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Volume 3

Number 8

October 1985

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Features Editor
Mike Bibby

Production Editor
Peter Glover

Layout Design
Heather Sheldrick

Associate Editor
Alan McLachlan

News Editor
Mike Cowley

Technical Editor
Mike Cook

Advertisement Manager
John Riding

Advertising Sales
Mike Hayes
Margaret Clarke

Editor in Chief,
Database Publications

Peter Brameld

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd.

ABC 64,956
January-June 1985

  • NEWS Read all about it! All the latest events in the ever changing world of your BBC Micro.

  • MICROLINK The monthly update on the ever increasing potential of our on-line database for micros.

  • ROM ROUNDUP We test Resource Facilities' 6502 machine code monitor and Microsolves' screen handler.

  • HARDWARE Is your desk top cluttered and short on space? Marconi's RB2 trackball might be the answer.

  • KARATE WARRIOR Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee, as you delve into the mysteries of the martial arts.

  • ADVENTURES Once again our frank columnist takes her critical look at the world of adventures.

  • DOING NOTHING If you've nothing to do and need help to do it, these subroutines will provide the answer.

  • SOFTWARE SCENE Our fearless reviewers present their detailed evaluation of some of the recent releases.

  • SCROLLER Get your message across in a colourful way with this easy to use text scroll utility.

  • SHOWTIME We're back in Manchester for our next great show. And the popular Walk-in Forum returns!

  • BASIC ANALYSER Stumped by Syntax Errors? Help is at hand - let your BBC Micro do the debugging for you.

  • DISC SCAN Searching discs for that obscure file with a meaningless name? This utility's sure to help.

  • SOLITAIRE All alone with your micro? This version of the age-old game will keep you company for hours.

  • BASIC UTILITIES A & F Software's Slave is the subject of the third part of our series on Basic extensions.

  • PASCAL Bored with Basic? This in-depth review of the Acornsoft p-System considers an alternative.

  • PROBLEM PAGE Our electronics guru turns his thoughts to the DFS, disc errors, Pluto and VHF interference.

  • BODY BUILDING A hardware method to achieve compatibility between 80 track drives and 40 track drives.

  • CASE Ever wished you had an ON PROC command? We fill the gap with a clever software solution.

  • MICROMAIL The part of the magazine you write yourself - your news, views, ideas, praise and moans.

  • ORDER FORM Back issues to binders, cassettes to cases, discs to dust covers - they're all here.

(c) 1985 Database Publications Ltd.

The Micro User is an independent publication and neither the BBC nor Acorn Computers Ltd are responsible for any of the articles in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed.

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