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Are you looking for something? Searching in vain? Why not email me with your wants list?

Original CD's wanted of these...
Can offer swap on any UT stock CD up to £12 in exchange for a new original CD, or £9 exchange for a m/m original CD

Esa Kotilainen - AJATUSLAPSI - apparently now on CD from Love Records
Ohm - 02 (USA 90's psych outfit) - I have the Timothy's Brain LP
Michael Stearns - ANCIENT LEAVES - I have the Continuum Montage LP
Stern-Combo Meissen - WEISSES GOLD - I have the Amiga: LP
Stomu Yamash'ta - IROHA: TEN/CHI - I have the RVC: 2LP

Excepting those items above, I'm not after actual releases unless cheap! There are very few things that I actually want/need for myself. Generally I'm researching, clutching at straws. As much of this stuff is liable to be of little or no interest to us, a recording/copy is usually adequate. We are primarily just interested in hearing the items below, maybe as a cassette or CDR copy, and/or we can barter/swap. But, please do not offer us anything that is crackly or of poor quality.

Live/demo/session recordings...
preferably excellent quality or better!

Can "Senoussi" 14'28" on BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 18/11/75 video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi) and/or music (broadcast quality only)
- the track supplied to me recently as "Senoussi" from the "Spoon over Babaluma" bootleg LP was not, but was "Tony Wanna Go"
Wolfgang Dauner Et Cetera - Moers Festival June 1973
Ibliss - Moers Festival June 1972
Kraan - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Klaus Doldinger's Passport - Montreux Jazz Festival, 24 June 1972 music or video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Secret Oyster - Old Grey Whistle Test 1975 video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Supersister - John Peel Session, 20/03/1973 [03/04/1973] Pudding And Yesterday
The Michal Urbaniak Group with Urszula Dudziak - Montreux Jazz Festival, 14 June 1971 music or video (dvd, wmv, mpeg, avi)
Stomu Yamashta's East Wind - John Peel Session, 07/03/1974 [14/03/1974] Hey Man / Optical Dream / Wind Words / One By One
Frank Zappa / Mothers - Grand Wazoo Comic Book Extravaganza (preferably from the bootleg CD)

TV specials: There was a series in the 1980's (BBC 2, I think) about experimental guitarists, with programmes on: Fred Frith, Ron Geesin, Brian Godding and others. Would be nice if someone's got them archived. Not bothered about the Hans Reichel and Derek Bailey episodes! Also, there was a series about avant-gardists, including one about Trevor Wishart and his "Scrapyard Symphony" and another about Tim Souster. There were also Ligeti and Stockhausen documentaries on BBC 2 that I'd like to get again!

Also found these listed, not sure if they're downloadable or of what quality...
Hatfield & The North - CHEAP PHILOSOPHY (Highland HL398) - Rainbow Theatre, London 1975.3.16
National Health - DREAMS WIDE AWAKE (Canterbury Dream CTD-007/8) - Pathway Studio Demos 1975.10 + BBC Top Gear 1976.2.17, 1976.9.21, 1977.11.9 + The Bottom Line, NY 1979.11.7
National Health - THE NORTHERN LIGHTS-POLAR LIGHTS (Highland HL382/383) - School of Economics, London 1976.2.14 + Pathway Studio Demos 1975.10 + BBC Top Gear 1976.9.21
National Health - PUBLIC HYGIENE (Canterbury Dream CTD-009) - Collegiate Theatre 1976.12.17

From Tonkraft Radio, Sweden...
Anna Själv Tredje - 19/8/78
Arbete & Fritid - 12/1/74, 12/12/79
Archimedes Badkar - 23/2/77
Art Zoyd - 10/10/79
Berits Halsband - 13/10/73, 18/12/74 (9/12/74 according to Tonkraft LP)
Energy - 20/4/74
Etron Fou Leloublan - 23/8/78
Hörselmat (Janne Schaffer) - 13/4/74
Kaipa - 30/10/74, 6/10/76
Kebnekaise - 12/11/72, 1/12/73, 16/7/75
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - 8/9/73
Moose Loose - 5/1/77
Oriental Wind - 10/11/76
Piirpauke - 7/4/76
Popol Vuh (Norway) - 16/10/74
Ragnarök - 30/10/74, 4/2/76
Terje Rypdal Odyssey - 8/1/75
Samla Mammas Manna - 23/3/74, 29/10/75
Secret Oyster - 24/9/75
Solar Plexus - 11/9/74
Splash - 12/3/75
Tasavallan Presidentti - 28/4/73
Jukka Tolonen Band - 1/9/75
Trace - 21/5/75
Trettioåriga Kriget - 25/5/74, 1/12/76
Zamla Mammas Manna - 2/5/79

