2006 Season now completed!


The 2006 Season

...experimentally excellent, pottingly poor...

The 2006 season ended on a bit of a mixed note, with the cessation of the first full firing of the kiln well before ceramic temperatures. Our gritstone firebox failed to cope with the high temperatures asked of it, and by the time the left-hand firemouth jamb had cracked and flaked to about half its original width, we were forced to stop to prevent the kiln from collapsing. So we still have about a hundred and fifty pots ready to fire next year. This was a big disappointment for our potters in particular, but the Project itself was far from a failure. The DWP has learnt a phenomenal amount about the construction of the Derbyshire Ware kiln, the production of the pottery and the scale and positioning of the industry, and we've made valuable contacts for the future. And next year, we promise the weather will be better for firing...

The DWP is extremely grateful to all our helpers and sponsors. Without you the Project could not have got off the ground.

The Project

The Derbyshire Ware Project is an experimental archaeology programme. The Project will construct and fire a replica Romano-British Derbyshire Ware pottery kiln and try to recreate Derbyshire Ware pots.

We're serious in our research aims and certain that the DWP will produce valuable archaeological results, but the Project will also be entertaining and educational for all its participants. There will be lots of work to do on- and off-site, and so we're looking for volunteers to come and assist.

This website is the main source of information about the DWP, so check it regularly to find out the latest news.

For 2007 we shall still need LOTS of HELP, including:

  • Good potters
  • Bad potters
  • Novice potters
  • Wood collectors
  • People interested in ancient pottery
  • People interested in archaeology
  • People interested in geology
  • People interested in pyrotechnology
  • People who don't mind getting dirty
  • People who know about gas analysis
  • People who are enthusiastic
  • People with a bit of free time this summer
  • YOU!
So: come and make a pot or two, and help us build the kiln to fire them in. Without your help the DWP will achieve very little. 


  • A fuller report will follow as soon as it's available. Keep checking the website for updates and further information!




The Derbyshire Ware Project is held in association with and with the help of:

The Northern California Experimental Firing Group Denby Pottery Derbyshire Archaeological Society The Council for British Archaeology Peaklander Tours The Chatsworth Estate CBA-East Midlands

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