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Volume 1

Number 03

May 1983

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Features Editor
Mike Bibby

Art Editor
Peter Glover

Advertisement Manager
John Riding

Advertising Sales
John Snowden
Mike Hayes

Marketing Manager
Linda Dobson

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd

Thanks to Dave Moore from Stairway To Hell for supplying a copy of this issue.

  • NEWS Keep up to date with all the very latest happenings in the bustling BBC Micro world.

  • PELMANISM Shuffle the cards and put your memory to the test - but it's much harder than you think!

  • TELETEXT Another look at the capabilities of Mode 7 - this time for creating fast-moving animation.

  • INTERFACING Practical programs to start you putting the BBC Micro hard at work in the laboratory.

  • THE GENERATION GAME How to use the BBC Micro's character bit map to generate vertical and inverted text.

  • GRAPHICS Use simple shapes to produce multi-coloured pictures and really bring your screen to life.

  • BITS & BYTES More about the binary code - to help understand better how your BBC Micro works.

  • UPGRADE Part III of the Beeb Body-building Course shows how to construct your own joystick.

  • TAPE OFFER Save yourself the chore of keying in programs from this issue with our cassette.

  • HOW IT WORKS More about the operating system in our conducted tour through the BBC Micro.

  • TUTORIAL Take your first steps into real programming with the use of those vital string variables.

  • FUNCTIONS There's much, much more to function keys than might be apparent from the User Guide.

  • COMPETITION Win the latest Cumana disc drive in another challenging test of your programming skill.

  • AIR STRIKE Zap four types of nasties in our fast, furious and very colourful arcade extravaganza.

  • BOOKSHELF Our reviewers try out two new books for the BBC Micro user - on Basic and assembler.

  • BACK ISSUES How to find out which articles you missed in the first two issues of the BBC Micro User.

  • ANAGRAMS Here are 25 anagrams for you to solve - in a clever games program that simply grows.

  • WORKSHOP Find your way around the Operating System, and learn some very useful tricks as you go.

  • SPLURGE Heard about Splurge II? We reveal the full lowdown on the latest programming language.

  • STRUCTURE The gospel of structured programming is boldly expounded by a leading protagonist.

  • EPROM An evaluation of one of the latest EPROM blowers finds points both for and against.

  • COLOURS Four billion colours can be created with a new graphics package. We test the results.

  • EDITING Recover gracefully from those Basic mistakes with our new, easy-to-follow editing guide.

  • SUBSCRIBE NOW! A year's subscription to BBC Micro User - plus a FREE copy-holder and crib sheet.

  • SOFTWARE Programs galore - but are they all they claim to be? Our frank reviewers give you the facts.

  • BOOKSHOP We've chosen 15 of the best books for the BBC Micro for this month's offer to readers.

  • MICROMAIL Another deluge of mail from readers saying what they think of the BBC Micro - and us!

  • SHOWTIME Meet other readers at the year's top event - the very first BBC Micro Users Show.

(c) 1983 Database Publications Ltd.

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