In fact, if you have any live recordings or radio sessions (of fine quality) that may be of interest, let me know!

Acanthus - LE FRISSON DE VAMPIRES (film soundtrack) the album, not the Jean Rollin soundtrack compilation
Gil Mellé - EMBRYO (film soundtrack) assuming an album exists
v/a - THE SHOUT (film soundtrack) assuming an album exists

German/Krautrock wants...
Grace Yoon & Roman Bunka - EARBORN
Der Chef - Bambule Rock / Feuer Auf Der Dragonia (Brain 511) - Jane incognito - 7" single
Epidermis - IN JUNE
ES - IN CONCERT (Fran L-00210, 1977) Not "Wham Bang"
Peter Frohmader - NEKROPOLIS '81, VOL.2 (cassette)
Peter Frohmader - NEKROPOLIS '81, VOL.3 (cassette)
Peter Frohmader - we already have NEKROPOLIS '81, VOL.1 & VOL.4 (cassettes)
Kling Klong - LIEBEN SIE IHREN KÜHLSCHRANK, Schneeball 1038
Günter Lenz Springtime - ZNEL, and ROARING PLENTIES - need to hear again!
Message - Sunshine Girl / Bubble Gum, 7" Bellaphon BL 1158 (1971)
Opus - VORSICHT ZERBRECHLICH, LP private 66.23632 (1988)
Palais Schaumburg - Rote Lichter / Macht Mich Glücklich Wie Nie (Zick Zack ZZ 023) - 7" single
Locko Richter Agreement - HIGHWAYS, LP private (198?)
Locko Richter Agreement - FULL OF ZASADZKAS, LP private (1988)
Matthias Thurow's Panmusion Orchestra - WE ARE FIRED, LP Cluster B 7701 (1977)
Asmus Tietchens - MUSIK UNTER TAGE, MC (Aeon AE 009)
Yatra - THE THIRD EYE, MC (199?)
Yatra - COMEBACK, CD private (2000)
v/a - KLEEBLATT NO. 16 "Jazz Kaleidoskop", LP Amiga 8 56 141 (1985) featuring Yatra

