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Acoustic Air Raid

By Lavinia Stream

As gigs with a novel twist go, you would be hard pressed to have found a more esoteric (and, in the event, fantastically enjoyable) get-together than the show put on by Harvest Sun Promotions on a thankfully balmy August afternoon. No rockist (I still quote from early 80's editions of the NME) venues such as The Academy, for the ridiculously young Promoters Tom and James, no sir. The gentle line-up positively screamed out for somewhere different, and, so it was, a particularly sizeable crowd gathered at the (colloquially-known) 'bombed-out church' at the top of Bold Street in Liverpool.

Not sure about any advance risk-assessment that had been carried out before, like, as the brickwork appeared as crumbly as a flake in a 70's advert, but, if anything, this only added to the charm.  The atmos' was wonderful, with a pot-pourri of families; hippies (still waiting for Helter Skelter to come down, literally 40 years to the day since the horrors occurred at 10050 Cielo Drive - ask an older relative if you don't know what I'm on about); regular gig-goers; and Ian McNabb with his customary "don't you know who I am?", at the entrance. Beaut.

Anyway, the line-up. The timings were spot-on, and nicely paced, with Pod Cousins; The Grande; Misery Guts; and the seemingly ubiquitous (and very very wonderful) John Head strumming and singing for our delight. The vibe was tremendous - no running-order-squabble-fest here - and John was virtually forced to stay on stage (after his allotted slot) by a small posses of semi-sinister (but cuddly really) looking skins and acolytes (me, Tony Mac and Bud Kenny included). Will someone please release his album?

Great stuff, therefore, and all for - wait for it - five (five!) English pounds. No resting on their laurels, though, for James and Tom.  Next up, forHarvest Sun Promotions, is an event at Williamson's Tunnels, near Smithdown Road (what did I say about novel venues?), headlined by The Maybes?. Friday 9 October is the date for your diary (7). SWINE will deffo be going underground, and recommends that you get yourself down there too. But only if you want to, like.



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