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By Peter Piper Picked a Pickled Peckenpah 

In a shock move, one of the country’s most senior neo-Nazis has agreed to appear on the BBC's Question Time with controversial Justice secretary, Jack Straw. After being snubbed by the BNP's Nick Griffin, the English Defence League's Tommy McYob and UKIP's Sir Iain Dunkirk-Spirit, finally Max Mosley of the notorious Formula 1 Party agreed to a TV debate with Straw. Said Mosley 'it's important that we fascists engage with the Labour Party no matter how loathesome their policies and beliefs may seem. Some people support Labour because they subscribe to their views. Others do it out of a feeling of despair. We've got to make the argument, and I'm delighted to do so." The BBC is under fire from anti-Labour organisations for inviting Straw onto their flagship politics programme but a spokesman remained unrepentant ' the Labour Party is a legitimate political party and whether you like it or not has attracted millions of voters and we have to accept that.' 

Michael Shields was unavailable for comment