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Volume 3

Number 6

August 1985

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Features Editor
Mike Bibby

Production Editor
Peter Glover

Layout Design
Heather Sheldrick

Associate Editor
Alan McLachlan

News Editor
Mike Cowley

Technical Editor
Mike Cook

Advertisement Manager
John Riding

Advertising Sales
Mike Hayes
Margaret Clarke

Editor in Chief,
Database Publications

Peter Brameld

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd.

ABC 68,388
July-December 1984

  • NEWS Read all about it! All the latest events in the ever changing world of your BBC Micro.

  • MOUSE ORGAN Create, edit, save and load your own tunes with this superb utility for the AMX mouse.

  • ROM ROUNDUP We look at some of the limitations of the Acorn DFS and review Watford's new DDFS.

  • HARDWARE SCENE Short on memory? Watfords latest 32k RAM board could wee be the answer for you.

  • HARBOUR COMMAND Take on the mighty German bi-planes in a relentless battle over a Cornish harbour town.

  • RECOVER Deleted a file by accident? Get it back all in one piece with the aid of this superb utility.

  • ADVANCED QUIZ How well do you know your BBC Micro? Find out for yourself with this 10-point test.

  • MICROLINK Another chance to join the pioneering network for electronic mail and much much more.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Our fearless reviewers present their in-depth evaluation of some of the recent releases.

  • 6502 GAMES The series concludes with a look at random numbers and keyboard check routines.

  • ROM REVIEW One of the latest Basic Toolkit ROMs - Clares' Brom - is given a full-scale evaluation.

  • COMPETITION There are five super Epson LX-80 printers to be won in this month's easy-to-enter competition.

  • ADVENTURES Once again our frank columnist takes her critical look at the world of adventures.

  • BUG DETECTOR Use your micro's error-handling techniques correctly and bug-hunting should be easy.

  • THE LIGHT PROGRAM Our associate editor tries his hand at writing and describing simple game, And it works!

  • SHOWTIME Advanced information about the next Electron & BBC Micro User Show to be held in Manchester.

  • INSIDE BASIC Floating point and integer arithmetic routines bring this machine code series to a close.

  • FRUIT MACHINE Gamble away your hard-earned pennies on this micro simulation of the "reel" thing.

  • MUSIC 500 Acorn's music synthesiser. Will it suit your needs? Read an and decide for yourself.

  • PROBLEM PAGE Our electronics guru turns his thoughts to Econet, hot chips, co-axial leads and PAGE.

  • STRING FORMATTER Tidy up your adventure programs with a fine assembler routine to prevent word splitting.

  • FLASH Extend your micro's limited colour palette and flash some completely different combinations.

  • BODY BUILDING Latch onto the Bucket Brigade Display Line and beef up the sound output from your BBC Micro.

  • MICROMAIL The part of the magazine you write yourself - your news, views, ideas, praise and moans.

  • ORDER FORM Back issues to binders, cassettes to cases, discs to dust covers - they're all here.

(c) 1985 Database Publications Ltd.

The Micro User is an independent publication and neither the BBC nor Acorn Computers Ltd are responsible for any of the articles in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed.

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