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White Mountain Gore-Tex Wind Stopper Wool Etarmin Blizzard Jacket, quite a mouthful but a beautiful coat from them fashion crazy sandal wearing goldfish-tenders. 90k yen, think that translates to the cost of a second hand MR2


Bowmore Chevalite -
A classic, well-equipped Tweed jacket with a waterproof Chevalite membrane. Lined for extra warmth. The jacket has two handwarmer pockets, two base pockets with hookable flaps, a radio pocket, Napoleon pocket and a bloodproof pocket on the back. Adjustable at waist and hem. Leather details around pockets, windflap and collar.

Sealand Beater Jacket - Dave begged me not to put this in but he can piss off, you've had it for six months pal



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