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Though it was time to tidy up the site and repair some of the bits that no longer work. It will probably all stop working now :-(
Results following the F250/F400 round at Croft

Video clips - from 2002 for Rich Saunders monster tumble in the second F400at Cadwell and video clip of John Buchan's and Pete Lodge's coming together at the Bus Stop. I am afraid no more video they are no longer allowed and anyway all the kit was stolen. (18 Oct 2003)

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OK 2004 was a laid back year doing just enough to win the KR Cup and keep the packs of RGVs at bay. Work meant I missed a few important rounds so a serious crack at the F400 wasn't on. Head didn't click until late in the year when we went from an also ran to winning - won an F400 race at Cadwell.
For 2005 we have one well sorted bike, this years, putting out somewhere around 65 hp. Plus over the winter I am going to build the bike I have always been on about - fully programmable ignition, TZ250 forks and brakes, you name it it will have it. For 2005 we are going to have a serious go at the Derby Phoenix F400 (how many times have I said that?).

This web site will continue to report the team's progress over the course of the season. It should also hopefully be a source of useful information for those just starting, or thinking about starting racing. We will also keep you updated on the progress of the KR Cup

KR Cup- Up and running within the Derby Phoenix F400 rounds. Add yourself plus bike to the Cup

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