German/Krautrock unknowns / possible wants...
Abakus - SPIELZEUG, LP private 10025 (1981) - reputedly good heavy-prog
Antares - anything - supposedly good neo-prog
Artischock - BESORG'S DIR! (View/Good Noise VGNS 2010) - Berlin rock band?
Claus Böhmler - FERNSEHEN NACHSTE WOCHE VORGELESSEN - excellent electronic?
The Bridge - MACHINE - Hannover band, prog, hard-rock, or what?
Cake - THE WAY (RSM 82004) - Any good?
Ca Lingo - THE COMPLETE LINE (View/Good Noise VGNS 2021) - Any good?
Carry On - CARRY ON (private 16098201) - Any good?
Catfish - TRANSACTOR (Cain CL 5819) - Any good?
Ceoltory - THE OTHER WORLD (Maple Leaf MLR 1998226) - Any good?
Chin-Chat - INTRODUCING (Ariola 207 096) - Any good?
Circle - FOREIGN SKIES - supposedly good neo-prog
Ali Claudi - BOOGIE JEANS, INTERLUDE - Former Gomorrha guitarist
Ulrich Cop - WIE JEDERMANN GEBOREN UND GESTORBEN - backing band is Spektakel (pre-SFF), but is it of interest?
Courage - COURAGE (Boccaccio BO LP 263) - Any good?
Crumb - THE DAY WHEN MR. GOODBAR... (Polydor 2376 110) - Any good?
Deutschdenck - KALTER LÄRM - WEIßE STILLE - Any good?
Fire Group - SAME (Sound SPA 1576) - Any good?
Flexable - RE-FLEXABLE, CD (2000) - Any good?
Fliegenpilz - AUßER-KONKURRENZ, LP private FLP 001 (1981) - Any good?
Gaia - ALL IN GREEN - Any good?
Galahad - SIR GALAHAD - said to be neo-folk prog
Grendel - THE FIRST CURTAIN - listed as "dark Gothic"
Hans Hartmann - HARTMANNS STICKSTOFF, LP Ordnung & Hartmann Records (?) - any good?
Japotage - JAPOTAGE, Frog 85007 - looks intriguing
Kernbeisser - BROKDORFER KANTATE - project of P.P. Zahl and others
Key - VERSCHLÜSSELT - Any good?
Dave King - WILDCAT, CD (Off The Wall Records OTW-9501) 1995 - Any good?
Meisenfloo - MEISENFLOO, Lagua 60723 - Any good?
Movin' On - JAZZ IN DER FABRIK - Any good?
Movin' On - 3 albums by: Albert Mangelsdorff, Bruno Spoerri, Ernst Reijseger, & Reto Weber
Mut - ÄMOL IS KÄMOL - Any good?
Nimbus - NIMBUS - said to be a bit like Matching Mole
Pack - PACK - ex Sameti - Any good?
Panarama - CAN THIS BE PARADISE - Any good?
Paradise - PARADISE, LP Cain CL 5818 - Any good?
Patanga - PATANGA, LP ? (1983) - ethnic fusion?
Pinocchio Jazz Erotic - same, MC Transmitter TC 28 - ex-Xhol
Quintus Project - MOMENTS, private NGM-L 001 - Any good?
Repent Walpurgis - THE OUTSIDER - Any good?
Riot - GREEN AND BLUE, and BLACK HILL - some sort of fusion? on Nagara
Rockvogel - ROCKVOGEL - Any good?
Klaus Röder - KOMPOSITIONEN - Any good?
Saitensprung - ICH WOLLT, and DASS DER AM KRAGEN HING - Any good?
Saubermanns Weibchen - PAUSCHALREISE INS INNERE..., Hicoton BTL 666
Scara Brea - SCARA BRAE - Any good?
Schlammpeitziger - ERDRAUCHHARNSCHLECK, Entenpfuhl EMM LP 04 - Any good?
Sodom - GUTEN MORGEN - Any good?
Anselm Spring - ICH BIN... (Aladin 1C 066-32 563) - of any interest?
Springflut - KINDER DES MONDES - ex SFF
Streamline - SAME, View VS 0026 - Any good?
Suedama - SAME (View/Good Noise VGNS 2022) - Any good?
Syncrisis - SUNNY CRISIS - Any good?
Voices - THE STORY OF THE RINGS, VOX-2001-84 - Any good?
Manni von Bohr - MANNIFEST (Blue Flame 39850242) - is it of any interest?
Reto Weber (solo) - LOVE PERCUSSION SONG (Gold LP 11067) - Any good?
Yggdrasil - Out Along The Highway / Tango Blackout, 7" private SYD 030 AB
Zeberon - ZEBERON, and MULLBINDE - Any good?

Italian wants...
Banco - BANCO (Manticore LP) - only from the Jap CD (Victor Entertainment Japan VICP-63232 Japan 2005) if it is from master tapes.
I have the LP, but it'd save me a clean-up job! Of course, if anyone can supply the Japanese CD at a reasonable price, I'm interested!

see also: Italian Wants and/or Need To Hear, etc.

Other definite wants...
preferably from a source ex+ or better please!

