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The Club was set up in Leighton Buzzard at Brooklands Residents Association Main Hall in Garden Leys by Colin Wilsher 3rd Dan in the early 1980's, he also had a spin-off club which ran for a good few years at a school in Tring. Following a hectic and successful few years Colin moved from the area.

He handed over the running of the Club to Shan Bryans and Duncan Ward in 1988 and they have run the club and instructed for the past sixteen years.

During the 1980's there was a surge of interest in the Martial Arts following the Karate Kid Films. At that point they had a waiting list of people wanting to join and a very large childrens class.

In the mid 1990's following an interest by members in competition sparring a temporary Monday Night Class was started to cater for the extra training required at that time in sparring.

The Instructors regularly attend courses in different styles and techniques including weapons and a weapons syllabus has recently been added to the basic syllabus for high grades.

In the past the club has run specialised Self Defence Courses alongside the main class for groups of people interested in that aspect of Martial Arts only. Althougth street self defence training is very much part of the clubs syllabus.


  www.taikido-karate.co.uk - For Info - Tel Jason on 01525 374912 email - taikido.freestyle@tiscali.co.uk Training Venue:- Brooklands Club Main Hall, Garden Leys, Brooklands Drive, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 3PQ