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White Lies - Don’t Do it! 

By Liam Ronan 


On June 4th Britons will be able to cast their vote in the European Elections. Many more parties run for the Euros than in the General Election due to the higher chance they have of winning a seat. This is because it isn’t winner takes all like the General Election. Therefore we have seen political campaigns being run by the Christian Party Christian People’s Alliance, Libertas, UKIP and of course, the BNP. 

The latter party has a very good chance of making some real ground in 2009. If elected the BNP will be given a respectable political status. It will be invited on to the news to offer opinions and comments, invited onto panels such as Question Time and interviewed regularly in the newspaper. After all, this is what happened to UKIP. 

I could just say don’t vote for them. They’re potty. But I can understand why people see them as a legitimate option. Over thirty years Britain has climbed the ladders of capitalism under both parties, only to slide back down its slippery snake. The recession seems to have taken us back to square one. We haven’t even tightened the gap between rich and poor- it’s got bigger. People feel that in the end, not much has changed for the better. 

The greed of the eighties took on its own momentum, born into the guise of Thatcherism and nurtured by Blairism, only to ironically crumble in the hands of Gordon Brown, once known as the Iron Chancellor. He promised no return to the economics of boom and bust, but like American writer, Francis Fukuyama, who predicted The End of History, Brown was wrong. 

The matter of MPs Expenses has now tarred all Parliamentarians with the same brush. People hate them. The Speaker, for his part in sticking up for the MPs, has been forced to stand down; the first speaker in 300 years to do so. This record represents the state of politics in 2009; a year of anti-politics and mass-mistrust of politicians, from whatever party.


With distrust in mainstream parties, people are looking for glimmers of hope elsewhere, even in the gutters. Recession, financial instability, job vulnerability, high crime all equals increased paranoia. The BNP have tapped into that paranoia perfectly. Presenting Britons with an alternative and utopian red-blue-and-white-spectacled vision of a Britain. They’ve promised ‘British Jobs for British Workers,’ of which royalties are surely owed to Gordon Brown. 

The BNP are against the EU and the Euro who they regard as robbing Britain of its identity. They’re also opposed to immigration and unemployment- something the BNP sees as going hand in hand. These policies strike a chord with a lot of Britain and not just necessarily white-trash Britain. 

Finally, the BNP say they promise to say what you are thinking. How do they know what you’re thinking, or what I’m thinking for that matter? They don’t even actually say what they think I’m thinking. It’s all very confusing. They’re worse than Bolton’s clubland psychic Clinton Baptiste. 

Their candidate in Yorkshire, Andrew Brons, is a former leader of the National Front and once referred to non-whites as ‘inferior beings.’ But the big boss and Frankly Unbelievable King Nut (or just F.U King Nut for short) is Nick Griffin, standing as their candidate in the North West. Griffin recently branded Ghurkha’s as “mercenaries” who should not be allowed in Britain and claimed England footballers Rio Ferdinand, Theo Walcott and David James were not actually English due to their mixed heritage (In fact, the BNP are that hardcore that during the 2002 World Cup, they refused to follow England for this reason, opting instead for all-white Denmark, whom England later beat).

Nick Griffin’s views on race are abhorrent. He thinks that, “Without the White race, nothing matters. [Other right-wing parties] believe that the answer to the race question is integration and a futile attempt to create 'Black Britons', while we affirm that non-Whites have no place here at all and will not rest until every last one has left our land.” 

Griffin refers to the holocaust as the "hoax of the 20th century," and it’s not just the Jews he dislikes, he also hates homosexuals. When discussing the Soho Pub Bombings he stated that the “TV footage of dozens of ‘gay’ demonstrators flaunting their perversions in front of the world’s journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive.” 

With comments like these how do the BNP get any votes, I hear you ask? An increasing number of people don’t realise the truth behind the fascist BNP. They propel political propaganda to new heights. Mixing myths and stirring stories across the country. In Dagenham they tapped into concern over a lack of cheap affordable housing by claiming there was a secret ‘Africans for Essex’ scheme in which non-whites were given £50,000 grants to buy property in the area and in Sandwell the BNP claimed that a local library building was going to become a mosque. They prey on people’s fears about race and immigration.

Now I’ve presented you with a lot of evidence to show that the BNP really are a nasty party. But unfortunately that will still not stop some people from saying, “relax, it’s a free country,” and other such laid-back remarks. The truth is that it is this laissez faire attitude towards the BNP that has aided their rise to within touching distance of mainstream politics. 

Adolf Hitler used Germany’s economic problems and distrust in mainstream politicians to become leader in 1933. We all know what happened then. British and Allied soldiers sacrificed their lives for our democracy, protecting our freedom of speech. Use your democratic right to vote but please don’t vote for an ideology these soldiers died to stop. Vote for anyone but the BNP. The more votes other parties get, the less they get; it’s that simple.  

We should learn from the lessons of the past and prevent history from being repeated. Use your vote for hope, not hate, on June 4th.



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