André Almuro - L' ENVOL / AMBITUS (BAM LD 6018)
André Almuro - DÉPLI (Elica MPO-3330) CD
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes - ELECTRUM, LP Victor (1970)
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes - GET UP, LP RCA (1975)
Mackenzie Theory - OUT OF THE BLUE (Mushroom MRL 34925)
Melody - YESTERLIFE, LP Disques Vogue LDA 20278 - even though it's not reputed to be great!
The Oroonies - LIKE YEAST WE RISE - MC (1986)
The Oroonies - EI EI O (198?)
Cheapsuit Oroonies - FEELIN ROOTI - MC (1995)
Marie-Claude Robert - INDUSTRIES (Montparnasse 2000 MP20) library LP
Masaki Satoh & New Herd Orchestra - YAMATAI-FU (Toshiba, 1972) No.21 in Julian Cope's Japanese top 50
Stomu Yamashita & Masahiko Satoh - METEMPSYCHOSIS (Columbia, 1972) No.34 in Julian Cope's Japanese top 50

I have, but need better copies...
preferably from a source ex+ or better please!

Agamemnon - AGAMEMNON - I have a cassette recording but it's a bit warbly and not possible to clean-up
Coto-En-Pel - HOLOCAUST (Nevada ND-5021) - from the Nevada LP original - Not the horrible Laser's Edge CD!
Osmosis - OSMOSIS (USA early 70's with Charlie Mariano) - I have a cassette recording from a g-vg RCA LP, which I tried to clean-up but gave up on. Apparently a CD issue exists (issued by a band member) who I emailed a few times with no reply. So, a copy of that would do nicely!
Pataphonie - PATAPHONIE (Pôle 003) - from the Pôle original, ex+ or better only please!
Randy Pie - RANDY PIE (Zebra) - surprised that no CD of this has appeared on Repertoire or Revisited yet! I have the UK issue issued as "Sightrseeing Tour" which is a promo not that great quality pressing, from which I tried to do a clean-up of, but...
Adrian Wagner - DISTANCES BETWEEN US (Atlantic: LP) I have an original LP which is now well-worn & crackly (badly worn sizzle on the Mellotron too), so I need a recording from a mint or ex+ LP, not from the Music Suite CD which is remixed & ruined!

Recommended to us, curiosities, or unknown. Are these of interest?...
Many are unknowns in Dag's "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" & "Aga's DB" that look interesting.

Emmanuel Booz - LE RESTAURANT D“ALICE (Barclay 920 186)
Butler - BUTLER (Family FLY 215) New Zealand 1973, apparently: Great "Hendrix-like" guitar progressive by Maori band
Epos - ETERNITY (Polydor, 1975) Japanese unknown
Fumio & Osamu - SHIN CYUGOKU (Atlantic L-6063, 1972) pre-Far Out, apparently "Fantastic mystic, magical psych progressive"
Funny Company - FUNNY FARM (Atlantic, 1975) Japanese unknown
Michel Gonet - PHASING NEWS - VOLUME 1 (Tele Music TM 3066) 1976
Les Goths - Le Jour Était Gris / Out Of The Sun (Odean FO144) psych freak-beat?
Hand - EVERYBODY'S OWN (Evasion EV100 303, 1972) Swiss folk-psych?
Madrigal - MADRIGAL (Spyder Productions ARA 136) reputedly crazed New York basement freakout psych
Osiris - IN THE MIDST OF TIME (Sound Of Poppy, 1980) Japanese unknown
Synchro Rhythmic Eclectic Language - SAME (LAMBI) (Moshe-Naim 12 007) experimental fusion?
Yahash“ta & The Horizon - SUNRISE FROM WEST SEA (1971) Yamash'ta & Masahiko Sato
Zaratustra - SU MUSICA... SU FILOSOFIA (Tizoc TVRC 40001, 1970) Mexican weirdness

Edip Akbayram - 4LP's apparently some of the best Turkish prog/psych. True?

found on the "Keymap" records gallery of avant garde rarities...
mostly electronic curiosities, previously unknown to us.

Jorge Antunes - Musica Eletronica (Joias Musicais LP.15003) Brazil 1975 - if this is different to material on SAVAGE SONGS
Jorge Antunes - ”No Se Mata La Justicia! (Sistrum LPS 3002) Brazil 1981 - if it's of any interest!?
Easley Blackwood - TWELVE MICROTONAL ETUDES FOR ELECTRONIC MUSIC MEDIA (E-639) USA 1980 - looks curious
Romolo Grano - MUSICA ELETTRONICA VOLUME 1 (Joker SM 3505) Italy 1973
Bengt Hambraeus - CONCRETE AND SYNTHESIZER MUSIC (McGill University Records 76001) Canada 1976
Toru Takemitsu - CROSS TALK; SKY, HORSE AND DEATH; etc. (Philips 6527 003)
Toru Takemitsu - STANZA NO.1; SACRIFICE; RING; VALERIA (Deutsche Grammophon MG 2139) Japan 1969

French 1970/80's acts of possible interest...

