Although my recent work has been mostly programming I`m still available to take on animation jobs.

My work experience in the animation industry from 1989:

Flash Animation and artwork for websites (Catalyst Pictures Ltd, 2001)

`ALBIE` tv series (Cosgrove Hall Films, 2001)

MEADOW VOLE ANIMATION SEQUENCE (Zelig Productions, 2000) animator

PHATS & SMALL `Feel Good` music promo (Fat City Films,1999)

`BILLY` (Fat City Films,1999) animator

`FLYING CIRCUS` (working title) (Cosgrove Hall Films,1998/99)

`ARCTIC SONG` (Zelig Productions,1998) animator

`WOLVES,WITCHES & GIANTS` (Honeycomb Animation,1997 &1998) animator

`CAPTAIN PANTS` (Fat City Films,1998) animator

`LITTLE MONSTERS` (Fat City Films,1998) layouts

Promo for Ocean Software (Keyteam,1998) animator

`CAPTAIN STAR` (Cosgrove Hall Films,1997) animator

`THE BLOBS` (Siriol Prodcutions,1996) animator

`DISCWORLD` (Cosgrove Hall Films,1996) assistant animator

`WILLIAMS WISH WELLINGTONS` (Hibbert Ralph Ent,1995) assistant animator

`THE FORGOTTEN TOYS` (Hibbert Ralph Entertainment,1995) assistant animator

`TEDDY RHYMES` (Jo Pullen Productions,1994) animator

`WISHING` (Catalyst Pictures,1993) animator

`THE AVENGER PENGUINS` (Cosgrove Hall Films,1993/94) assistant animator

`FUNNYBONES` (Cartwn Cymru,1991/92) animator

`DANGERMOUSE` (Cosgrove Hall Productions,1989/90) assistant animator

Relevant education:


Animation & TV graphics diploma course 1976 to 1979