off eBay & not at all stinky, fact fans), pale blue Marc O'Polo sweatshirt


Mike C

Reading - The Rise of Boris Johnson by Andrew Gimson. Excellent book about a fascinating politician. It's hard not to admire his libertarian spirit, even if his decision to publish the infamous Ken Bigley article in the Spectator still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Also loving a bit of New Humanist magazine and reading about the twats in Parliament courtesy of the Daily Telegraph.
Watching - Bit of Come Dine With Me, The Simpsons and Newsnight etc. Bought The Lost World of Communism on DVD.
Wearing - Three-quarter lengths are back on as the weather's getting better. Check shirts are also plentiful.
Listening to - The Fall, Van Morrison, Scorpion (Wind of Change is my new karaoke track), Von Sudenfed. Jarvis Cocker was also good at the John Lennon Imagine gig for Alder Hey.
Eating - Egg Café. Also did haggis the other night with mashed potato, swede/carrot mash and asparagus.
Playing - Bought a scatch set the other week. Used to love a bit of scatch.



Reading - Cod by Mark Kurlansky - a biography of the fish that changed the world...am I selling it to you swinesters? Peace Kills by PJ O'Rourke - he's still funny, ask any Daily Mail reader
Watching - Endgame -  (the one about the end of apartheid, pronounced ap-a-thite by my Commy grandad who was from Durbun, and half Philipino, Half Irish..insert gag here)
Wearing - nike skylon, adidas zero lt+, bailos ski jacket and levi 501's *in Mick Jagger voice* but not all at once!
Listening to - five off the new mp3 player that I've been ripping cd's to in the last month Bowie - Andy Warhol, Karl Bryan - Money Generator, Jobim - O Morro Nao Tem Vez, Upsetters - Son of T, Ant Man Bee - Beefheart - the great thing about mp3's is you can come across like a proper muso even though I ust copied most of this of Dave's ;0)
Eating - MEET the argie steakhouse, Pauls Place next door to the gulshan, the L18 cafe (brekky £2.95). Owen on the fiveways and westlers hot dogs in the Legion
Playing - racing 5k 5milers and 10k - turns out I'm ace, top 20 finishers against all these Bridge over the River Kwai extras is some achievement if I don't say so mesen


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