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Volume 1

Number 02

April 1983

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Features Editor
Mike Bibby

Advertisement Manager
John Riding

Advertising Sales
John Snowden
Mike Hayes

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd

Thanks to Dave Moore from Stairway To Hell for supplying a copy of this issue.

  • NEWS Keep up to date with all the latest developments in the bustling BBC Micro world.

  • TELETEXT MODE 7 can produce impressive graphics. Our experts tell you how to get started.

  • LISTINGS Having trouble keying in listings? We review some common copying errors.

  • TUTORIAL We show the first-time user that programming is nothing like as hard as it might sound.

  • DO-IT-YOURSELF It costs next to nothing to use your BBC Micro to measure heat and light.

  • GRAPHICS Learn to draw multi-coloured lines in the next stage of our graphics course.

  • STRUCTURE Play NIM - and find out how structured programming can easily write itself.

  • KING KONG Fly your helicopter to rescue King Kong's victims - but watch those deadly rocks!

  • HOW IT WORKS More about the operating system in our conducted tour through the BBC Micro.

  • MONITORS Part II of our series reviewing colour monitors available for the BBC Micro.

  • HANDBOOK An essential reference guide for Basic programmers in an eight-page pullout.

  • TAPE OFFER Save yourself the chore of keying in programs from this issue with our cassette.

  • SOFTWARE Programs galore - but are they all they claim to be? Our frank reviewers give you the facts.

  • UPGRADE Part II of our Beeb Body-building Course explaining how to turn an 'A' into a 'B'.

  • WORKSHOP Discover the ROM's action addresses with our helpful keyboard listing program.

  • COMPETITION Win a year's supply of software by taking over where our missing Percival left off.

  • ERROR-TRAPPING Have fun with your horoscope - and learn the best ways to avoid operator errors.

  • SHOWTIME Make a date for the first of our national get-togethers at the BBC Micro User Show.

  • BITS & BYTES Binary code - the key to understanding the inner workings of your BBC Micro.

  • MEASUREMENTS How your micro can be interfaced to become a powerful research tool.

  • DISC-OVERY The formatting program that gives you a much wider choice of disc drives.

  • DISASSEMBLER What is that machine code doing? This program lets you see what's going on.

  • MICROMAIL An avalanche of letters greeted our first issue. Here's a small selection of them.

  • SAVE MONEY! Your last chance of a £2 saving on the cost of a year's subscription to BBC Micro User.

(c) 1983 Database Publications Ltd.

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