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Volume 5

Number 5

July 1987

Managing Editor
Derek Meakin

Features Editor
Peter Davidson

Production Editor
Peter Glover

Art Editor
Heather Sheldrick

Associate Editor
Alan McLachlan

Assistant Features Editor
Steve Turnbull

Reviews Editor
Christopher Payne

News Editor
Mike Cowley

Technical Editor
Mike Cook

Advertising Sales
John Snowden
Peter Babbage

Gail Blincow

Published by:
Database Publications Ltd.

ABC 59,727
January-June 1986


  • News
    All the latest happenings in the ever-changing world of your BBC Micro.

  • Results
    We display the entries from the winners of our Biomorphs competition.

  • Beginners Comms
    Complement your modem with what's best in communications software.

  • Problem Solved
    More solutions to some of those mind-boggling hardware problems.

  • Hacman
    Why games don't work on all BBC Micros - the causes and cures.

  • MicroLink News
    More about Britain's nationwide online database for micros.

  • Begin Here
    Discover a world of changing conditions IF you want to know about AND.

  • Computing in Action
    Taxed by confusing codes? This program will sort out your deductions.

  • Library
    More high quality routines from readers brought together for you to use.

  • Adventures
    Mad Hatter looks at good design and mega-adventures for the Master.

  • Adventure Programming (Basic)
    Learn to program in Basic in our new series about writing adventures.

  • Basic Word Processing (Basic)
    Improve your programming with a word processor? We show you how.

  • Writing for Ceefax
    Find out how to get your name on screen in this informative article.

  • ADFS Oswords
    Get to grips with the primitives in your Advanced Disc Filing System.

  • Command Performance
    Extend your BBC Micro with a routine to add new star commands.

  • Gallery
    Colourful masterpieces created by our readers on the BBC Micro.

  • Letters
    The chance to get your news, views, moans and name into print.


  • Diamond Quest
    Collect the jewels in this fast action arcade adventure.

  • Espionage
    Infiltrate an enemy base with this devious graphic adventure.


  • Printer Buffer
    Delayed by your printer? This buffer will solve all your problems.

  • Super Line Editor (Basic)
    Bring word processor features to Basic with this powerful utility.

  • Disc-Based Utilities (Basic)
    Link the power of the disc utilities to the ease of Basic programming.

  • Basic Repair (Basic)
    Cancel those Bad program errors with this useful routine.

  • Basdat (Basic)
    Bytes to Basic - a unique DATA creation program for your BBC Micro.


  • Software Scene
    An in-depth look at Cholo, Paperboy and other latest games releases.

  • Quest Mouse
    We take a close look at this exciting new arts hardware and software.


  • News
    Up-to-date reports about ways of using the BBC Micro in education.

  • The Arthur Project
    A classroom review of a new dimension in schools software.

  • Deramore Viewdata
    A pioneering online service from a school in Northern Ireland.

  • Logo-Tank
    Train your imagination and visual memory in this unusual game.

  • Letters
    Another selection from our mailbag expressing educational views.

The Micro User investigates the power of Basic
Four clever utilities in this issue, together with helpful features from our experts, help you bring out the true power of the built-in language of your BBC Micro. When you see this symbol: (Basic) you know that the feature is specifically designed to aid your programming.

Knitwear Designer
There was an enormous response to last month's program to create a knitting pattern on your BBC Micro. This month we unveil a new five program package: Knitwear Designer.

(c) 1987 Database Publications Ltd.

The Micro User is an independent publication and neither the BBC nor Acorn Computers Ltd are responsible for any of the articles in this issue or for any of the opinions expressed.

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