Our Lady's Dowry


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Our Lady's Dowry tells the Catholic story of England, from the first century to the twentieth. Until the 1500s it is a large story, synonymous with the history of Christianity in England. From the Reformation onwards it becomes the story of a persecuted remnant, and how that small community survived persecution and martyrdom to emerge back into the mainstream of English life in the twentieth century. It is not a Catholic history of England, in that it focuses only on religious history rather than focusing on the whole story of English history from a Catholic perspective. It is also not a history of British Catholicism as a whole. For most of the timespan of British Christianity, England, Scotland, and to a lesser extent Ireland and Wales, were separate countries. Although there are occasional excursions to other parts of the British Isles, the book focuses specifically on England.


My hope is that this book will ultimately be published, and I am making this online copy available solely for the use of families using the Mater Amabilis Catholic Charlotte Mason curriculum. Please do not distribute copies outside your family, or pass this private website address to others without my permission. 


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Glastonbury Thorn: St.Joseph of Arimathea
Chapter 2 The First Martyr: St.Alban
Chapter 3 From Britain to Ireland: St.Patrick
Chapter 4 The Isle of Iona: St.Columba
Chapter 5 Not Angles but Angels: St.Augustine
Chapter 6 Apostle of the North: St.Aidan
Chapter 7 Brother Bishops: St.Cedd and St.Chad
Chapter 8 The Abbess and the Cowherd: St.Hilda and St.Caedmon
Chapter 9 The Glory of the North: Art and Literature in the Celtic Church
Chapter 10 The New Monks: St.Dunstan
Chapter 11 A Royal Saint: St.Edward the Confessor
Chapter 12 England's Nazareth: Our Lady of Walsingham
Chapter 13 Bishops From Bec: The Church and the Norman Kings
Chapter 14 Murder at Canterbury: St.Thomas Becket
Chapter 15 From England to Jerusalem: The Crusades
Chapter 16
The White Monks: St.Gilbert Harding and St.Aelred of Rievaulx
Chapter 17 Quarrel with the Pope: The Church and King John
Chapter 18 The Coming of the Friars: Franciscans, Dominicans and St.Simon Stock
Chapter 19 Prayers in Stone: Medieval Cathedrals
Chapter 20 Mystics and Pilgrims: Dame Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe
Chapter 21 England Adrift: Henry VIII and the Break with Rome
Chapter 22 Bare Ruin'd Choirs: The End of Monasticism
Chapter 23 A Protestant Brother and a Catholic Sister: Edward VI and Mary
Chapter 24 Penal Times Begin: Catholics Under Elizabeth I
Further chapters to be added as they are written



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