Arc - MAQUETTA (KO 800413) 1980 French prog
Hybride - CA N'A PAS D'IMPORTANCE (FLVM 3016) Ange related 1977 heavy prog, apparently
Kennlisch - KENNLISCH (private, 1976) reputedly French trippy folk with electronics
Synthesis - SYNTHESIS (ARC ZAL 2005) 1977 French supergroup

7" singles...
Aleph - ? (1970)
Alpha Beta (1971)
Ange - ? (1970) 1er 45t
Animation (1971)
Athena (1976)
Berenice (1971)
Checkers (1971)
Chico Magnetic Band - Girls Of Ocean / Phantasm (197?)
Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Or Not / Inverse Pop (197?)
Cristal (1971)
Crystal Eyes (1978)
Egregie - Les Monts Des Oliviers / ? (1969)
Epta - Lers Nuits Sans Lune / ? (1968)
Incidence (1980)
Iris (1972) 2 singles, non-LP?
Komintern - Fou, Roi, Pantin / Elle Était Belle (1971)
Maya - Endless Road / Blind Man's Bluff (1970)
Metabolisme - Highway / Over You (1979)
Moebius Bottle - O My Mother / ? (1970)
Olaf - Rue Du Despoir / ? (1978)
Orosgone (1977)
Reincarnation (1975)
A Sacris - Osanna / ? (1971)
Sanctus (1975)
Substance (1972)
Tac Poum Systeme - Asmodai / Il Fait Bon (TPS 001) & other singles, apparently on some French freakbeat sampler
Triptyque (1970)
The Twilights (1970)
Voyage - Big Whale / Outer Tombe (1970)
Zeugma (1978)

Clues and more info welcome. Some of the musicians we know as members of bands, but not solo. Some may never have released anything!
Georges Acogny, Algue, Ananke, Anatheme, Anches Doo Too Cool, Angel/Maimone Enterprise, Anubis, L'Assemblée, Atome
Beautiful Losers, Belle De Jour, Bestiole, Bex-Jouvelet, Big Band De Guitares, Pierre Blanchard, Olivier Bloch-Laîné, Blues Convention (pre Magma?), Didier Bonin, Bønø, Bunny Brunel, B3 Sud, Bulldozer, Burning
Caribou, Sylvain Carrel, Pascal Chassin, Lenis Chorea, Xavier Cobo, Complot (experimental wave? Any more clues?), Laurent Cugny
Philippe Delettrez, André Demay, Philippe Deschepper, Deux Filles (Brits rather than French... "ambient pop" true?), Patrick Dietsch, Distance, Doc Daïl, Dolphin Orchestra, Dubar-Jérôme-Victor, Dynamo
Ena, Endeka, Entre Chiens Et Loups, Carol Escoffier, Est-Ce Bien Raisonnable (quirky free jazz ?), Extra-Muros
Pierre Fanen, Philippe Farré, Flying Padovani, Fmr, Jean-Pierre Fouquey, Denis Fournier
Galigaï, Richard Galliano, Général Alcazar, Richard Gilly, Raphaël Gimenez, Doudou Gouirand, Guidon Edmond et Clafoutis, Claude Guillan
Hazard, Antoine Hervé, Horn Stuff, Benoît Hutin, Olivier Hutman
Antoine Illouz, Imbroglio, Introversion
Jean-Marc Jaffet, Jazz Virus Quartet, George Jinda, Johnny Be Crotte
M.F.A. Kera, Korman
Richard Lable, Eric Lelann, Bruno Letort
Magicia, Martin Dupont, Master Key, Jean-Christian Michel, Alain Mion, Monsieur D, Morning Calm (rural rock ?), Alain Moullé
Ogoun Ferraille, Opale, Origine, Oz Quartet
Papillon, Michel Perez, Petites Annonces, Phoenix, Pouin Final, Procédé Guimard Delaunay, Punch
Rackman-Le-Rouge, Bertrand Renaudin, Bertrand Richard, Rock Feller (experimental rock akin to Germain-Hubert Ales ?), Roger La Honte, Rotomagus
Christian Sarcloret, Paul Semana, Sepia, Coreen Sinclair, Sixun, Sherwood, Skuas, Solstice, Synthesis (1971)
Thalassa, T.N.T.H. (brassrock a-la Brainchild and Swegas ?), Tohu, Transport Terrestre, Tribu, Alain Tristan, Trouble
Valeriana, Jean-Pau Verdier, Marie-Blanche Vergne, Villa Borghese, Virus
West African Cosmos, Wild Beauty Of Sadness, Raymond Winter, Patrice Witt, Working Progress
Louis Xavier
Yecta Plus Band
Michel Zacha, Zadri & Mo, Zeugma, Zig-Zag (1972), Zig-Zag (1982), Zorgones (pre-Magma?)

