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The Premier League (TPL) is a postal football game based on the United system which was invented by Alan Parr. The rules used in TPL were devised by Martin Burroughs, and are rather more complex than the originals. TPL is now in its seventh season. Unlike this web site, the 'zine itself is of course a masterpiece of good design (no, really.)

TPL is primarily a postal league, although some players do submit orders by email. There is a charge to play: This is currently 8 per season or part of, payable to a charity of your choice. There are no extra charges of any sort.


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Issue 74(PDF)
Issue 75, October 2003. Reviews of Coloretto and Pacru, Mind Sports Olympiad news, Dave Gittins moans about British athletics.
Issue 74(PDF)
Issue 74, July 2003. Review of Balloon Cup, the Premier League Shield final, and a lot of debate on the future of backroom staff.
Issue 73(PDF)
Issue 73, May 2003. Review of ZooSIM, and a plug for the Mind Sports Olympiad, plus the usual.
Issue 72(PDF)
Issue 72, March 2003. Not a very chatty issue, with a short review of Druidenwalzer, Frankenstein Sound Lab the zine, and the results of Non-League Connections, plus the usual results service and rant from Dave Gittins
Issue 71(PDF)
Issue 71, Jan 2003. Contains the usual results etc, plus game reviews, convention news, music and fillums.

Rules for Season 7(PDF)
Full rules.

Order Form (Excel)
Basic order form in spreadsheet format. Updated: New form with improved formatting and some inbuilt checking.

Contact Details

The Premier League is run by Martin Burroughs, who can be contacted at;
15 New Earth St,
(United Kingdom)

or phone 0161 626 1580

or email Martin Burroughs


  • Postal or Email Football Games
    • Beppiland Tiro Rete (link not yet in place)
      A bilingual Italian United game, run by Christian Repetti, that runs to rules descended from those in The Premier League. The Italian United hobby (they call it Tiro. . .Rete) started off when one of my ex-players, Massimo Monciardini, started a league on Fidonet (which used to be a major if anarchic network before the Internet really took off). Last I heard, the Italian hobby had taken off well, and was up to 8 leagues. This was some years ago though. Mainly an electronic game, it is (or used to be) also possible to play postally.
    • Puma and TOTL (email)
      An email link to Pete Burrows, who runs two United leagues as above. These leagues are very regular, with a colour zine and the ability to play by email.
    • Mike Parnaby's Site
      Mike Parnaby comments on the PBM games (mostly United or similar) that he plays in, so this is a good source of information for those looking for more games. He also runs a Subbutteo league, and apparently runs a postal Tennis game, although there don't seem to be any details on the latter.
  • Play By Mail Other Than Football Games
    • PBM List
      A phenomenal list of postal and (primarily) email games. Hits many of the web-based games Flagship still misses, and has a lot of detail on most games. Well worth a visit just to be amazed at the numbers of games present. Once you get there, try going up a directory to see info about the strange (in a nice way) guy who upkeeps the site.
    • Unquiet Slumbers
      Horror game, based in a Lovecraftian world of mysteries man was not meant to know. Run by Frank Blades, this game uses a cross between En Garde! and Call of Cthulhu plus some honest to goodness roleplaying to make a superb background. Formerly zine-based, Unquiet Slumbers is now internet based only.
    • Flagship
      Link currently not working
      The long-standing postal games magazine. This is the only magazine covering both 'zine' games and 'professional' games, and it now also has worthwhile coverage of internet games, computer games, and board games. Well produced and regular, Flagship has now passed 100 issues while it's rivals have long since gone. While the website is currently awful, the magazine isn't! So the best thing to do is to go to the site and hit subscribe!
  • Board Games and Other Games Links
    • Pacru
      Pacru is an intriguing 2 player board game that was reviewed in issue 75. This site shows you what the board looks like, and lets you download software to play the game.
    • The Big Game Hunter
      AKA Bruce Whitehill. Bruce used to write for magazine Games Games Games, and wrote quite often on historic games. His site is a good jumping off point for board games in general, and for historical topics in particular.
    • Board Game Studies
      The academic journal for board games, focusing on historical and developmental topics rather than say artificial intelligence. Looks expensive to subscribe, but you can read useful abstracts on the site here.
    • 34 Dart Drive
      Mark Stretch's website, covering all sorts of game-related stuff, from Acquire to Settlers, and non-games stuff, from Accountancy to Star Wars.
    • Bishop Games
      A rather nice shop in Coventry, stocking an excellent range of games (the only shop in the UK which stocks Balancing Moon?) Bishop Games is run by Geoff Hawker, who was at one time the editor of a games zine whose name I forget. He doesn't play postal games any more, but is making a very good job of running a games shop. Recommended.
  • Games Conventions
    I'd like to give links for Manorcon and Stabcon, but the former has a badly out of date website, while the latter really doesn't need any more players, so. . .
    • Towercon
      There are only two games conventions in the North West of England, and this is the other one! I have never (yet) attended, but it promises an interesting mix of games, including an ongoing En Garde! game.
    • Mind Sports Olympiad
      Having said that, the Mind Sports Olympiad has now moved (on a permanent basis, allegedly) to Manchester. MSO is a 10 day convention, with competitions in everything from Settlers to Chess to Poker. Can be a bit serious, but hopefully we can give it a more relaxed feel now its moved to a civilised part of the world.
  • A Selection Of Other Stuff
    • Finnytribe
      Site currently down
      Site run by Sabine, who does the websites for the council I work for. She also does design work, which is what this site is all about. Her links...are odd!
    • The Skeptics Dictionary
      Neat site, try especially the Skeptics Refuge. Weird and wonderful info, and (in the refuge) refutation of stupidity.
    • Mike Keith's World of Words and Numbers
      A fascinating site if you like words and numbers. Mike is particularly keen on palindromes and similar word patterns, plus Pi & prime numbers and additionally has an excellent page on James Branch Cabell (wonderful much-overlooked author.) Said page is complete with a picture of his Cabell tattoo, which is perhaps going a bit far, but all the more interesting for it.
    • Frankenstein Sound Lab
      A mail order music site, with good (or at least eclectic) taste. The links page is particularly fun.
    • Radical Statistics Group
      Something of a contradiction in terms perhaps, but I like their style! Statisticians rebelling against the status quo, sort of.
    • Xenu's Link Sleuth
      The home page of a really great bit of free software which lets you check all links within and from your website. It detects broken links of all sorts, and even tells you about orphan pages. Highly recommended.
    • Metaspy
      A strangely addictive view on the queries other people are currently making on search engines.
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