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Roy Recommends.....

By Roy

Films: Import/Export http://www.importexportmovie.co.uk/  Tsotsi,Bonbon,5x2,Sin Nombre,District 9,My name is Joe,The Corner.
Scran: Host,Moon + Pea,Top Chef,Sizzlaz on county rd,Fish kebabs from Lark Lane farmers market,Jimmyz grill on kenny.
Telly: Fuck all.
Music:Al Usher - Lullaby for Robert,The Superimposers - Seeing is believing,John Martyn - Go down easy,The Fall - Hit the north.
Gigs:CL Smooth @ The Magnet(Sun 4th oct),Yeasayer at Liverpool uni(Oct 10th),John Head at the bombed out church,The Maybes + Mercury13 at the williamson tunnels(Oct 9th), Molly Jones at Liverpool Lighthouse