Probably all so-so folk?....
Croque Mitaine - LA CHANSON DU FOU
Galorn - two albums
Paturages - UN CHANT D'AMOUR

Unknowns on Tom Hayes' CD reissue wish list...
Clues and more info welcome. Anything brilliant here?

Aquarelle - s/t (Canada) 1978, as CD: Sous Un Arbre
Aquarelle - Live a Montreux (Canada)
Chemical - s/t (England) [RockROM lists "Hex" 1993]
Cherokee Mist - Anthem of the Moon (England) [RockROM lists "Gathering Of The Tribes" 1994]
Eden - s/t (Canada)
Etoifilan - s/t (Canada)
Exciting Uptight Band - Young a GoGo (Japan)
Genshi-Kyodotai - s/t (Japan)
Inada (Yasuo) & Bemi Family - Kankaku Shikou (Japan) classical prog?
Leveillee (Claude) - Black Sun (Canada) 1978 symphonic concept prog?
Liettya Project - Sturm (Finland)
Nishin - Dai Dai (Japan)
Planes - I'll Remember the Landscape on Your Face (Germany) ??? - apparently Planes I already have
Saisei-Koubou - s/t (Japan)
Seventh Seal - s/t (Japan)
Think - We'll Give You a Buzz (New Zealand)
Yokota (Toshiaki) & the Beat Generation - Flute Adventure (Japan)
Yokota (Toshiaki) - Young Young Flute (Japan)


If you know of any brilliant albums that aren't in our collection, wants, or other pages on this site, then we'd like to know!
You see, there are bound to be other awesome revelations like The Beat Of The Earth (whom we'd never heard of until very recently),
who turn out to be pre-Friendsound (same organist), or Japanese esoterica like Kimio Mizutani or People, and we only just recently
discovered there was a third Atila album. There's bound to be many other things we're missing.
Our basic tastes are Krautrock, experimental/cosmic/space-rock, the more unusual (less vocal) end of prog, jazz-rock (more solo driven,
rock & ethnic spiced, rather than fiddly/technical), non-genre electronic and cross-culture, 1970's Euro-rock/prog, some synth, ethnic, etc.
Some favourite bands? What do we already have? See our collection list!
What do we already know? Check the A-Z list of over 4,700 prog & experimental artists in our UT Web Encyclopedia!

Note: Some items on this page we may have previously had but forgot about. A small front cover jpg may jog my memory!

Do you have anything that we're after? Contact me by email to discuss:

Reference files for swappers, we've been offered copies of...


[ref. above LG]

Can - 1972-05-08 Colchester - 2 CDs - rather naff quality, hmmmm...
Happy Family - 1993 - actually the 1991 live material, poorer quality in a different order!

ref. above FF

ref. above MI

Distance - Moshi Moshi - 1981 - wrong - is Guru Guru's "Moshi Moshi" !!!!!

ref. above EMarins

Ward & Fedrizzi,
Vos Voisons - s/t (Canada)
Avel Nevez - Servis Compris (France) 1979

ref. above Dimitris

So, these are not currently wants, unless we don't get them!