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Fashion Picks

By Shyla Styles

Hi Swine readers, you might remember from such films as Bonin' the Barbarian, Lexington Loves Huge White Tits or Lord of the G-Strings: Dildo Saggins, the Throbbit. Anyway, when I'm not embroiled in a wild crisco soaked orgy, I fancy myself as a female terrace dandy of sorts. Here are my picks for the autumn months, a few choice trabs and some insulated coats that I won't get to wear (the San Fernando Valley is very warm) unless we shoot an improbable film about a haunted ski-lodge (Scooby Doo Me?) romp on location in the Sierra's that is.


Nike Challenger

Following on from their Bermuda and Day Break success, these are available in four colours though the grey ones seem hard to find, these are a great re-issue. Forget about the artificial aging, the quality is there for all to see.


Adidas Jean and Gazelle

Another two re-issued re-issues, at least these are decent efforts which is more than can be said for the continuation of the Trimm Trab abominations. The Jean in particular are great, real quality suede the fit like Jedi slippers.

Micro Insulated Jackets

These jackets are the shizzle, not waterproof but you could always throw a nice thin smock like a Montane or Paramo over them. The four I've chosen are from Bailo, Berghaus, Patagonia and Rab. All four are available in various colours...


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